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        <text>All right, stalker, stay put... Who are you and what are you doing here?</text>
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        <text>He's probably dead already, and I suggest you don't hang around here too long unless you want to join him.</text>
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        <text>Someone keeps attacking us. They're real professional about it too - we never stand a chance. We control all the roads leading into the Dark Valley but that don't seem to stop the attacks one bit. The one place you can relax is the base. If you have questions about Fang, the Freedom base is your best bet.</text>
何者かからの攻撃を俺達は受け続けている。奴らは正真正銘のプロだ・・・俺達は全く太刀打ちできていない。俺達は Dark Valley へ続く道を全部押さえているんだが、これっぽっちも攻撃が止む気配がない。一息つける場所の一つが本部だろう。もし Fang についての情報が欲しいなら、Freedom の基地へ行くのが一番だろうよ。
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        <text>So, did that dog give you the run around?</text>
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        <text>Hey, buddy. What will you be needing today?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_hello_dialog_21">
        <text>Hey, buddy! Looking for a good deal, eh?</text>
よう、相棒! 損はさせないぜ、ん?
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        <text>Well, well, finally we meet face to face. My name is Chekhov, and I'm the boss around here. The recording on the PDA you found clears things up a bit. All the exits from the Valley were sealed off, but our outposts and patrols just kept getting hit! A few times we had a patrol leave the base and get slaughtered in no time. The boys started thinking that we offended the Zone somehow and this was some sort of punishment. We even tried putting together protection charms against ghosts and all... But as we now know there was nothing mystical about it - the commandant gave away all our movements...Frigging rat!</text>
ようやく対面できたな。私は Chekhov、この辺りを仕切っている者だ。君が見つけてくれた PDA に録音されていた物で、少し謎が明らかになったよ。Valley への道は全て封鎖しているが、我々の前哨及び巡視隊は未だに攻撃を受け続けている! 何回か、パトロールが本部を出てすぐに壊滅させられたこともあった。我々が Zone を怒らせて、ある種の罰のような物が下っているんじゃないかと考え始めた隊員もいた。その幽霊か何かを除ける為に、御守りを置いたりさえもしたんだ・・・だが今私達が知ったとおり、そこには何も神秘主義的な物は何も無かった、ということだ - 司令官が我々の動きを全て報告していたんだからな・・・とんだ鼠野郎だ!
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        <text>I didn't expect him to do this! I've known him for ages! We hunted for our first artifacts together, we made Freedom what it is today! I trusted him with all the operational planning, and he just went and sold us out...</text>
奴がこんな事をするとは思っても見なかった! 長い付き合いだったのにだ! 私達はアーティファクトを共に探し、一緒に今日の Freedom を創り上げた! 私は奴を信じて全ての作戦計画を任せた、そして奴は我々を売った・・・。
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        <text>As soon as the outpost conversation was aired on our radio frequency, the commandant vanished. He knew he was screwed. What we've got do now is find him. He knows too much, if not everything. All the exits from the Valley are secured, so he couldn't have gone too far. We're tracking his PDA - he's near the road to the Cordon. A few of our squads are on their way over there.</text>
前哨での会話が我々の無線周波数で流された後すぐ、司令官は姿を消した。奴はへまをしたことを悟ったんだ。我々は奴を見つけなくてはならん。奴は多くを知りすぎている。Valley から出る道は全て封鎖されているから、そんなに遠くには行けなかったようだ。我々は奴の PDA を追跡して - 奴は Cordon へと続く道の近くにいる。いくつかの部隊に向かわせている。
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        <text>Yep, there was a stalker like that. Very interested in rare parts and the like. He must've known we had the best tech team in the whole Zone! I sold him the part he wanted, and why not? He paid well and didn't even haggle. What I don't know is what he wanted with it: these parts were only used in old army cryptographic machines. He left the base straight away and nobody's seen him since.</text>
