<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_naprnik_roof_1">
<text>Take that you zombie bastards!</text>
これでも食らえ ゾンビ野郎共!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_naprnik_roof_2">
<text>How do you like some of that?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_naprnik_roof_3">
<text>You like how that shit works?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_naprnik_roof_4">
<text>I'm gonna give you some lead salad to chew on!</text>

<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_naprnik_roof_5">
<text>I'm holding 'em!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_naprnik_angar_begin">
<text>Damn! They're coming right at us!</text>
くそっ! 奴ら右から来るぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_naprnik_angar_1">
<text>Is this ever gonna end?!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_naprnik_angar_2">
<text>Bring it on you bastards!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_help_base_sci">
<text>The scientists' bunker is under attack! If you can hear us - please help!</text>
科学者のバンカーが襲撃を受けている! 誰か聞いていたら - 助けてくれ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levwa_perimetr_before_attack">
<text>Thanks for coming to our aid, merc! Get in position and fire at will!</text>
救援に感謝するぞ、Merc! 位置に付いて攻撃しろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levwa_perimetr_after_attack">
<text>Thank you for your help, merc! Zombie attacks have really increased lately. If you want to talk to the scientists, they're inside the bunker.</text>
手助けに感謝する、Merc! ゾンビの襲撃は最近ホントに増加しててな。科学者と話したいなら、彼らはバンカーの中に居るぞ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levsha_hello_actor">
<text>Howdy, merc. During the operation you do what I say, when I say, got it?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levsha_right_1">
<text>Enemy right!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levsha_left_1">
<text>Another on the left!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levsha_right_2">
<text>Enemy right down!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levsha_left_2">
<text>Enemy left down!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levsha_take_position">
<text>Get in position and watch the rear! You two, give 'em hell!</text>
位置について後ろを見ろ! お前ら2人で地獄に送ってやれ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levsha_clear">
<text>Clear, let's move out!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_professor_about_actor">
<text>Dearest Lefty. I have some new data. It appears that we should be able to stabilize the psy-emissions. A young man is on his way, so please wait for him and further instructions.</text>
やあ Lefty。 新たなデータがある。psy-emissionsを安定させられそうだ。若者が途上で立ち寄ったんで、彼を待って頼まれ事を手伝ってやってくれ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_professr_reply_actor">
<text>Yes, professor. Awaiting your instructions.</text>
了解、教授。 指示を待つ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_professor_about_switcher">
<text>Lefty, according to my data the psy-emissions are generated by an unidentified device located under the factory. The psy-field is unstable because of a malfunction in that device's cooling station. Your objective is to restart the cooling system. I have sent all the information you require to your PDA. The diagram indicates two valves used to initiate the restart. You must activate both valves. Get in position and I'll inform you when psy-emissions fall to a safe level. </text>
Lefty、 データによるとpsy-emissionsは工場の下にある未確認の装置によって生成されている。psy-fieldはその装置の冷却端末の誤作動で不安定になっている。君達の目的は冷却端末の再始動だ。君のPDAに必要な情報を全て送っておいた。図は再始動を始めるのに使用する2器のバルブを示している。君たちはバルブを両方とも作動させねばならん。位置に付いたらpsy-emissionsがいつ安全レベルまで落ちたかを知らせよう。

<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levsha_reply_switcher">
<text>Professor, we are ready to start on your signal.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_professor_start_operation">
<text>Lefty, the psy-field emission level is currently at its lowest. Please begin the operation! All our hopes and prayers are with you! Good luck!</text>
Lefty、psy-field emissionは現在最も低いレベルになっている。 作戦を始めてくれ! 我々全ての希望が君たちにかかっている! 健闘を祈る!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_squad_diary">
<text>Aaaaa, my head... my head is killing me, I can't think straight!.. Ivan... attacked us all of a sudden... aaaa... the voices in my head, the damn psy-emission... at least we managed to get the documents... all we need to do is get them to Sakharov... Crap, the dogs are on our trail... I don't want to... noooooooo... oh God!</text>
アァァァ、頭が・・・頭が自分の頭じゃないみたいだ、まともに考えられない!・・ Ivan が・・・ 俺達にいきなり襲って・・・ ァァァ・・・ 頭の中に声が、psy-emission のクソが・・・ 少なくとも俺達は文書を確保した・・・ 俺たちがする必要があるのは Sakharov にそいつを持っていくことだ・・・ くそっ、犬どもが跡を付けてやがった・・・ 俺は死にたくな・・・ いやだぁぁぁぁっ・・・ 神様ぁ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_give_orders_1">
<text>We're almost there. I repeat: our objective is to fix the 2 valves in position and restart the cooling station.</text>
目的地付近に到着した。 任務を確認する。俺達の目的は2器のバルブを定位置に修正して冷却端末を再始動する事だ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_scientist_start_frase_1">
<text>I'll be right there!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_scientist_start_frase_2">
<text>Just a minute!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levsha_check_actor_position_1">
<text>Merc, get back in position. We're dropping like flies!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_yantar_yan_levsha_check_actor_position_2">
<text>We lost the squad. The device became uncontrollable. An emission is approaching! Aaaaaaagrhhhhhhhhhh!</text>
部隊は全滅だ。装置は制御不能になった。emissionが発生する! ウアァァァァァァ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_first_scene_talk_1">
<text>Glad to see you, merc. We've done the impossible - we fought our way into the very center of the Zone, to the power plant, and mostly thanks to you.</text>
会えて嬉しいよ、Merc。 私たちは不可能を可能とした - 我々はZoneのまさしくその中央の発電所に活路を見出した。君には本当に感謝する。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_first_scene_talk_2">
<text>Petrenko, get a scan of Strelok's PDA frequency.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_first_scene_petrenko_talk_1">
<text>Commander, Strelok is very close.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_first_scene_scout_talk_1">
<text>Lebedev, this is the recon squad. We got a visual on Strelok.</text>
Lebedev、こちら偵察部隊。 Strelokの映像を捉えた。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_first_scene_objective_talk_1">
<text>Merc, climb onto the heat pipeline and intercept Strelok. We'll cover you from the ground.</text>
Merc、熱パイプラインの上に登って Strelok を阻止しろ。俺達は地上からお前を援護する。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_first_scene_objective_talk_2">
<text>Merc, here's an electromagnetic gun prototype. It will let you disable Strelok's psy-protection and help stop him. Without protection, Strelok won't last long under the emission. Even our own suits can barely neutralize the field. Get up close to Strelok and cut off his psy-protection.</text>
Merc、ここにガウス・ライフルの試作機がある。こいつは Strelok の psy-protection を無効化して、奴を止める助けになる。防護無しじゃあ、Strelok は emission 中は長くは持たない。俺達のスーツでさえ、辛うじてフィールドの効力をうち消せるからな。Strelok に近づいて奴の psy-protection を止めろ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_strelok_kill_reminder_1">
<text>Fire the gauss rifle at Strelok to weaken his psy-protection.</text>
ガウス・ライフルで Strelok の psy-protection の急所を撃て。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_strelok_kill_reminder_2">
<text>Less time wasting, more Strelok shooting.</text>
残された時間は少ない、もっと Strelok を撃て。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_strelok_kill_reminder_3">
<text>Merc, your goal is Strelok. Move up and unload into him.</text>
Merc、お前のゴールは Strelok だ。行って奴を始末しろ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_strelok_kill_reminder_4">
<text>Merc, take your foot off the brake! Chase Strelok down or he'll get away.</text>
Merc、止まるな! Strelok を追うんだ、さもなくば奴が逃げる。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_strelok_kill_reminder_5">
<text>Strelok is getting away. Do something!</text>
Strelok が逃げた。何とかしろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_strelok_kill_reminder_6">
<text>Strelok's psy-protection is down to almost zero. Just a bit more, merc, and it'll be completely disabled.</text>
Strelok の psy-protection はほぼゼロまで落ちた。Merc、もう少しで完全に無効になるぞ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_1">
<text>Attention! Distract the Monolith fighters!</text>
注意しろ! Monolith の奴らの気を逸らせ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_2">
<text>C'mon, guys! Cover me!</text>
さあ、ヤロウ共! カバーしろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_3">
<text>Bash those friggin' zombie skulls!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_4">
<text>Bastards! Kill 'em!</text>
クソ野郎! ぶっ殺してやる!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_5">
<text>Don't let them flank us!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_6">
<text>Enemy on the left flank!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_7">
<text>All units, rapid fire!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_8">
<text>Take that you assholes!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_9">
<text>Oh Mama, don't wait up for me, I shall make my new home at the bottom of the sea!</text>
ああ ママ、寝ずに待たないで、俺は海の底で新しい家を建てるからさ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_10">
<text>Petrovich, cover our backs, will ya?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_11">
<text>Take it like men! Stand strong!</text>
男なんだろ! 力強く立て!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_12">
<text>A man only dies once, brothers!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_13">
<text>They're coming from the right! Whoever's there, provide support fire!</text>
奴ら 右から来る! 誰かそっちへ行って、援護射撃しろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_14">
<text>I'm low on ammo! Pull back to the anomalies!</text>
弾がもう少ない! アノマリーへ退却する!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_15">
<text>Fellas, we're making a move - keep 'em pinned for us!</text>
諸君、こちらは移動中だ - 我々が着くまで奴らを足止めしておけ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_16">
<text>Shit! Guys, I'm done for!</text>
チッ! ヤロウ共、こっちはダメだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_17">
<text>I hate you!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_18">
<text>I'll show you!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_19">
<text>This is it, lads! My time's up! Farewell!</text>
これで終わりだ、若造! 時間切れだ! じゃあな!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_20">
<text>Kill those damn Monolithians!</text>
あの Monolith どもを殺せ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_21">

<text>Someone take out that damn sniper!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_22">
<text>On the left, be careful!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_23">
<text>Forward, go go go!</text>
前進、行け 行け 行け!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_24">
<text>I'm gonna try to flank them!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_25">
<text>I'm hit, damn it, I'm hit!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_26">
<text>I'm dying over here!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_27">
<text>Mosquito is no more! Assuming command!</text>
五月蝿い蚊はもういない! 指揮を執る!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_28">
<text>Pick it up, fellas! Let's kill 'em dead!</text>
野郎ども構えろッ! 奴をぶっ殺すんだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_29">
<text>Squeeze the life out of 'em! Attack!</text>
奴等から人生を搾り取ってやれ! 撃て!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_30">
<text>Looks like it's over for me... Forgive me, brothers!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_31">
<text>Anyone alive in my sector? Don't.....agrh!</text>
この周辺で誰か生きているか? いないのか・・・・・ァァァ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_32">
<text>Alex, you there? Come in, dammit!</text>
Alex、どこにいる? こっちへ来い、クソったれ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_33">
<text>Keep 'em pinned, Igor!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_34">
<text>Feed him a grenade, Paulie!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_35">
<text>Up there! That cocksucker's hiding at the top!</text>
上だ! あのクソッタレは屋上に隠れているぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_background_battle_snd_36">
<text>Where are they all coming from?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_final_scene_after_kill_strelok_1">
<text>Strelok's psy-protection has been disabled - that ought to stop him. Now we just wait and see what happens...</text>
Strelok の psy-protection は無効化された - 奴を止めるんだ。何が起きるか待ってみよう・・・
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_final_scene_after_kill_strelok_2">
<text>How are the readings? Any drop in the level of anomalous activity?</text>
測定値は? 活性化したアノマリーのレベルまで落ちたか?
