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Hello, my name is HAL or blackcloister or glitzshower or nxll ... on the  Internet, ... call me as you like, and I was born in 1985 ... as one of Japanese Boys, who were engaged in the first biggest wave of completely new technology ... including the transport of every digit of splendid songs.

Because such a young young boy I was ... , most of my sensing of songs was established in this era.

So you will understand my feeling big owe (and of course a kind of hope) to Internet technology. But here is another reason.

I was recently deeply moved to see how Youtube affected the way of enjoying music over the world, taking advantage of its great capacity of visual data. And I saw many were dismayed to notice how it was difficult for them to understand what Japanese lyrics had meant.

Then making a website has now two merit: to convey my affection to the songs ... in a more useful way, and maintain them on a certain place, and to seek the brave friends to resonance this project/thought. To be happier by the use of fluent transport of information.

To join, you can edit new page on this wiki, though now it needs my permission because this is a test version.(in preparation)

And, I wish you to tell me where my translation seems awkward.

HAL., blackcloister at hotmail com, only text mail are delivered



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