ああ、そんな Stalker がいたな。珍しい部品とかそんなのに興味があったようだ。うちには Zone の中でも特に優秀な技術屋達がいるのを知ってたんだろうな! 私は彼が欲しがった部品を売ったよ - なぜって? 奴さん金払いが良かったからな。値切りもして来なかった。売った部品は軍用の暗号機に使われていた物だけだったが、それで何をしたかったのかは分からん。その後すぐに基地を出て行って、それから誰も彼を見てない。
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        <text>Thanks for your help! After the shootout at the farmhouse we know that mercenaries are behind the attacks on Freedom. Information from the commandant's PDA also confirms this. The question is: why the hell are they doing it? Mercenaries have always stayed neutral and cooperated with all of the Zone's factions. I wonder who the client was for this little job. Perhaps it was Duty... or the army. I've got more questions than answers right now, but I'll get to the bottom of this, you can bet on it. </text>
支援に感謝する! 農場での戦闘の後、Mercenaries が Freedom への攻撃に関わってることが分かった。司令官の PDA からの情報でもこれを確認している。しかしここで疑問が出る。あの糞ったれどもはどうしてこんな事をしたのか、ということだ。Mercenaries は常に中立を守り、Zone の全ての派閥に協力していた。誰がこの事件の黒幕なんだ。恐らく Duty か・・・Army か。謎は深まるばかりだが、真相は突きつめる。必ずだ。
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        <text>You've held up your end of the deal, and now I'll tell you about Fang. He was looking for rare components here and I got real curious as to what he wanted with all that ancient crap. When I asked him directly he told me to mind my own business - it's too bad I'm not the quittin' type! I asked one of our tech guys to hack into his PDA's frequency, and we were able to monitor him for a few days. It looks like he went to the Garbage - I'd look for him there. By the way, I made a note of his PDA frequency and I've already uploaded it for you. His location is now marked on your PDA. </text>
君は責任を果たしたな。今度は私が Fang について話そう。彼はここで珍しい機械の部品を探していた。私は、彼があんな古いゴミで何をするのか非常に興味をそそられてな、直接訊いてみたが、あなたには関係ないと一蹴されたよ - だがそれで引き下がる男じゃないんだな、私は! 技術班の一人に、奴さんのPDAの周波数を通してハックできるよう頼んで、それで何日か動きを監視できた。彼は Garbage に行った様だ - 彼はそこにいるだろう。記録しておいた PDA 周波数を君のにアップロードしたぞ。これで君の PDA でも彼の所在地を確認できるだろう。
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        <text>Are you ready to help Freedom once again?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_4111">
        <text>We know a lot more but the mercenaries keep attacking us and we're down to our bare bones here. I still don't know how they're getting into the Valley - we've got all the roads covered with our outposts. It looks like there's a tunnel here somewhere that we don't know about. That's how the mercenaries are getting into the Dark Valley. We need to find out where that hole is and blow it to bits!</text>
我々が知っていることはまだ沢山あるが、ここでは Mercenaries が立て続けに攻撃してきて、我々は丸裸だ。まだ奴らがどうやって Valley に進入してきてるのかが分かっていない - 全ての道は封鎖しているのに、だ。我々が知らないトンネルが何処かにあるようだ。それが Mercenaries の Dark Valley への進入方法だ。どこかにあるその穴を見つけて、木っ端微塵に吹き飛ばさなくては!
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        <text>Merc, we need to gain control over the antennas.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_51">
        <text>Thanks for your help! I sure as heck didn't expect it, 'cause most people in the Zone only care about themselves. I reckon we gave the mercs a good fight. The tunnel they used to get into the Valley is out of action, but the boys are going to blow the whole place to bits to make sure not even a mouse can sneak into our Valley without us knowing! There's still the issue of someone giving the mercs a contract to cause us problems, but I think we'll get to the client soon enough. Anyway, here is your reward!</text>
協力に感謝する! 全く、私はこうなる事を想像もつかなかった。なぜって、Zone の奴らのほとんどは自分の為にしか動かないからな。Mercs の野郎どもには目に物見せてやったと思うぞ。奴らが Valley への進入に使っていたトンネルは潰した。だが俺の部下は、ネズミ一匹でも俺達の目の前を通らせるよう徹底的に爆破するだろうな! 傭兵どもの背後に誰がいるのか、という問題は残ってるが、すぐにその黒幕を突き止めるつもりだ。とにかく、この報酬を受け取ってくれ!