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_final_scene_after_kill_strelok_3">
<text>Damn, I didn't expect anything like this! Anomalous activity is through the roof!</text>
クソ、俺は何もこんな事は期待してなかった! 活性化したアノマリーは屋根を素通りしてる!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_final_scene_after_kill_strelok_4">
<text>But the Zone was supposed to calm down!</text>
しかし、Zone は沈静化する事になった!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_final_scene_after_kill_strelok_5">
<text>Aaahhh... what's going on... my head's about to explode... aaahhh...</text>
あぁぁぁ・・・ 何が起きているんだ・・・頭が破裂しそうだ・・・ ァァァッ・・・
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_final_scene_after_lost_strelok_1">
<text>We let Strelok get away! He's already inside the power plant.</text>
Strelok は逃げた! 彼はすでに発電所にいる。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_stancia_stc_final_scene_after_lost_strelok_2">
<text>An emission is coming... the readings are going off the scale... everyone, find cover.... aaaahhhh!</text>
emission が来る・・・ 測定値が目盛りを超えた・・・みんな、どこかに隠れるんだ・・・ァァァッッ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_pursuit_locate_strelok">
<text>Merc, hurry up! You're very close to Strelok!</text>
Merc、急げ! お前は Strelok のすぐ近くにいるぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_pursuit_bounty_hunters_attack">
<text>That's him! Take him down!</text>
奴だ! 奴を仕留めろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_pursuit_defend_tunel_1">
<text>Don't let him get into the tunnel!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_pursuit_defend_tunel_2">
<text>Hold him until Strelok is out of the tunnel!</text>
Strelok がトンネルの外にいる間に奴を捕捉しろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_pursuit_strelok_spich">
<text>Merc, I blew up the tunnel. You will not stop me. I am going to reach the center of the Zone - whatever it takes.</text>
Merc、トンネルを爆破した。俺を止めることは出来ないぞ。俺は Zone の中心部へ向かう - 何としても。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_pursuit_camfly_1">
<text>Strelok's signal is gone. We lost him.</text>
Strelok の反応が無くなった。奴を見失った。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_pursuit_camfly_2">
<text>He went towards the Scorcher, and from there it's not far to the center of the Zone. For us, though, trying to get through the Scorcher without the scientists' prototype would be suicide!</text>
奴は Scorcher へ向かった。そこはZone中心部からそう遠くない。我々のためだろうが、しかし、科学者の試作機無しで Scorcher を止めようとするのは自殺行為だ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_pursuit_camfly_3">
<text>Our only hope of catching Strelok is to go through Limansk. I know of a tunnel that leads there - it starts just beyond the bridge...</text>
Strelok を捕らえる我々の唯一の望みは Limansk を通り抜けることだ。私がそこからトンネルへ誘導出来る - まず最初は橋を渡れ・・・
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_pursuit_camfly_4">
<text>This is the only known way of reaching the city. The bridge can only be lowered from the other side, but that's bandit territory.</text>
そこが唯一知られている、街へ辿り着く道だ。橋は向こう側からのみ降ろすことが出来るが、生憎そこは bandits の縄張りになってる。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_pursuit_camfly_5">
<text>Shit... there must be a way of getting across! Maybe there's another road to the other shore... Well, if anyone can help us get to Limansk, it's Forester. They say that old timer can find safe roads through areas he's never been in. The old man's hut is on the edge of the Red Forest. Merc, find Forester.</text>
くそっ・・・ 渡る方法を見つけなければ! 恐らく対岸への道がもう一つあるんだろう・・・ そうだな、もし我々が Limansk に行くのを助けられるとしたら、そいつは Forester だ。あの老人は、未踏の地でさえも安全なルートを探し出すことができるそうだ。その老人の居場所は Red Forest の外れだ。Merc、Forester を探せ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_forester_greet_1">
<text>Hello, mercenary. What brings you here?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_actor_hail">
<text>Merc, get here, quick! Leshiy's squad is almost here!</text>
Merc、こっちへ、急げ! Leshiy の部隊はほぼ全員ここに居る!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_actor_come">
<text>Leshiy's squad is approaching. Our job is to cover them so they can get through to the bridge. Take up a position on the second floor of the tower and get ready!</text>
Leshiy の部隊が近づいている。彼らが橋を渡れるよう援護するのが我々の任務だ。塔の二階にポジションを取って準備しろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_leshiy_start">
<text>...This is Leshiy. Our squad is approaching the bridge.</text>
・・・こちら Leshiry。部隊は橋に接近中。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_leshiy_reply">
<text>Leshiy, Lebedev here. We're looking forward to seeing you!</text>
Leshiy、こちらは Lebedev だ。会えるのを楽しみにしている!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_clear_path">
<text>Attention all fighters! Let's clear a path for Leshiy! Open fire!</text>
全員聞け! Leshiry の為に進路を一掃するぞ! 撃ち方始め!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_assault_start">
<text>This is Leshiy, we've managed to secure a position next to the bridge.</text>
こちら Leshiry、橋の次の場所を保守した。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_start_lower">
<text>We're gonna try to lower the bridge. Commander, cover us.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_go_lever_1">
<text>Private, get to the bridge control panel, now!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_go_lever_2">
<text>Soldier, run to the bridge control panel!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_go_lever_3">
<text>Private, get to the bridge control panel!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_attention_control">
<text>Lebedev, cover my man at the control panel! The bandits are trying to get him!</text>
Lebedev 、制御パネルに行く奴を援護してくれ! bandits は彼を狙うだろう!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_lever_killed_first">
<text>Damn it! They have snipers covering the control panel. There's no way we can lower the bridge while they're alive.</text>
クソッタレ! 制御パネルを奴等のスナイパーが援護してやがる。あいつらが居ると橋を降ろす方法は他に無い。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_lever_killed_1">
<text>Damn it! There's a sniper on the hill! Take him out!</text>
チクショウ! あの丘の上にスナイパーがいる! 奴を始末しろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_lever_killed_2">
<text>What the hell are you doing? Take that sniper down, now!</text>
お前、一体何をやってるんだ? スナイパーを始末しろよ、早く!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_sniper_1">
<text>Sniper on the hill!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_sniper_2">
<text>Take out that sniper!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_sniper_3">
<text>Kill that sniper!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_bandits_1">
<text>There are too many bandits - we can't move!</text>
あそこにも大勢の bandits が - 動きがとれない!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_bandits_2">
<text>The bandits have us pinned! Try to provide supporting fire.</text>
bandits に足止めを受けてる! 援護射撃してくれ
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_bandits_3">
<text>Lebedev, put some fire on those bandits - they won't let us move!</text>
Lebedev、あいつ等 bandits に攻撃を加えてくれ - 奴ら、俺達に動きをとらせない!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_actor_flee">
<text>Merc, get back in position! We must get that bridge lowered!!!</text>
Merc、位置に戻れ! 俺達は橋を降ろさなきゃならない!!!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_actor_fail">
<text>Attention all units. Another massive emission is coming. It looks like Strelok managed to reach the center of the Zone. We failed to stop him! Get to cover, NOW! GO, GO, GO!</text>
全員聞け。別の強力な emission がやって来る。どうやら Zone の中心部へ Streolok が辿り着いたようだ。我々は奴を止めるのに失敗した! どこかに隠れろ、すぐに! 急げ、急げ、急ぐんだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_lowered">
<text>The bridge is down! Attack!</text>
橋を確保! 撃て!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_thanks_leshiy">
<text>Thank you, Leshiy! We sure as hell owe you one!</text>
礼を言う、Leshiy! お前には一つ大きな借りが出来たな!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_thanks_leshiy_reply1">
<text>Thank the merc. If it weren't for him we'd be stuck in that Bubble trap forever.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_thanks_leshiy_reply2">
<text>Either way, I owe you.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_thanks_leshiy_reply3">
<text>I'll keep that in mind! Good luck to you!</text>
覚えておこう! 幸運を!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_thanks_leshiy_reply4">
<text>That's a deal!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_finished">
<text>Clear Sky fighters, we have completed a brilliant operation! The bridge has been lowered and the road to Limansk is now open. Advanced squad: move out into Limansk and find a safe path through the city. Everyone else: hold the bridge and wait for the main squad.</text>
Clear Sky の隊員達よ、我々は意義ある作戦を成し遂げた! 橋は降ろされ、Limansk への道は今や開いている。先行する部隊へ:Limansk へ入り、街を通過する安全な道を見つけろ。他の者は:橋を死守し本隊を待て。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_actor_last_call">
<text>Merc, get back in position right now. Leshiy's group is barely holding on. If we don't get that bridge lowered - we will fail.</text>
Merc、今すぐ位置に戻れ。Leshiy の部隊はかろうじて持ち堪えている。橋を降ろさないと - 作戦は失敗する。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_bridge_task_for_player">
<text>Merc, follow the advanced squads into the city - your job is to find a safe road through Limansk for the main squad. Be careful: a real war has broken out in the city.</text>
Merc、街に入る先行部隊と合流しろ - お前の任務は本隊の為に Limansk を通る安全な道を探すことだ。気をつけろよ:ホンモノの戦争は街中で起きたんだぞ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_pursuit_strelok_threat">
<text>End your pursuit now, mercenary... or you will die.</text>
追いかけっこは終わりだ、mercenary・・・ もしくは死ぬんだな。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_lebedev_about_red_forest">
<text>Merc, I don't have any information about a path through the Red Forest. There are many rumors about these woods, but we don't have any other option - we must find a way through the Red Forest and find Forester.</text>
Merc、あいにく私は Red Forest の通り抜け方についての情報は持ち合わせてない。あそこの森については多くの噂があるんだが、他に選択が無い - Red Forest を抜け Forester を見つけなければ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_lebedev_about_red_forest_2">
<text>Well done, merc - you made it through the Red Forest. Forester's hut is really close.</text>
よくやった、merc - Red Forest を抜ける道を見つけたな。Forester の居場所はすぐ近くだぞ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_red_forest_red_stalker_greeting">
<text>It's been a while since I've seen someone other than monsters come out of the Forest. Well, come on over, big guy - let's have a chat. </text>
バケモノ以外の何かが森から出てくるのを見たのは久しぶりだ。よし、こっちへ来いよ、同志 - 話をしようぜ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_rnd_radio_1">
<text>...Help. SOS... can anyone hear us...</text>
・・・助けてくれ、SOS・・・ 誰かこれを聞いていたら・・・
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_rnd_radio_2">
<text>...We can't get out of quadrant eighty four... warping... coming back...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_rnd_radio_3">
<text>...Base, come in... Base... come in...</text>
・・・ベース、来てくれ・・・ ベース・・・ 来て・・・
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_rnd_radio_6">
<text>...Get us out of here...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_rnd_radio_7">
<text>...survived the emission... lost our bearings...</text>
・・・emission から生き延びた・・・ 方向を見失った・・・
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_rnd_radio_8">
<text>...It's like a maze...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_enter_first_1">
<text>It's been a long time since anyone's come through the Red Forest! Merc, come over here and I'll fill you in.</text>
みんなが Red Forest を抜けて来てからもうだいぶ経つ! Merc、ここへ来て君が来た理由を教えてくれ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_bs_dead">
<text>Wow! I'd never have guessed you'd be able deal with that bloodsucker!</text>
ワオ! お前が bloodsucker と渡り合えるとは全然思わなかったぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_stalker_radio_1">
<text>If you can hear me... we're stuck in an anomaly... we can't get out... it's like space is warped... whichever way we go... can't move... equipment has gone off the rails... can see the outlines of a town on the horizon... our coordinates... 51... 10... 3... 1... 2... Is there anybody out there?</text>
もし誰かこれを聞いていたら・・・ 我々はアノマリーに閉じ込められている・・・ 脱出できない・・・ 空間がワープしてるかの様で・・・ どうやっても・・・ 動けない・・・ 装備は役に立たず・・・ 地平線に街が見える・・・ 我々の座標は・・・ 51・・・ 10・・・ 3・・・ 1・・・ 2・・・ 誰かいないのか!?
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_hog_to_freedom_1">
<text>Merc, this is Forester. I've made a little diagram explaining how to get out of the Bubble. I'm sending you the coordinates. After the squad gets them, they'll be able to get out no problem. </text>
Merc、こちら Forester じゃ。バブル空間から脱出できる経路を導き出せたぞ。道しるべとなる座標をいくつか送信する。囚われの部隊がこの座標を確認できさえすれば、無事に脱出できるはずじゃ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_hog_greetings">
<text>If you want to talk, put that weapon away and come over here nice and slow.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_hog_to_freedom_2">
<text>Kostyan, this is Hog. Remember me? You better, 'cause I saved your ass a couple of weeks back.</text>
Kostyan、こちら Hog だ。俺を忘れちゃいないだろうな? ついこの間、危ないところを助けてやったんだから。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_hog_to_freedom_3">
<text>Sure, Hog, what can I do for you?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_hog_to_freedom_4">
<text>Kostyan, I need you to help this one fella get to the antenna at the military base. I heard you're in that area, is that right?</text>
Kostyan、Military 基地のアンテナを確保したいという男に、手を貸してほしい。お前がそのエリアにいると聞いたんだが、頼めるか?
