Outline (short)



Gender, Birth & Reproduction Group Project Outline

Topic: Eyes towards Women
We’re going to compare the “eyes” that surround women especially concerning the scene of pregnancy and birth among many regions & cultures.

  • to grab the situation of pregnancy and birth around the world
  • to know how embodiment occurs (how women internalize society’s eyes towards their body and express themselves)
  • compare and find differences
  • compare and find points they have in common.
  • reveal if there is any prejudice or misconception among us and correct.

1. Each member will do research about regions she/he is in charge of.
2. interview with
  • NGO working for women and child health in developing countries: joicfp.
  • obstetrician and gynecologist in Japan.
  • Islam women and research their attitude.

Details about members’ work:
1. Mio Shirasaki (101390) will be in charge of IVF in Islam and its ‘local moral worlds’.
2. Asami Watanabe (101753) will be in charge of Evolutions of the metaphors used to describe women throughout the history.
3.Kaori Matsumoto (111256) will be in charge of Techniques used to induce abortion by Burmese women on the Thai border.
4. Haruna Takahashi (111445) will be in charge of Female-Selective Abortion in Asia: Patterns, Policies, and Debates
5. Natsuki Taketani (101428) will be in charge of Birth Condition in African regions and developed nations.


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