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_hog_to_freedom_5">
<text>That's right, we're trying to capture the warehouses. Come on over and we'll kick some military ass together.</text>
良いだろう、俺達であの基地を奪取してみようじゃないか。こっちに来て一緒に Military の奴らにひとあわ吹かせようぜ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_hog_to_freedom_6">
<text>Not this time, Kostyan, sorry. We can't be seen fighting the military. I can only send you one man.</text>
スマン、Kostyan、今回は見送らせてくれ。我々は Military と敵対するわけにはいかない。助っ人として一人の男を送れるだけなんだ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_hog_to_freedom_7">
<text>One more shooter ain't never gonna hurt... we'll wait for him.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_hog_to_actor">
<text>Merc, head over to Kostyan; he'll help you reach the transmitter. </text>
Merc、Kostyan の所に向かえ:奴が送信機に着くのを援護する。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_freedom_com_task">
<text>Merc, we're stuck by the HQ! The army boys have holed up in there and they got this whole area covered - we can't move an inch! Help us capture the HQ!</text>
Merc、我々は敵本部の前で足止めをくらっている! 軍の兵士どもが、そこに立てこもって全方位に目を光らせているせいで、我々は一歩も動けない! 本部を奪取するのを援護してくれ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_freedom_com_finish_task">
<text>Attack! Finish those army bastards!</text>
撃てッ! 軍のクソ野郎共を始末しろッ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_freedom_com_radio">
<text>Great, now the military base is ours! Freedom will set up a base here and close the barrier once and for all! Thanks for your help, merc. Go ahead, the transmitter is all yours.</text>
素晴らしい、今や Military 基地は我々のものだ! Freedom はここにベースを設置して、これを最後に境界を閉鎖する! お前の協力に感謝する、Merc。さあ、送信機はお前のモノだ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_hires_in_bubble_thanks_1">
<text>We've received the coordinates and we're going to try to get out of the Bubble... OK, left here... sixty feet this way... Hot dang! We're free! You hear me? We made it out of the anomaly! We're heading for Limansk!</text>
目印の座標を受け取った。バブル空間からの脱出を試みる・・・ OK、ここの左・・・ こっちへ60フィートか・・・ やった! 俺たちぁ自由だ! 聞こえてるか? アノマリーから脱出したぞ! Limansk へ向かう!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_mil_meet_4n_com_task">
<text>Lebedev here. We're at the bridge, waiting for mercenaries to arrive from the direction of the bandit camp any time soon. Come back to the bridge, we need you here - it's going to get pretty nasty here before long.</text>
こちら Lebedev。橋の前で、間もなく bandits の陣地の向こうから来る mercenary 達を待っている。橋に戻れ、ここではお前が必要だ - まもなく少々厄介な事が起きるんでな。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_military_esc_forester_pda_talk">
<text>Merc, the intercepted communications explain a lot. Come back to my hut - I've got an idea or two on how to get the mercenaries out of the Bubble. </text>
Merc、先ほど傍受した通信から色々なことが分かったぞ。私の小屋まで来てくれ - バブル空間から mercenary 達を脱出させられる方法をいくつか思いついたんじゃ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tower_captured">
<text>Objective accomplished! The tower is under our control. Now we just need to hold it!</text>
目標達成! 監視塔は我々の制御下にある。引き続きここを維持する!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tower_captured_to_actor">
<text>Merc, get to the tower and stay alert!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_defend_tower">
<text>Enemy spotted advancing from the ruined church. Get ready!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_capture_plant">
<text>We have the tower, now we can start clearing the path to the factory. Open your PDA and play it by ear.</text>
我々は監視塔を落とした、これで工場へ続く道を片付けていける。PDA を開き、その場の状況に応じて判断せよ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_helicopter_scan">
<text>Base, this is oh-one-two. I see a mercenary in the marsh. Instructions, over? </text>
基地、こちら O-1-2。湿地にて傭兵と合流する。指示は以上か?
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_helicopter_base_attack">
<text>Oh-one-two, this is Base. Terminate him!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_helicopter_attack_confirm">
<text>That's affirmative, Base. Proceeding. </text>
了解した。 任務に取りかかる。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_helicopter_lost">
<text>Shit! The bastard hid in the reeds! Now unless we burn the whole thing, we ain't got a chance in hell of finding him!</text>
クソッ! 奴が葦の中に隠れやがった! この辺一帯を焼き尽くしでもしない限り、奴を捕まえられないぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_helicopter_base_moveout">
<text>Oh-one-two, this is Base. Keep patrolling.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_helicopter_moveout_confirm">
<text>Ten-four, Base. </text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_boars_killed">
<text>Excellent! The road to the factory is clear. Moving out.</text>
素晴らしい! 工場への道はクリアした。移動せよ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_plant_captured">
<text>Well done, fellas! The swamp pump is back under our control. </text>
でかした! ポンプ場を取り返したぞ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_leader_to_barman_0">
<!-- <text>Cold, leave the merc alone with your dirty jokes. I need to see him.</text> -->
<text>Cold、君のわい談から Merc を開放してあげたまえ。彼と話したいのだがね。</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_barman_reply_0">
<!-- <text>Well, brother, if Lebedev says he needs to see you, that ain't up for discussion. Go on... I'll catch you later.</text> -->
<text>さて、兄弟、Lebedev があんたと話したいっていうんじゃあ、くっちゃべってられねえな。行ってくれ・・・話はまた後でな。</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_leader_to_trader_0">
<!-- <text>Trader, a fighter is on his way to you. Issue him with all the equipment he'll need for the mission.</text> -->
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_trader_reply_0">
<!-- <text>Roger that.</text> -->
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_leader_hurry_player_0">
<!-- <text>Hurry, merc.</text> -->
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_hide_in_tower_0">
<!-- <text>Run for the tower, the monsters can't get you there!</text> -->
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_player_in_tower_0">
<!-- <text>Whew, you're right on time, bro! I'm real low on ammo, so let's make the best of it together.</text> -->
<text>ふぅ、時間ぴったりだな、相棒! もう弾切れ寸前なんだ。一緒に倒してしまおう。</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_leader_starting_surge_0">
<!-- <text>Attention all fighters! An emission is approaching! Get to cover, NOW!</text> -->
<text>全戦闘要員、注意せよ! Emission が迫っている! 直ちに避難せよ!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_forpost_sos">
<!-- <text>This is the second outpost, we're under attack, I repeat: we're under attack, help...</text> -->
<text>こちら第二前哨地、我々は攻撃を受けている。繰り返す: 我々は攻撃を受けている。応援を・・・</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_commander_tutorial_anomalies">
<text>Merc, there are anomalies ahead, be careful! Remember, don't move until you've thrown a bolt in front of you.</text>
Merc、前方にはアノマリーが発生している、気をつけろ! 覚えておけ、前方にボルトを投げて安全を確認するまで動くなよ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_commander_tutorial_artefacts">

<text>Oh, by the way, you can sometimes find artifacts in anomalies. You can't see them, but detectors spot them easily enough. If you get close enough, your detector will indicate the location of the artifact. And then you just pick it up - easy as pie. Keep in mind that your current detector isn't exactly top of the line:  it only shows the distance to the artifact.</text>
ああ、ついでだが、アノマリーの中にアーティファクトを見つける事が出来る。目には見えないが、探知機なら十分容易に見つける事ができる。十分近づけば探知機がアーティファクトの場所を示してくれる。そして見つかったら拾え - とても簡単だ。君の持っている探知機は最高品質ではない事を念頭に置いてくれ: その探知機はただアーティファクトの位置を示す事しかできない。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_expansion_0_up">
<text>Well done, men! We've reinforced our position in the Swamps enough to give the renegades a real good kicking! Our next objective is their main base!</text>
見事だ! 我々は反逆者達を震え上がらせる位にまで Swamps での勢力を強化した! 次の目標は奴らの本拠地だ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_expansion_1_up">
<text>We've captured the renegades' lair. All we need to do now is take control of the paths to the Swamps. </text>
我々は反逆者の棲家を攻略した。今必要な事は Swamps から通じる経路を支配する事だ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_expansion_1_down">
<text>Shit! The renegades are stronger than us! We need to do something about that before we lose the war!</text>
畜生! 反逆者達は我々より強いぞ! 戦争に負けてしまう前にどうにかしなければ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_expansion_2_up">
<text>The Swamps are now under our control! Good job, boys, you did it! All squads - dig in at key positions and wait for further instructions!</text>
Swamps は現在我々の支配下にある! 見事だ、戦闘員達、よくやった! 全ての隊員へ - 防御態勢を強化し、指示あるまで待機!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_expansion_2_down">
<text>The renegades managed to recapture their lair! We can't allow those bastards to live right on our doorstep. We need to smoke them out of their base, whatever it takes!</text>
棲家を奪還された! あのクソ野郎共が目の前に居るのが許せない。何としてでも奴らをあの基地から消し飛ばさなくては!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_expansion_3_down">
<text>Attention, we have lost control of the paths to the Swamps. If we don't recapture them, the Swamps will become a breeding ground for scum once more!</text>
注意、Swamps の経路の支配を失った。取り戻せなければ、Swamps は再びくず野郎共の繁殖地になってしまう!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_00">
<text>Your main guide is the Objectives section.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_01">
<text>Your main objective is displayed here...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_02">
<text>Together with a selected additional objective.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_03">
<text>There can be several additional objectives, which you can cycle through using these buttons.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_04">
<text>Most objectives are also displayed on the map, with the exception of rare occasions when your objectives cannot be located.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_05">
<text>We will need your help with not only destroying the enemy, but also capturing key positions. In these situations our fighters will be grateful if you provide covering fire as they capture a position. By the way, don't ignore calls for help - our boys' lives could be at stake.</text>
俺達がお前の助けを必要とするのは なにも敵を殲滅する事だけじゃなく、重要な場所を占領する場合もある。こういった状況で彼らが陣地を占拠する際、お前が支援すれば兵達は感謝するだろう。しかし、だ。支援要請を無視したら - 俺らの兵達の命は危なくなる。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_06">
<text>Hovering over a mark on the map will display additional information.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_07">
<text>In addition to your objectives, friendly units and identified enemies will also be displayed on the map.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_08">
<text>OK, as I'm sure you understand, our main objective is to establish control over the Swamps, and that means a war against the aggressor. </text>
OK、これで理解できたな。俺達の主目的は Swamp の支配を確立することで、それは侵入者との戦闘を意味する。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_09">
<text>This section allows you to access tactical information about combat operations at any time. </text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_10">
<text>Information about your current faction is displayed on the left. Right now that's us, Clear Sky. </text>
お前の派閥に関する情報は左側に表示される。今はちょうど、俺達 Clear Sky だな。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_11">
<text>Information about the main enemy is displayed on the right.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_12">
<text>This shows our approximate combat strength.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_13">
<text>This shows how many fighters we have.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_14">
<text>And this is our equipment supply.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_15">
<text>Right at the bottom you'll find symbols indicating the special features of our combat equipment.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_16">
<text>Similar indicators are also shown for our enemy.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_17">
<text>Finally, this field allows you to see the current strategic mission, as well as tactical objectives that must be achieved in order to complete the strategic mission.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_18">
<text>Completed strategic missions will be displayed at the bottom.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_19">
<text>The last tab allows you to view your current relations with all factions, as well as each faction's combat strength.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_20">
<text>Your personal stats are also displayed here.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_21">
<text>That's pretty much it.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_pathfinder_go_out_1">
<text>We're there, so you can take your blindfold off. Don't you try to follow me, it won't work anyway! If you want to come back to the base find one of the guides at the fishing hamlet.</text>
着いたぞ、もう目隠しを外していい。俺の後ろについてくれば、問題なかったろ! 基地に戻りたかったら魚釣小村のガイドに会いな。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_pathfinder_go_in_1">
<text>Home, sweet, home! Go ahead and take your blindfold off. You'll find me here when you're ready to go back to the Swamps. </text>
戻ってきたぞ、我が家だ! さあ、目隠しを外してくれ。Swamps に戻る準備が出来たら、また俺のところへ来な。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_marsh_mar_csky_arrive_on_open_marsh_1">
<text>Merc, it looks like you're at the Great Swamps now. Be extremely careful and don't try to be a hero. Check out your PDA - you should find the location of our squads there. I suggest you get yourself over to the fishing hamlet - that's where they are.</text>
Merc、広大な Swamps に着いたようだな。極めて慎重に行動するんだ、目立った動きはしてはいけない。PDA をチェックしてくれ - 我々の部隊の場所が表示されているはずだ。まずは魚釣小村に向かってみてくれ - 仲間たちが居る場所だ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_limansk_intro">
<text>Excellent, merc - you are in Limansk. There's a real war going on, so be very, very careful. Help the advanced squads find a safe path through the city.</text>
素晴らしいぞ、Merc - お前は Limansk に入った。そこはホンモノの戦争が進行中なんで、本当に、本当に慎重にするんだ。先発した部隊が街を通る安全な経路を発見するのを支援してくれ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_stalker_request_help">
<text>Shit! We're under fire and taking casualties! We need help ASAP!</text>
クッ! 攻撃を受け死傷者が出ている! 助けが必要だ すぐに!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_stalker_spich">
<text>Merc, come over here - I'll fill you in. And keep your head down!</text>
Merc、こっちへ来るんだ - 来たら教えてやろう。頭は下にやれ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_stalker_hint">
<text>Man, this is some mess I'm in. There's a real street war going on here. There's an MG nest on the balcony of the building to the left. They're not holding back up there - we're totally pinned. If we can take out the machine gunner we'll be able to keep going. I'll draw his attention and you head into the building and deal with that MG. Go on my signal.</text>
よお、ここに来て俺はチョイと手子摺ってる。マジの市街戦が展開してるんだ。左の建物のバルコニーにMGの陣地がある。奴らあそこで手加減なしに - 俺達を完全に足止めしてる。もし俺等が機関銃手を引き摺り出せたら侵攻を続けることが出来る。俺が奴の注意を引くから、お前 建物の向かい側であのMGを処理しろ。俺の合図で行け。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_stalker_oreder_1">
<text>Go, merc, go!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_stalker_oreder_2">
<text>C'mon, move your ass!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_stalker_oreder_3">
<text>What the hell are you waiting for? Go, go, go!</text>
一体全体何を待ってるっていうんだ? 行け、行け、行け!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop_leader_clear_street">
<text>This is Captain Serov, leader of the Clear Sky squad. We are approaching the intersection. Hold on, merc, we're coming to help.</text>
こちら Clear Sky のリーダー,  Serov 大佐だ。我々は交差点に近づいている。待っていろ、Merc、私達が助けに行こう。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop_leader_to_actor1">
<text>Enemy down! Merc, make your way over here and I'll fill you in.</text>
敵全滅! Merc、ここへ来たら、教えてやろう。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop_leader_to_actor2">
<text>We need to move further into the city. Our boys are stuck by the canal beyond the square and we're on our way to help them. You seem to know how to handle yourself - why don't you stick with us and make things easier for us both?</text>
俺達はさらに街に侵攻する必要がある。仲間が広場を越えた運河で足止めを受けてて、俺達はそいつらを支援する途上にいる。お前は自身に何が出来るか知っているようだし - 俺達と行動を共にしない方がお互いやりやすいんじゃないか? </string>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop_leader_order1">
<text>All clear. Let's move out!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop_leader_order2">
<text>They're attacking from all sides! Take up defensive positions!</text>
奴ら、周り中から攻撃してる! 防御体制をとれ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop_leader_nerves">
<text>Damn, how many are there?!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop_leader_stay1">
<text>Dammit, how many are there? They're coming from all directions! Merc, keep moving towards the canal; we'll hold the enemy!  </text>
クソッタレ、何人居るんだ? 奴ら全方位からやって来る! Merc、運河へ進み続けろ;俺達が敵を足止めする!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop_leader_stay2">
<text>Merc! Get out of here, now! Don't waste your ammo.</text>
Merc! ここから出ろ、すぐに! 弾の無駄使いをするな。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop2_parley1">
<text>Alpha, hold your position!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop2_parley2">
<text>Commander, we're under enemy fire! Requesting help.</text>
司令、敵の攻撃を受けています! 支援をお願いします。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop2_leader_order1">
<text>Keep it together! Give 'em hell!</text>
一緒にやるぞ! 奴らを地獄に落とせ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop2_leader_to_actor1">
<text>You couldn't have picked a better time to show up, merc. We池e stuck here in a terrible position. The enemy is in the building across the canal and we're sitting ducks here! Lebedev ordered us to take the bridge. We need to clear and secure that building, whatever it takes!</text>
来るには楽しいお時間じゃなかったな、Merc。オレ達はヤバイ位置のここで足止めを食らってる。敵は運河を渡った建物に居てオレ達ぁここで良いカモだ! Lebedev は橋を手に入れるよう命じた。建物を大人しくさせ確保する必要がある、何としても!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop2_leader_to_actor2">
<text>The enemy is in the building on the other side. We're sitting ducks here - there's no point in attempting an attack, we'll just die for nothing.</text>
敵は向こう側の建物にいる。オレらはここで良いカモだ - 奴らは射つのに狙う必要なんか無く、オレ達はただ死ぬだけだ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop2_leader_to_actor3">
<text>We'll keep them busy so that you can run from cover to cover and get right up to the building. Once you're there you know what to do - just kill that bastard machine gunner! These assholes have caused us enough grief.</text>
お前が端から端まで走って建物の正面に出られるよう、オレ達が奴らを引き付ける。一旦そこに行けば何をすれば良いか分かるだろう - ああそうさ、機関銃手のクソ野郎をぶっ殺せ! あいつらクソッタレはオレらをもう十分酷ぇ目に合わせやがった。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop2_leader_to_actor4">
<text>Oh and merc - keep it cool. Move from cover to cover and only on my command!</text>
ああ で Merc - 静かにしろ。オレの合図で端から端まで移動するんだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop2_leader_order2">
<text>Squad, cover the merc! Fire!</text>
分隊、Merc をカバーするぞ! 射て!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_military_1">
<text>Shit, he's in the building!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop2_leader_order3">
<text>The emplacement is out of action! Let's move!</text>
銃架は沈黙した! 行くぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop2_leader_to_actor5">
<text>Take up positions in the building. You couldn't ask for a better strategic spot.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_storm_troop2_leader_to_actor6">
<text>Thanks for your help, merc! We'll stay here and keep an eye on the bridge until the main squad arrives. You need to keep moving. According to the map, we're very close to the edge of Limansk. The coordinates are on your PDA. </text>
手助け感謝する、Merc! 本隊が到着するまでオレ達はここで橋を監視する。お前は行かねばならないんだろう。地図によれば、オレ達が居るのは Limansk のかなり端だ。座標はお前の PDA にある。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_reconnaissance_squad_alert">
<text>Hey, merc!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_reconnaissance_squad_clear">
<text>Good to see you.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_reconnaissance_squad_to_actor">
<text>The exit from Limansk is very close, but we need to stay alert and proceed with caution.</text>
Limansk の出口はすぐ近くだが、我々は油断せずに用心して進む必要がある。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_reconnaissance_squad_sniper_alert">
<text>Sniper in the tower! Take cover!</text>
塔にスナイパーだ! 隠れろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_reconnaissance_squad_order1">
<text>Vasilenko, close in and smoke that sniper out! Go!</text>
Vasilenko、近づいてあのスナイパーを燻り出せ! 行け!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_reconnaissance_squad_electro_fence">
<text>Damn, those bastards have put up a fence, and even got power running through it!</text>
クソ、奴ら フェンスを築いてるんで、思いっきり走り抜けるしかない!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_reconnaissance_squad_confused">
<text>The town has no electricity supply. That means there must be a generator around here somewhere supplying that fence with power.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_reconnaissance_squad_destroy_generator">
<text>The cables lead into the building to the right. Merc, we'll distract the sniper so you can get inside the Institute building and shut down that generator!</text>
右の建物にケーブルが引かれている。Merc, お前が研究所施設に入って発電機をシャットダウン出来るよう、我々がスナイパーの気を逸らす!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_reconnaissance_squad_electricity_off">
<text>Great, the power to the fence has been cut. Advance.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_report1">
<text>Lebedev, the enemy has been eliminated! Awaiting further orders!</text>
Lebedev、敵を全滅させた! 次の指示を待つ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_report2">
<text>Lebedev, we have the bridge. Let's hope they don't try to recapture it.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_report3">
<text>Captain Serov reporting! We fought off the attack. The road is clear.</text>
Serov 大佐へ報告! 自分達は攻撃を退けました。街路は確保。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_leader_next_task">
<text>Good job! The main squad is ready to move through Limansk. Advanced squad: your objective is to find the entrance to the Pripyat underground. The entrance is at the old hospital on the edge of Limansk. The coordinates are on your PDA.</text>
よくやった! 本隊は Limansk を移動する準備が出来ている。部隊は前進:お前の目的は Pripyat 地下への入り口を見つけることだ。入り口は Limansk 端の古い病院にある。座標はお前の PDA に出てる。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_enter_squad_attention">
<text>We're advancing. Stay alert people.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_enter_squad_see_target">
<text>Target at 11 o'clock.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_enter_squad_check">
<text>Let's go and check it out.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_bandit_wounded_help">
<text>Help! Help!</text>
助けてくれ! 助けてくれ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_enter_squad_fire1">
<text>I didn't expect to see bandits here. Let's take 'em all down.</text>
bandits にここで会うとは思わなかったな。こいつら全員を始末してやろう。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_bandit_wounded_dont_shoot">
<text>Don't shoot! I can tell you about the bandits' ambush.</text>
撃つな! bandits の待ち伏せを教えるから。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_enter_squad_threat1">
<text>Spill the beans and we might spare your life.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_bandit_wounded_medkit1">
<text>Gimme a medkit for my partner.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_enter_squad_threat2">
<text>You'll have to do without. You have one minute. Tell me where the ambush is or I'll shoot you like a dog.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_bandit_wounded_medkit2">
<text>Gimme a medkit!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_enter_squad_fire2">
<text>Execute him.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_bandit_wounded_senks">
<text>Thanks for the medkit, merc.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_bandit_wounded_about_ambush">
<text>The ambush is really close. Here, let me mark it on your PDA.</text>
待ち伏せはすぐ近くだ。こっちへ、あんたの PDA に記録させてくれ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_limansk_lim_cs_enter_squad_bandit_free">
<text>You may live, but don't let me catch sight of you ever again.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_intro_mar_intro_1">
<!-- <text>... without going into detail, I must say that I have never seen anything like this before. The encephalogram suggests serious damage to the nervous system, but the other indicators couldn't be better. It's astounding!</text> -->
<text>・・・ 詳細が不明な以上、今回のようなことは初めてだと言わざるを得ませんな。脳電図によれば神経系に深刻な傷害を負っている筈なのですが、その他の項目は却って良好なほどですよ。こんなことがあろうとは!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_intro_mar_intro_2">
<!-- <text>Perhaps it has something to do with the emission?</text> -->
<text>恐らくは "放射" と何らかの関連があるのではと思わんかね?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_intro_mar_intro_3">
<!-- <text>Most certainly! Although so far I've been utterly unable to formulate a rational explanation for this abnormality.</text> -->
<text>間違いないでしょう! もっとも、今のところはこの異常な事態を合理的に説明することは出来ませんが。</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_intro_mar_intro_4">
<!-- <text>Look, he's waking up!</text> -->
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_intro_mar_intro_5">
<!-- <text>You're awake? That's good.</text> -->
<text>目が覚めたかね? それは良かった。</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_about_hall">
<text>Thank God someone responded! Listen, there's a sniper and a machine gunner on the other side of the hall. We can't even make a move!</text>
応えがあったのを神様に感謝するぜ! 聞いてくれ、スナイパーと機関銃手がホールの向かい側にいて、俺達は身動き一つ出来ない!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_about_sniper">
<text>Shit, another one lost his cool...Merc, help us take out that sniper before we all die here! We'll distract the machinegunner, so you can make a run for it!</text>
チッ、もう一方のヤロウ 冷静さを失くしやがった・・・Merc、ここで全員殺られる前にスナイパーを仕留めるのを援護してくれ! 俺達が機関銃手の気を逸らすから、お前はあそこまで走れ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_arrived">
<text>Well done, man, you did it! Now they're going down!</text>
良いぞ、よくやった! これで大人しくなったぜ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_badly_1">
<text>What are you waiting for?! We'll try to suppress them again!</text>
何をグズグズしてるんだ?! もう一度奴らを食い止めるぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_badly_2">
<text>Wake up! We can't keep him pinned forever.</text>
しっかりしろ! 奴をずっと足止めしておくのは無理だぞ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_badly_3">
<text>HEY... quit wasting time!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_badly_pda_1">
<text>The hell are you waiting for?! We'll try to suppress them again - get ready!</text>
何をモタモタしてるんだ お前は?! もう一度奴らを食い止めるぞ - 準備しろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_badly_pda_2">
<text>Wake up! We can't keep him pinned forever.</text>
しっかりしろ! 奴をずっと足止めしておくのは無理だぞ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_badly_pda_3">
<text>HEY... quit wasting time!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_block_1">
<text>That's one! One more remaining, move out!</text>
あと一人! 残りはあと一人だ、行くぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_block_2">
<text>There goes the second one! Both approaches cut off!</text>
二人目が行くぞ! 奴等の接近を許すな!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_cover_us">
<text>Stalker, cover us!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_danger">
<text>An MG is covering the ground floor. Stay in until I give the order!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_go">
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_go_pda">
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_gunner_killed">
<text>MG is down! The way is clear!</text>
MGが落ちた! 進路は片付いたぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_hold_on">
<text>Hold on! We're on our way!</text>
待ってろ! 今から向かう!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_kill_dot">
<text>Petro, take out that pillbox downstairs!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_kill_gunner">
<text>Have a grenade, you bastard!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_kill_sniper">
<text>You did it! Now you can flank the sniper from behind. Deal with him!</text>
やったな! これで前方のスナイパーの側面に回れるだろう。奴を始末しろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_kill_sniper_now_1">
<text>Kill him or we're all dead meat!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_kill_sniper_now_2">
<text>Get the sniper! Fast!</text>
スナイパーをやったぞ! 急げ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_request_help">
<text>Help, we're pinned at the entrance!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_runner_killed">
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_start_block">
<text>Block the passageways so they can't bring in reinforcements.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_start_raid">
<text>Great, that's the sniper down. The road is clear. We're moving out to try and blow up that pillbox.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_suicide">
<text>Cover me! I'm gonna try to take him out!</text>
援護を! 奴を引き摺り出してみる!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_thanks_actor">
<text>Go on! We'll hold the enemy!</text>
続けろ! 敵を抑えるぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_victory">
<text>Base, we're at the entrance to the catacombs! What now?</text>
ベースへ、俺達は地下墓地のエントランスにいる! 次の指示を!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_victory_reply">
<text>Great! Get in position and hold the entrance to the catacombs. The main squad is on its way. </text>
素晴らしい! 位置に付き地下墓地エントランスを確保しろ。本隊は向かってる最中だ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_wait">
<text>On my command!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_wait_pda">
<text>On my command!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_clear_sky_well">
<text>Well done! Keep it up!</text>
よくやった! その調子だ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_enemy_see_helicopter">
<text>Shit... that's a military chopper! Take it down! Aim for the cockpit!</text>
チッ・・・ militaly のペニス野郎め! 落とせ! コクピットを狙え!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_helicopter_kill_order">
<text>Oh-two-one, take them all out!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_helicopter_killed">
<text>Shiiiiiit! We're hit, we're hit! Pull out, pull out!</text>
チィィィッ! 食らった、食らったぞ! 撤退する、撤退だ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_helicopter_see_enemy">
<text>Base, this is oh-two-one. I see an enemy squad plus an unidentified stalker. Requesting orders.</text>
ベース、こちら 0-2-1。敵部隊とさらに正体不明のストーカーと遭遇。指示を請う。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_helicopter_start_attack">
<text>Roger that, Base. Commencing attack!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_hospital_kill_actor">
<text>He's trying to get through!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_hospital_kill_actor_intercept">
<text>Stop him!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_hospital_z3_csky_com_apply">
<text>Roger that. We're on it.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_hospital_hospital_z3_csky_com_order">
<text>Merc, we'll hold the Monolithians, while you go down into the catacombs.</text>
Merc、お前が地下墓地へ行く間、俺達が Monolith 共の相手をしよう。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_dead_digger_leader_rec">
<text>I gave Fang the component we found in the cache. He wouldn't stop swearing and said he wouldn't pay us until we found the other components. We discussed it between ourselves and decided to send Vasya to speak to him. Vasya is one silver-tongued son of a gun; we figured he might be able to talk Fang into paying us at least some of the money. I just hope he doesn't run into trouble on the way there... </text>
隠し場所で見つけたブツを Fang に渡した。なのに奴は罵声を浴びせ、他のブツも見つけるまでは金は払わないと言ってきやがった。俺達はお互いこの件について話し合い、奴と話しを付ける為に Vasya を送ることに決めた。Vasya は話の上手い悪党で:奴と話す事で Fang は少なくとも金のいくらかは支払うかもしれない。あいつがそこに近づいてトラブルに合わないよう祈る・・・
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_messenger_warning">
<text>Hey buddy, watch out! There's a shitload of dogs around here! Climb onto the rocks, quick!</text>
よう、同志、見ろよ! ここにゃあ腐るほど犬がいるぜ! 岩の上に登れ、急げ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_messenger_shout_1">
<text>Hey now, piss off!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_messenger_shout_2">
<text>Leave me alone, dammit!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_messenger_shout_3">
<text>Get away from me you friggin' fleabags. </text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_messenger_thanks">
<text>Thanks buddy, you saved me right there! My name is Vasyan. Picture this: I'm on my way west trying to catch up with this stalker, minding my own business and all, and these eyeless beasts come out of nowhere! I emptied three clips into the damn things but they just kept on coming and chased me all the way here! There's no way I'll catch that stalker now - he's gotta be in the Dark Valley at this point!</text>
ありがとう 同志、おかげで助かったぜ! 俺の名前は Vasyan。この写真:このストーカーに追いつきたくて西から来た途中でな。色々と考え事をしてると、こいつら盲目のケダモノ共、何処からとも無くやって来やがった! 弾倉3つを空けたが奴ら襲うのを止めなくて、俺はこんなとこまで追い続けられたんだ! 俺には今そのストーカーを捕まえる方法が無いが - Dark Valley のこのポイントに奴は居るはずなんだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_messenger_pda_rec">
<text>I got cut off from Fang by a pack of dogs. It looks like he went east to the Dark Valley. </text>
犬の群れのせいで Fang と離れ離れになっちまった。奴は Dark Valley に行っただろう。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_ambush_talk_1">
<text>This place is pretty damn good. Look at all these stalkers charging in here like flies to honey. I wonder what they're after...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_ambush_talk_2">
<text>Gah, it's too bad that punk got away!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_ambush_talk_3">
<text>Screw him! He dropped his shit, that's all that matters.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_ambush_talk_4">
<text>Yeah, let's grab the best stuff and get the hell outta here...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_fang_pda_rec">
<text>Well, Fang, the situation has changed. Someone knows we reached the center of the Zone and they're looking for us. We've got to move, and fast. You'll find a detailed plan of action in our stash. I changed the code.</text>
あーFang、状況が変わった。何者かが Zone の中心部へ辿り着ける事に気付いて、俺達の居場所を探してる。それを踏まえてもっと迅速に行動せにゃならん。詳細な計画は俺達の隠し場所にある。後、暗証番号は変えたからな。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_find_fang_pda">
<text>You still with us, merc? Good, good. Fang's PDA is right next to you somewhere. Find it!</text>
君はまだ我々の側かね、merc? よし、よし。Fang の PDA はすぐ近くのはずだ。探すのだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_csky_leader_goto_agroprom">
<text>Merc, this is Lebedev. Information from Fang's PDA confirms my suspicions. An unidentified group of stalkers visited the center of the Zone...I don't know how, but they even managed to survive the large Emission. It would have been better if they hadn't, because the Zone will not be pacified until the path to the center is a secret once more. There are two ways that could happen: either we stop this group of stalkers or the Zone releases more emissions to destroy everything in it...and maybe outside it too! Clearly, it would be better if we did it ourselves, but we have to act quickly if we're to stand any chance of success. Fang's PDA contains the coordinates of their stash - I am confident we can find information about their plans in there... </text>
Merc、Lebedev だ。Fang の PDA は私の疑問を裏付けた。Zone 中心部を訪れる未確認のストーカーの一味がいるな・・・どうやるのか分からないが、その者達は大規模な Emission をなんとか生き残る事が出来るらしい。余計なことをしてくれた、なぜなら、中心部への道が今一度秘匿されるまで Zone を鎮められないからだ。彼らには道が2つある:我々がこのストーカーの一味を止めるか、あるいは Zone が影響圏内のあらゆる物を破壊するより多くの emission を発生させるか・・・それ以外の可能性もある! 明らかに、私達自身が行うより良いんだが、上手くいく可能性があるなら急いで行動する必要がある。Fang の PDA は彼らの隠し場所の座標を含んでいる - そこで彼らの計画に関する情報を入手できるはずだ・・・
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_return_1">
<text>Hey, it's your call... Feel free to piss away your luck!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_return_2">
<text>Grow some balls and get your ass back here!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_return_3">
<text>Hey man, you're not pussying out on me, are you?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_come_here_1">
<text>Hey, buddy, put that shooter away and come over here - we need to have a chat.</text>
おっと、そこの、その鉄砲をどっかにやってこっちにこいや - ちとしゃべろうや。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_come_here_2">
<text>Why don't you holster that weapon and get your butt over here, old man?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_come_here_3">
<text>Listen, we need to talk. Just put that gun away first.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_stop_1">
<text>Stop right there, buddy! Keep your hands where I can see 'em!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_stop_2">
<text>Freeze! And don't even think of touching that shooter.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_stop_3">
<text>Don't move, old man! Keep your weapon pointed at the ground and stay nice and still.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_stand_still_1">
<text>Atta boy, now just stay right there.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_stand_still_2">
<text>Good, good... and no sudden movements!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_stand_still_3">
<text>Stay right there, old man!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_see_actor_1">
<text>Listen, man - if you wanna get past here you gotta pay. Come over here and we'll talk about it.</text>
耳穴かっぽじってよく聞け - ここを通るんなら通行料ってやつがいる。こっちに来るんだ、手続きしようじゃないか。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_see_actor_2">
<text>Don't just stand there, get yourself over here!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_after_pay_1">
<text>Move, dammit, move!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_after_pay_2">
<text>Are you dumb or something? Piss off!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_after_pay_3">
<text>Listen up, get your ass in gear before I bust a cap in it!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_after_pay_4">
<text>Well, you asked for it... Drop him, boys!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_after_reject_1">
<text>Listen, you, get out of my face!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_after_reject_2">
<text>You're a bit slow on the uptake, buddy. Piss off!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_after_reject_3">
<text>Up to you... Waste him!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_kill_actor_1">
<text>Drop him!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_kill_actor_2">
<text>Waste the bastard!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_last_warning_move_1">
<text>Don't friggin' move!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_last_warning_move_2">
<text>Freeze, bitch!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_last_warning_weap_1">
<text>Put that gun away, dumbass!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_robbery_scene_last_warning_weap_2">
<text>Hey, buddy, you better hide that shooter!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_traitor_attack">
<text>Whack the bastard, boys - he's got cash!</text>
野郎ども!あのマヌケをぶっ潰してやれ - 金を持ってるぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_leader_traitor">
<text>The smuggler's PDA? Send me the latest notes. Aha! We've got the weapon cache coordinates. I'll send my boys there right now! Come see me... we have some business to discuss face to face.</text>
密輸人の PDA ? 一番新しい内容を送信してくれ。ハハ! 武器の隠し場所の座標があったぞ! すぐに仲間をそこに送ろう! お前はこっちに来てくれ・・・ 顔をつき合わせて、ちょっとしたビジネスに付いて話し合おうぜ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_captive_leader_reward">
<text>Man, I was sure as hell I'd die here like a dog! I... I don't even know how to thank you... Wait! I DO know how to thank you. I'm gonna upload the coordinates of a place me and the boys used to stash our loot before we were captured and sent here. My buddies won't need it no more where they are now, may they rest in peace, and I'm getting the hell out of the Zone right this moment. I figure anywhere's better than this place...</text>
おい、ここで俺は犬の様に死ぬと思ったぞ! 俺は・・・ 俺はお前にどう感謝すれば良いか分からない・・・  待てよ! 借りを返す方法があった。俺達が捕まってここに送られる前に俺と俺の仲間が使ってた、手に入れたブツを隠していた場所の座標をアップロードしてやる。相棒達はもうそこを使う必要が無い。安らかに眠ってるかもしれないし、この瞬間にも俺は Zone に酷ぇ目にあってるからな。どこか別のもっと良い場所を見つけるさ・・・
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_quester_creature_attack">
<text>Merc, something is attacking our boys not far from you. They're screwed if they don't get help soon!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_quester_creature_gone">
<text>Damn! The boys are dead and whatever killed them is gone too, you can bet your socks on that... Man, life just sucks sometimes...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_quester_creature_killed">
<text>Man, you're a hero! You paid 'em back for our boys, may they rest in peace... But a "thank you" ain't worth much, so pop in to see me at the flea market - I've got something for you.</text>
おお、お前はヒーローだよ! 俺らの仲間の敵を討って、あの世に送ってくれた・・・ しかし「ありがとう」だけではあまり値打ちが無いんで、俺に会いにフリーマーケットに立ち寄ってくれ - 何か用意してよう。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_conc_camp_go_away">
<text>Get outta here, old man. We tend to get real jumpy around here; watch it so you don't catch a "stray" bullet...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_conc_camp_blockpost">
<text>Listen, dumbass. This here's our area and our camp, so why don't you find yourself a road that don't lead to a grave?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_win_1">
<text>Now that's what I call a real man! That was awesome!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_win_2">
<text>Wow, dude... you're a real sniper.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_win_3">
<text>Hot damn, did you see that? That was the shit right there!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_lose_1">
<text>Learn to shoot, numbnuts!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_lose_2">
<text>That's shit! Save yourself the trouble and shoot yourself next time...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_lose_3">
<text>He must have a hangover if he's shooting that bad...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_shooting_1">
<text>There it is, do it!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_shooting_2">
<text>Take 'em down!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_shooting_3">
<text>You even know how to use that thing?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_shooting_4">
<text>C'mon man, I believe in you!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_shooting_5">
<text>Get the wings, the wiiiiings!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_prepare_1">
<text>Ah well, I'll chance it. Here's a fifty on that dude...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_prepare_2">
<text>No way I'm putting up any cash on that loser!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_prepare_3">
<text>This is gonna be fun to watch!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_prepare_response_1">
<text>Let's see if he can hold his gun .</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_prepare_response_2">
<text>Ha-ha! That sucker hasn't got a chance!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_comment_prepare_response_3">
<text>He looks like he might be alright, you know...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_man_win_first">
<text>Wow, you beat my record! I'm impressed... here, take this...</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_man_win_player">
<text>Dude, you beat your record. Here's your reward.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_man_win_npc">
<text>Man, you're the new champ! To the victor go the spoils!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_man_lose_1">
<text>You got a bit unlucky, try again.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_man_lose_2">
<text>Have another go, buddy. You'll do it this time.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_man_lose_3">
<text>Shit happens. Give it another shot.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_man_gone_1">
<text>Hey, dude, where you going? Don't you wanna have another game? </text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_man_gone_2">
<text>Hey, man, come back! You were doing good!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_minigame_man_gone_3">
<text>Come back, your luck is in, I'm telling you!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_leader_ambush">
<text>What? Stringov lured you into an ambush? Hrm... The son of a bitch will fry for this!</text>
ナニー?Stringov の待ち伏せに誘い込まれただとぉ?えーと・・・ そのクソ野郎を天ぷらにしちまえ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_digger_leader_traitor_dead">
<text>The scumbag kicked the bucket, huh? You may wanna check him out for something of value.</text>
裏切り者は死んだ・・・ ハッ?奴の死体を調べてくれ、使える物があるかも知れん。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_leader_join_message">
<text>Wassup bro, this is Yoga! I see you're no sucker. Next time you're around our parts, stop by! I'm making you part of the team.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_leader_destroy_flea_market_done">
<text>So, you cleaned out those fellas at the flea market? You're a man's man, buddy, and coming from Yoga that's something! High-five! As usual, Tooth's got your cut.  </text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_leader_kill_digger_traitor_done_a">
<text>Judging by the PDA signal, Stringov's dead. Good. You can collect your reward from Tooth the trader. I reckon I can give you tougher jobs from now on.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_leader_kill_digger_traitor_done_b">
<text>Listen, merc, my boys just wasted Stringov as he was trying to leave the Garbage. Looks like he got spooked and decided to make a run for it, so it ain't your fault. Why don't I give you another job instead?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_leader_kill_digger_traitor_done">
<text>Look, Stringov was feeding me info on the diggers. It seems eventually they caught on, so he's been pretty useless recently, though some of the latest intel was pretty good. Apparently, the diggers are meeting up with some asshole north of the Garbage to buy shooters. Make sure nobody, neither the asshole nor the diggers, makes it out of there alive. I've uploaded the meet coordinates to your PDA. </text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_leader_kill_digger_traitor_call">
<text>Stringov? Quit lazing about! Why don't you make your way over to the stop? I sent a fella there to settle things up with you.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_leader_kill_smuggler_done">
<text>They've all copped it then? Great job! You can pick up your reward from Tooth. By the way, you're moving up the ranks. I'm putting you in charge of five of my boys and I already got your lot. I want the diggers to forget even thinking about armed resistance, so I need you and your boys to show them who's boss. Your target is the flea market. Once you're done with the diggers, make sure our boys secure the area and don't let anyone in. Your team is already in position, but they won't do shit without your command.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_expansion_0_up">
<text>Nice one, boys! We're gonna start living the good life now! It's time to get control over all the entrances to the Garbage - let the suckers pay if they wanna haul artifacts outta here.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_expansion_1_up">
<text>Ha-ha, the Garbage is Yoga's territory now! We're gonna milk those stalkers dry! The punks do have a base at the Cordon, though - I reckon we should pay them a little visit and help them find their place in the food chain.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_expansion_1_down">
<text>Boys, we're taking a beating here. Get your shit together and show them what you're made of!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_expansion_2_up">
<text>Boys, we got balls of steel, that's for sure! The Cordon is ours now, and we'll make sure the stalkers "share" their wealth with us for being here! Now, squeeze 'em so hard they don't even stick their noses out of their base. </text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_expansion_2_down">
<text>You friggin' morons, what are you doing? Stalkers have got control over the road to the Cordon. You want them to carry artifacts outta here just like that or something? I want you to get over there and recapture that damn road!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_expansion_3_up">
<text>Now that's something, you boys are makin' me real proud! We got those cockroaches cornered - all we gotta do now is squash them. Prepare to attack!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_expansion_3_down">
<text>Shit! Our boys got kicked outta the Cordon. I hear there's a whole bunch of stalkers getting together. We need to show them who the boss is around here. </text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_expansion_4_up">
<text>We're gonna live it up now, fellas! We can squeeze the stalkers for cash all we want and they can't do shit to us! I say we put some dough together, say goodbye to the Zone and send a postcard from Rio!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_expansion_4_down">
<text>Damn! These stalkers are getting too cocky for their own good! They took out our boys near their base! If you're around there, show those cocksuckers how to mess with us!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_garbage_gar_bandit_expansion_5_down">
<text>Bros, stalkers are kicking our asses here! They cleared out our fellas at the Cordon and they rule the roost there now. You need to grow some balls, get over there and remind them who runs things around here!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_start_pda">
<text>I haven't seen anyone come from the Swamps in a long while. You've come out right next to the army outpost. There's only one thing a stalker can expect from the army and that's a bullet, so I'd be careful if I were you.</text>
久しぶりの Swamps からのお客さんだな。アンタはちょうど軍の前哨地の真横に出てきちまったぜ。ストーカーが軍と出くわした時に予想できるのは一つだけだな、銃弾の嵐さ。まあ、俺がアンタなら慎重に行動するだろうな。

<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_mil_target_detected">
<text>Alert! Stalker detected! Open fire!</text>
警告! ストーカーを発見! 直ちに発砲せよ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_mil_target_lost">
<text>Target lost! Officer, take your men and clear the sector.</text>
目標喪失! 将校は兵を連れ、防衛区域をクリアせよ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_wolf_call">
<text>Hey merc, what brings you here? Come over and we'll talk.</text>
おい Merc、ここには何をしに来たんだ? こっちに来て話そう。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_call">
<text>You got away from the army? You lucky devil! I've got a feeling there's a reason for you being here. Pop in to see me if you're in the area.</text>
軍から逃れられたのか? 運のいい奴だ! 何か訳アリでここに来たように感じるな。しばらくこのエリアにいるんだったら俺のところに立ち寄ってくれ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_greet_first">
<text>Hiya, nice to see ya! So... shall we talk business?</text>
よお。アンタに会えてうれしいよ! それで・・・仕事の話か?
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_greet_habar">
<text>So you got it after all! I knew I could count on you!</text>
それで、結局手に入れたんだな! アンタならやってくれるって思ってたぜ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_habar_greet_1">
<text>Got any news about that thing we talked about?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_habar_greet_2">
<text>Got that case for me?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_habar_greet_3">
<text>How's that case business coming along?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_bye_habar_1">
<text>Hurry up with that case, alright?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_bye_habar_2">
<text>Bring me that case as soon as you find it.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_bye_habar_3">
<text>Don't forget, I still need that case.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_bye_1">
<text>Good luck.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_driver_treat">
<text>Don't shoot, please don't shoot...</text>
撃つな! 頼む、撃たないでくれ・・・。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_patrol_help_1">
<text>Base, we need help! We've been ambushed by the army!</text>
クソッ、助けてくれ! 軍が待ち伏せしてやがった!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_patrol_help_2">
<text>Brothers, help us! We can't hold out much longer!</text>
兄弟、助けてくれ! これ以上持ちこたえられそうにない!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_railroadpost_yes_1">
<text>Go, quick! The trader put in a word for you...</text>
早く行け! トレーダーからの指示は受けている・・・。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_railroadpost_yes_2">
<text>C'mon, move it! They're waiting for you at the base.</text>
さあ、急げ! 彼らは基地でお前を待っているぞ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_railroadpost_yes_3">
<text>Don't just stand there twiddling your thumbs. Go to the base.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_railroadpost_no_1">
<text>Stay away, merc! This is stalker territory!</text>
Merc、近づくな! ここは Stalker の縄張りだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_railroadpost_no_2">
<text>Don't come near or we'll open fire!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_railroadpost_no_3">
<text>You're not welcome here, merc!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_1_1">
<text>Squint, this is Valerian! Where on Earth have you been for the last two days? We got a sticky situation here, and every gun counts!</text>
Squint、こちらは Valerian! この2日 お前この地球のどこに居たんだ? こっちでは難しい状況に陥ってて、すべての銃が貴重だってのに!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_1_2">
<text>Well, we can't get through! Anomalies are blocking the way and we're trying to find a way around 'em!</text>
うう、俺たちゃ通過出来なかったんだ! アノマリーが道を塞いでて、そいつを回り込む道を探していたんだよ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_2_1">
<text>Vasiliy, remember how you promised to get me some shooters?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_2_2">
<text>It's not that I mind, Valerian! But think about it: the army's gonna wonder why I sold weapons to stalkers...</text>
そいつは俺の知ったこっちゃない、Valerian! だがその件についちゃあ・・・なぜ俺が stalkers に武器を売ろうとしたのかを軍が疑問に思いそうだ・・・
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_2_3">
<text>And you think about this, Vasiliy: if we don't put some heat on those army boys now, they're gonna bleed us dry!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_2_4">
<text>All right, Valerian. Tomorrow my man is going to bring you everything I've got.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_3_1">
<text>Valerian, this is Belly! Is it true that you're getting the stalkers together?</text>
Valerian、こちらは Belly! あんたが stalkers を纏めているっていうのは本当か?
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_3_2">
<text>It's true, alright. The army has gotten completely out of line. They even had the nerve to put bandits on our trail. We've decided to fight back.</text>
ああ、本当だ。軍は十分にやり過ぎた。奴等は俺達の常用してるルートに bandits を待ち伏せさせるほど図々しくなってな。俺達は反撃に出ることに決めたよ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_3_3">
<text>Sign me up, then! I have my own score to settle with them... I'll be over there tomorrow, and I'll bring three more guys with me.</text>
それなら、俺も加わらせてくれ! 奴らには恨みがあるんだ・・・ 俺が明日あそこから出れば、俺ともう3人連れて行く。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_3_4">
<text>Great, thanks a lot. See you then.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_4_1">
<text>Hey, Goblin! What's new over there?</text>
よお、Goblin! そこじゃあ何か新しいニュースはあるかい?
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_4_2">
<text>The army were machine-gunning somebody just now. Only they don't go far out of their base 'cause they're too afraid.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_assemble_4_3">
<text>Well, keep me posted.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalkerbase_guard_redirect">
<text>Man, we've been waiting for you a long time. Go see the leader, stat!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_mill_complete_reply">
<text>Good work! The military squad has been taken care of. We spotted their second squad at the depot. Merc, head on over there.</text>
良くやったな!軍の部隊は処理された。倉庫に二つ目の分隊を見つけたぜ。merc そっちに向かってくれ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_dead_military_pda_request">
<text>Great! That's the army dealt with. With his buddies dead, Khaletskiy knows he ain't got a prayer. That army rat is gonna change his tune now, that's for sure! Merc, head back to the base.</text>
素晴らしい!そいつらが例の軍だ。部下が死んで、 Khaletskiy にはわずかな見込みすら無くなったな。基地に戻れ、 merc 。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_jail_monologue">
<text>See what being stubborn gets you? Your friends are dead and you're still here - no one's coming to save you. Tell me where you hid the case!</text>
黙ってて何か得することでもあるのか?お前の仲間は死んで、お前はまだここにいるわけだ - もう誰もお前を助けに来る奴はいないぞ。ケースを何処に隠したか言うんだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_habar_location_1">
<text>....OK, I'll tell you... bastards... it's at the old mill, under the roof.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_habar_location_2">
<text>....OK, I'll tell you... bastards... it's in the tunnel, in the upturned car.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_habar_location_3">
<text>....OK, I'll tell you... bastards... it's in a house not far from here, in the attic.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_habar_founded">
<text>Would you look at that? The little shit cracked like an egg! The stash coordinates are in your PDA. Take what you find to Sidorovich - he's waiting. </text>
見たか?野郎、あっさり口を割ったぜ! PDA に隠し場所の座標を送った。見つけた物を Sidorovich に持って行きな - あいつは待ってるぜ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_habar_request">
<text>OK, merc - I'll be waiting for you and the case.</text>
OK、 merc - あんたとそのケースを待ってるぜ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_bye_2">
<text>See you around... hopefully.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_bye_3">
<text>Well, take care.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_trader_bye_give_habar">
<text>Hey! Where are you going? Give me the case!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_can_join_stalker_1">
<text>Mercenary, this is Valerian. The stalkers' clan door is open for you. If you still want to become one of us, I will be waiting for you at our base.</text>
Mercenary 、こちら Valerian だ。 Stalker の組織の扉を開けてやるぜ。まだ俺たちの一員になりたい気持ちがあるんなら、俺たちの基地で待ってるぜ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_expansion_0_up">
<text>That's great! Now we're strong enough to defend ourselves. Listen up, we need to capture the paths leading to the Cordon. If we do that, the bandit scum won't be able to get anywhere near our base.</text>
素晴らしい!現在、我々は自らを守る事が出来る位に十分強い。よく聞け、 Cordon から続く経路を攻略するんだ。そうすれば Bandit のクズ野郎どもは、我々の基地には近づくことが出来なくなるだろう。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_expansion_1_up">
<text>Hah, now it won't be so easy for the bandits to get to the Cordon. But it's not over yet. We need to start getting ready for a move on the Garbage. We're gonna teach those assholes a lesson they won't forget for a long time!</text>
ハハッ、今や Bandit どもが Cordon に近づくことは容易ではないだろう。だが、まだ終わってないぞ。 Garbage へ向かう準備を始めるんだ。クソッタレどもにしばらく忘れられないような教訓を叩き込んでやるんだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_expansion_1_down">
<text>Shit, the bandits are stronger than us! If we don't even things up, we're gonna be slaves at the Garbage in no time.</text>
クソッ、 Bandit どもは我々より強いぞ!もし奴らより優勢になれなければ、そのうち Garbage で奴隷にされちまう。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_expansion_2_up">
<text>Keep it up, we managed to secure the Garbage! I repeat: the road to the Garbage is clear, and you will no longer have to pay to get in. All that's left is to make a move for their lair and show them who's boss!</text>
その調子だ、 Garbage の確保に成功したぞ!繰り返す: Garbage への道はクリアした、もう Garbage への通行料を支払う必要はない。あとは奴らのアジトへ移動し、誰がボスなのかを奴らに示すだけだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_expansion_2_down">
<text>Attention! The bandits have set up an outpost at the Cordon! If we don't regain control of the Cordon, this place will be teeming with bandits in no time!</text>
注意! Bandit どもが Cordon に前哨を設けた!我々が Cordon の支配を取り戻さないと、この場所はじきに奴らであふれかえるぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_expansion_3_up">
<text>Good news! We've blocked the only exit from the bandit base. Prepare for the final assault!</text>
朗報だ! Bandit の基地からの唯一の退路を断ってやった。突撃準備だ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_expansion_3_down">
<text>Shit, we've lost the Garbage, but don't worry, boys! We'll get our shit together and give it another shot!</text>
クソッ、 Garbage を失った、だが心配するな!しっかり体勢を立て直してもう一度行くぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_expansion_4_up">
<text>This day will go down in the Zone's history as the day of victory for stalkers over bandits! No more backhanders and payments for passage! Stalkers, I salute you.</text>
今日は Bandit どもに Stalker が勝利した日として Zone の歴史に記されるだろう!屈辱の日々と通行料とはおさらばだ! Stalker の皆を代表して礼を言うよ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_expansion_4_down">
<text>Attention! The bandits made their move and took out our boys next to their base. We need to secure the exit from the bandit base before they can spread their wings!</text>
注意! Bandit どもが仲間の隊員を奴らの基地の隣に連れ去った。奴らが逃げおおせる前に退路を断つんだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_escape_esc_stalker_expansion_5_down">
<text>Attention stalkers, Valerian here! The bandits have overrun the Garbage again. God knows where they came from but the place is crawling with them. Stay alert!</text>
皆、注意、こちら Valerian ! Bandit どもが再び Garbage にはびこっているぞ。どこから来たのかは知らんが、ここは奴らでいっぱいだ。警戒せよ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_enter">
<text>Freeze! The Dark Valley is in quarantine! Put your weapon away and come here veeeeery slowly. No sudden movements! I just wanna have a chat with you...</text>
止まれ! Dark Vally は隔離中だ! 武器を仕舞いゆ~っくりとここに来い。妙な動きはするなよ! お前に話がある・・・
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_wait_1">
<text>Come over here. Relax, we won't shoot!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_wait_2">
<text>Hey you, come here. Come on! We gotta check you out.</text>
おい お前、ここへ来い。来るんだ! お前を取り調べる。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_wait_3">
<text>Whatcha standing there for, c'mere!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_robbery_stop">
<text>Freeze! Holster your weapon and stand still. Try pulling a fast one and you're dead!</text>
止まれ! 武器をホルスターに仕舞い立っていろ。素早く引き抜こうとしたら殺す!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_robbery_return">
<text>Come over here. Relax, we won't shoot!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_robbery_stand_still">
<text>Stand still, brother, this won't hurt.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_robbery_kill_actor">
<text>Take that shithead down!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_robbery_after_pay">
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_reply_sos_done">
<text>Everything seems quiet.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_reply_sos_1">
<text>Delta, this is Alpha. What was that shooting all about? What's going on over there?</text>
デルタ、こちらアルファ。何に向けて攻撃してる? そこでいったい何が起こっている?
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_blockpost_reply_sos">
<text>Damn, another attack! Merc, check for survivors at the outpost!</text>
クソ、別の攻撃か! Merc、前哨地で生存者がいるか調べろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_dead_squad_1">
<text>Hey! What's happening over there? Answer me!</text>
おい! ここへは何をしに来た? 答えろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_dead_squad_2">
<text>Come in, Delta Patrol!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_dead_squad_3">
<text>Respond, damn it!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_base_enter">
<text>Stalker, you are on Freedom territory and that means no funny business. Come see me if you have any questions.</text>
ストーカー、お前は Freedom の支配域にいて、それはフザケた真似は出来ない事を意味している。聞きたいことがあるならこっちへ来い。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_comendant_come_back">
<text>Atta boy! You showed those mutants! Come back for more instructions.</text>
やったな! そいつらミュータントに見せつけてやった! 戻ってもっと説明しろ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_leader_help">
<text>Merc, this is Chekhov. The outpost was attacked...I don't know if anyone survived but one of the PDAs is still active. It might contain some useful info. Find it and bring it to me.</text>
Merc、こちら Chekhov。前哨基地が攻撃を受けた・・・誰か生き残っているのかどうかは分からんが、PDA が一器 まだ動作している。何か役立つ情報があるかもしれない。見つけて持ってきてくれ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_attack_help">
<text>Attention all Freedom squads! We just ran into mercenaries by the old farm. We're meeting strong resistance, we need help! I repeat: we need reinforcements immediately!</text>
Freedom 全部隊に告ぐ! 上手い具合に古い農場で傭兵に出会った。我々はしぶとい抵抗に会っていて、支援が必要である! 繰り返す:我々にはすぐにでも増援が必要だ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_leader_pda_come_back">
<text>Our poor little commandant sure didn't get far! His new friends found a nice spot for him - on a tree. Alright, grab that asshole's PDA and get right back to me.</text>
我々の愚かで小さな指揮官は遠くに行ってない! 奴の新たな友人は奴のために素晴らしい場所を見つけた - 木の上だ。いいか、そのクソッタレの PDA を手に入れ俺の所へ持ってこい。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_antenna_control">
<text>Alright! We have the first and second antennas under control! Now we need to capture the third one!</text>
いいぞ! 俺達は第一と第二のアンテナを占拠した! 次は三基目を確保する必要がある!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_antenna_finish">
<text>Great job, the antennas are under our control. Initiating scan. </text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_antenna_good">
<text>We have the tunnel coordinates - it's near the deserted factory. That's how the mercenaries are getting into the Dark Valley. Attention all squads! Find the tunnel and destroy it!</text>
トンネルの座標が出た - 廃工場の傍だ。mercenaries が Dark Vally に侵入している手段だな。全部隊に告ぐ! トンネルを見つけ破壊しろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_zavod_help">
<text>We're at the old factory. Shit, this place is crawling with mercs! Help!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_zavod_task">
<text>Thanks for coming, merc! We're pinned down in the yard - they got us covered good. Help us take out the mercenaries on the roof!</text>
merc、来てくれたのか!広場から前進できん - 連中上手いこと俺たちを押さえ込んでやがる。マーセナリーを屋上に追い詰めるのを手伝ってくれ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_quest_finish">
<text>The cocksuckers responsible for killing so many of our boys have been eliminated. Freedom has shown once again that if you mess with the best, you die like the rest! Soon the day will come when the Zone will be free! Merc, drop by for your reward some time.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_megafon_1">
<text>Hey you cool dudes and cold-blooded comrades! If you're looking to be appreciated and treated like family, that's Freedom all the way! There's no chores, no brainwashing and no morning wake-up drills! If you're a real stalker who loves the free life and a good drink in the company of like-minded fellas, join right in! We've always got old booze for new blood!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_megafon_2">
<text>Stalker! Life has given you a wonderful opportunity to find true friends in Freedom! Only in our ranks can you always find someone willing to cover your back and share his last loaf of bread with you.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_megafon_3">
<text>Veterans and rookies! If you value your freedom and want to be among others like you - join us! Freedom welcomes everyone who has trodden the Zone's paths to our doors.</text>
経験者も駆け出しもよく聞け!自由に自分を見出し生きたいのなら - join us!このZoneで自由の扉に向かう全ての者をFreedomは歓迎しよう。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_megafon_4">
<text>Do you want to earn the respect of fellow stalkers? Do you want to build a team of loyal friends who will stick up for you in times of trouble? Do you dream of kicking some Duty ass? All this, and many other opportunities, awaits you if you join Freedom!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_megafon_5">
<text>Here's your chance to join the best stalker clan the Zone has to offer! Where else would you be accepted for who you are? Don't lose your freedom - join us!</text>
君へZoneで最高のStalker派閥へのお誘いだぞ!君が君であることを望む連中は他にどこにいるっていうんだい?自由を忘れるな - join us!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_megafon_6">
<text>The Zone is about stalkers, and being a stalker is about freedom. Be a stalker to the end: join the Freedom faction!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_megafon_7">
<text>Become a Freedom member! Together, we will save the Zone - the only group of truly free people on Earth!</text>
Freedomの一員となるのだ!共に戦おう、Zoneを守るのだ - 地球上で唯一の自由の戦士として!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_a_1">
<text>Hey guys, what are you blasting at? Answer me!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_a_2">
<text>What's going on over there, people? Over!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_a_3">
<text>What are you playing at over there?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_a_4">
<text>Need any help, boys? Over.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_b_1">
<text>...Come in, come in! Answer me!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_b_2">
<text>...Respond, come in!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_b_3">
<text>...Why are you not responding? Come in, boys!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_b_4">
<text>...What the hell is going on over there? Come in!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_c_1">
<text>...Damn, no signal... What happened?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_c_2">
<text>...They're not responding. What are we gonna do?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_c_3">
<text>...Come in, damn you! Come in!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_c_4">
<text>...Where on earth could they be?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_d_1">
<text>Attention all units: we've just lost another squad. Keep your eyes open!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_d_2">
<text>Another squad has failed to respond. What the hell is going on?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_d_3">
<text>We've lost contact with the patrol squad. All units: exercise extreme vigilance and proceed with caution at all times.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_false_attack_d_4">
<text>Attention, soldiers. We've lost contact with another squad. It doesn't look like those boys will be coming home tonight. Be on your guard so it doesn't happen to you! Remember: the enemy could be lurking around any corner!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_ambush_in_yard">
<text>They're flooding in from all sides. Merc, we'll try to hold them in the yard while you head through the building.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_leader_join_freedom">
<text>Merc, this is Chekhov. If you still want to join us, come see me at the Freedom base. Freedom is ready to accept you into its ranks.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_expansion_0_up">
<text>Good news, fellas! We now control all the roads into our Valley! We're planning to pay Duty a visit, so if you want to join us we're heading over to the Garbage!</text>
野郎ども、いいニュースだ!我等がDark Vallyへの全ての道を制圧した!我々はDutyの連中に借りを返してやろうと考えている、もしこれに参加するなら共に行こう!我々はGarbageに向かっている!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_expansion_1_up">
<text>Good job, fellas. We managed to secure the Garbage. Now we need to move out towards Agroprom! Make sure you don't fire on neutral stalkers!</text>
Good job、いいぞ。なんとかGarbageを制圧できたな。さて、Agropromへ向かうぞ!しっかりしろよ、罪の無いstalkerを撃つなよ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_expansion_1_down">
<text>The enemy is trying to get into the Dark Valley! Come on, guys, let's defend our Freedom!</text>
敵がDark Valleyへと進入しようとしている!行くぞ、野郎ども、Freedomの為に戦うぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_expansion_2_up">
<text>Now we're talking! Our squad managed to secure their position by the road to Agroprom! All we gotta do now is knock on Duty's door!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_expansion_2_down">
<text>Boys, we've lost our squad at the Garbage. Now the road to the Dark Valley is unguarded!</text>
野郎ども、Garbageの小隊がやられた。このDark Valleyへの道が無防備な状態となってしまった!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_expansion_3_up">
<text>Agroprom has its Freedom, if you know what I mean! Great job! Now it's high time we pin those Duty bastards at their base!</text>
皆聞いてるか、Agropromは自由を手にした!Great job!今こそ好機!Dutyのクソ野郎を叩きのめすぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_expansion_3_down">
<text>Bad news, fellas. The boys guarding the road to Agroprom are dead. We need to secure that road - whatever it takes!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_expansion_4_up">
<text>Bravo! We managed to destroy Duty's base! They ain't gonna recover from this for a long, long time! We can finally relax and enjoy our freedom, ha-ha!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_expansion_4_down">
<text>It looks like Duty organized a counterattack and retook Agroprom. That ain't good, fellas! If this keeps up the war will go on forever!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_freedom_expansion_5_down">
<text>So, who's up for some more fighting? I hear Duty is back in these parts! They came back in their choppers, recaptured their base and cleaned out everything that moved at Agroprom.</text>
おい、まだ戦える奴はいるか?Dutyが縄張りを奪還したらしいぞ!奴らが集結すれば基地を奪還し、Agroprom を死の土地に変えるのは時間の問題だ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_darkvalley_val_zavod_task_sniper_dead">
<text>The roof is clear, moving out.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_underground_agru_leader_dolg_pda">
<text>General Krylov here. Listen, you need to stay alert - the underground is crawling with mutants. According to the map, the pump station control unit is located one level above you. I've sent you the coordinates. Be careful... and good luck.</text>
聞こえるか、Krylov 将軍だ。油断するな - 地下はミュータントで溢れている。地図によると、ポンプ制御装置は1つ上のレベルに位置している。その座標を送ったぞ。気を付けろよ・・・幸運を祈る。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_underground_agru_leader_clear_sky_pda">
<text>Merc, this is Lebedev. The correspondence found in the stash explains a lot. We now know that Strelok's group made it to the center and we also know that they're planning to go there again. Reckless fools! If they succeed they'll trigger a second large Emission - an emission so powerful that every living creature in the Zone will be incinerated, and the Zone itself will become unstable. We cannot let that happen! Strelok went to Lake Yantar. You are closest to that area - try to intercept him there, and we'll take care of Fang and Ghost.</text>
Merc、こちら Lebedev。隠れ家で見つけた通信内容は多くを語っている。我々は今、Strelok のグループが中心部に行ったことを知った。そしてまた、彼らが再びそこに行く計画を立てていることも知った。無謀な愚か者め!奴らが成功すると、第2の大型 Emission の引き金となるだろう - Zone のあらゆる生物が“浄化”されて、Zone 自体が不安定になるほど強力な放出が。我々はそれを起こさせるわけにはいかない!Strelok は Yantar 湖に向かった。君はその地域の最も近くにいる - そこで奴を捕まえてくれ。私たちは Fang と Ghost の世話を引き受ける。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_blokpost_shout_1">
<text>Yo, merc! What the hell you doing here?! Run like the wind - mutants will be here any minute!</text>
おい、Merc!お前は何をしてるんだ!?さっさと動け - ミュータントは今すぐにでも現れるぞ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_blokpost_dialog">
<text>Would you look at that? Where's your equipment, boy? This is a dangerous place - you won't get far without a good suit and a decent weapon. Monsters have gotten pretty nasty lately, so we'll be grateful for any assistance you can give us in fighting the Zone. If you want to make some cash, drop by the base and see the General. One of our squads is actually heading there right now. Stick with them and save yourself some trouble.</text>
周りが見えないのか?小僧、装備はどうしたんだ?この場所は危険だぜ - 良いスーツとゴツイ武器がないと遠くには行けねえ。最近のバケモノはちと厄介でな、俺たちは Zone との戦いに加勢する全ての Stalker に感謝するだろう。金を稼ぎたいなら、俺たちの基地に立ち寄って将軍に会うんだな。俺の分隊はたった今、基地に向かうところさ。ついて来いよ、そうすりゃお互いの手間が省けるぜ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_squad_snorks_attack_1">
<text>Take that, mutant freaks!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_squad_snorks_attack_2">
<text>It's the snorks! Get 'em, boys!</text>
Snork だ!野郎ども、始末しろ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_squad_snorks_attack_3">
<text>Stay calm! Fire in bursts!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_dolg_megafon_1">
<text>Chernobyl veterans, join the Duty ranks! A grave responsibility lies on our shoulders. If we do not protect the world from the spreading Zone, who will?</text>
Chernobyl の手練ども、Dutyに加入せよ!我々は多大な責務を背負っている。我々がZoneの拡大を防がずして誰が防ぐのか?
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_dolg_megafon_2">
<text>Free stalkers, veterans and hunters - join Duty! Protecting the world from the contagious Zone is the duty of us all!</text>
フリーのstalkerよ、腕利きも一人身も join Duty!Zoneの伝播から世界を守るのは我々全ての者の義務である!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_dolg_megafon_3">
<text>Stalker, enlist in Duty! Do your part in protecting the world from the Zone!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_dolg_megafon_4">
<text>The world is trembling at the sight of the disease spreading from the Zone. Join Duty and help the innocent survive.</text>
世界はZoneよりもたらされる害悪の恐怖の光景に包まれようとしている。Join Duty、罪無き人々を守るのだ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_dolg_megafon_5">
<text>Lethal anomalies, dangerous mutants, anarchists and bandits will not stop Duty on its triumphant march to save this planet and its citizens.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_dolg_megafon_6">
<text>Every new member of Duty is supplied with excellent gear. More importantly, fighting mutants will bring you eternal glory and carve your name in history!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_dolg_megafon_7">
<text>We believe in our victory! The filth of the Zone will be wiped out!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_kpp_dolg_1">
<text>Hey, soldier!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_kpp_dolg_2">
<text>Glad to see you alive!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_kpp_dolg_3">
<text>Welcome back!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_kpp_nodolg_1">
<text>Hey, greenie! Come join our ranks at Duty!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_kpp_nodolg_2">
<text>Hey, stalker! No funny business on Duty territory, understand?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_kpp_nodolg_3">
<text>Follow the rules and you'll stay out of harm's way.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_commander_1">
<text>Hello! Don't be shy - come on over.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_commander_2">
<text>Don't just stand there, get over here!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_commander_3">
<text>Soldier! Front and center, right now!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_leader_sergant_1">
<text>Sergeant Cheersov, I'm sending a mercenary your way. He is going into the underground. Make sure he is able to reach the hole. </text>
Cheersov 軍曹、君の所に傭兵を送る。彼は地下に入るそうだ。彼が穴に入るのを確実に見届けろ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_leader_sergant_2">
<text>General, did someone really sign up to go down into those pits?</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_leader_sergant_3">
<text>That is correct. Make sure he's got enough ammo.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_leader_sergant_4">
<text>Yes, Sir!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_leader_sergant_5">
<text>Well... good luck to you. The sergeant will give you the necessary equipment and a few tips of his own. I've already sent you the lair's coordinates.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_hole_wait_1">
<text>Heads up, everybody! They could come out at any moment!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_hole_wait_2">
<text>Stay focused! Keep a bead on the lair!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_hole_wait_3">
<text>Watch it, everyone!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_hole_attack_1">
<text>They're coming out! Open fire!!</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_base_commander_reward_pda">
<text>Great work, stalker! Life should be a little easier now that the tunnels are flooded. We owe you, man! Come see me for your reward.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_stalker_tir_hello_1">
<text>Hello. Let's find out how good you are with a weapon!</text>
よぉ! いっちょお前の銃の腕を見させてもらうぜ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_stalker_tir_win_1">
<text>Not bad, come on over for your reward.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_stalker_tir_lose_1">
<text>Better luck next time. Come here and we'll talk.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_stalker_tir_bye_1">
<text>Drop in when you feel like shooting some targets.</text>
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_dolg_expansion_0_up">
<text>Attention all units. We have managed to secure Agroprom. Groups of volunteers for an attack on Freedom are forming as we speak. The immediate objective is to get a foothold at the Garbage. </text>
全部隊に告ぐ! 我々は Agroprom を何とか確保した。Freedom への攻撃を行う志願兵たちは、私の言うとおりに布陣しろ。当面の目標は Garbage への足がかりを奪うことである。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_dolg_expansion_1_up">
<text>We now have a foothold at the Garbage. The next step is to secure the road to the Dark Valley. Do not engage neutral stalkers. </text>
我々は、たった今 Garbage への足がかりを制圧した。次の目標は Dark Valley への経路を確保することだ。中立なストーカーたちとの交戦は禁ずる。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_dolg_expansion_1_down">
<text>Enemy forces have infiltrated Agroprom. We cannot fight Freedom until our base is safe! Destroy the enemy and secure all known roads to Agroprom. </text>
敵勢力が Agroprom へと侵入しつつある。我々の基地が安全である限り、Freedom とは戦わない! 敵を撃破し、Agroprom へ通ずる全ての経路を確保するのだ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_dolg_expansion_2_up">
<text>We are ready for an attack on the Dark Valley. All units, maintain maximum battle readiness. </text>
我々の Dark Valley を攻撃する準備は整った。全部隊、最大限の戦闘準備を維持せよ。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_dolg_expansion_2_down">
<text>Attention all units! We have lost our foothold at the Garbage. We need it to launch an attack on Freedom's base - recapture it!</text>
全部隊に告ぐ、よく聞け! 我々は Garbage への足がかりを失った。我々は Freedom の基地を攻撃するために取り戻す必要がある - 奪還せよ!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_dolg_expansion_3_up">
<text>Good news! Our advanced units have captured an outpost in the Dark Valley! Now nothing can stop us from an assault on Freedom's base!</text>
朗報だ! 我々の先発隊が Dark Valley の前哨を占拠した! これを以って Freedom 基地への攻撃を阻むものは何もない!
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_dolg_expansion_3_down">
<text>All units, the enemy has attacked our forces at the Garbage. We no longer have control of the road to the Dark Valley.</text>
全部隊に告ぐ。敵は Garbage において我々の勢力に攻撃をしかけつつある。もはや Dark Valley への道の支配権は失った。
<string id="characters_voice_scenario_agroprom_agr_dolg_expansion_4_up">
<text>All units, we have captured Freedom's base! The anarchists have been defeated and will no longer bother us in our fight against the Zone. Congratulations to all those who contributed to this momentous victory!</text>
全部隊に告ぐ。我々は Freedom 基地を占拠した! 無政府主義者は打ち負かされ、もはや Zone に対する戦いにおいて我々を悩ますことはないだろう。この勝利の瞬間に貢献した全ての者へ、おめでとう!
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<text>Our forces in the Dark Valley were overrun and pushed back to the Garbage. We need a foothold in the Dark Valley to attack Freedom's base!</text>
Dark Valley にいる我々の勢力は制圧され、Garbage へと押し戻されてしまった。我々は Freedom 基地を攻撃するための Dark Valley の足がかりが必要だ!
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<text>Attention all units! Recon reports that a large group of Freedom fighters has captured the base and now controls the Dark Valley. It's time to put them back in their place.</text>
全部隊に告ぐ、よく聞け。偵察隊の報告によると、Freedom の大軍が基地を占拠し、たった今 Dark Valley を制圧した。奴らをあそこから追い出すときが来た。