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        <text>Hey! What brings you here?</text>
よう! 何の用で来たんだ?
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_1111111111 ">
        <text>Yeah, I'll help you... if you help me, that is. Don't take it personally, but we're having a rough time and if things don't change, Freedom won't have enough men to defend the base from bandit attacks... Help me find out who is attacking us and I'll give you information about Fang.</text>
ああ、力になろう・・・もし君がこちらの力になってくれるのなら、な。個人的なあてつけと取らないでくれ。我々は大変な目に遭っている。事態が変わらなければ、Bandit の攻撃から Freedom の基地を守る人員が足りなくなるだろう・・・ 誰が我々に攻撃を仕掛けているのか見つけてくれ。そうすれば、Fang についての情報を提供しよう。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_121">
        <text>Find the commandant and bring him to me alive...or dead. Do that and I'll tell you where you can find Fang. I've uploaded the coordinates of the commandant's PDA to yours. </text>
司令官を見つけて、私の元に連れて来てくれ・・・生死は問わない。そうすれば、Fang をどこで見つけられるかを教えよう。司令官の PDA の座標を、君のPDA にアップロードした。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_411111 ">
        <text>There's an old triangulator in the Valley. It was built by geodesists back in Soviet times. The triangulator comprises three antennas. Once all 3 antennas are activated, you can monitor the surface of the whole valley. If it works, we'll be able to work out how the mercenaries are getting into the Valley.</text>
古い三角測地所が Valley にある。ソ連がまだあった頃、測地技師達が建てたものだ。三角測地所は三つのアンテナによって構成される。三つのアンテナが稼動すれば Valley 全域を監視できるようになる。そうなれば、Mercenaries がどうやって Valley に進入してきているのかを確認できるだろう。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_41111111 ">
        <text>One of the antennas is here in the base, but the other two were captured by mercenaries. Help us regain control over those antennas!</text>
アンテナの一つはここ、本部にある。しかし他の二つは Mercenaries の手中にある。アンテナを奪い返すために、力を貸してくれ!
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        <text>What are the rules in the Arena?</text>
    <string id="val_arena_master_about_rule_1">
        <text>Rules? Shoot straight, as they say, and that's about it. You have to win in every round, and that all depends on how lucky you get. I mean, you're gonna need all the luck you can get if you've got a rusty shotgun and a sweater for protection looking at a fella in body armor and a shooter that can take down a mammoth. And sometimes you'll be up against not one guy, but two or even three. If you sign up for that kinda thing then there ain't more than two possible outcomes. You're either the winner or a rotting corpse, simple as that. If you win all the rounds I'll pay you a reward, but if you fail - you owe me. So, you wanna play?</text>
ルールだと? まっすぐ撃て、だな。よく言われることだが、まあそんなところだ。あんたは全てのラウンドで勝たなきゃならんが、それはあんたの運次第だ。つまり、マンモスでも倒しちまう銃とアーマーで武装した奴を、錆びたショットガンとセーターで迎え撃つとなると、あんたはツキがいくらでも必要になるわけだ。時には対戦相手は一人だけじゃない。二人、三人にもなる。もしそういったもんに参加するなら、結果は二つしかねぇ。あんたは勝者になってるか、腐りかけの死体になってるか、だ。分かりきったことだな。全てのラウンドで勝てば報酬を払うが、もしミスれば - 俺に借りができる。で、やってみるか?
    <string id="val_arena_master_comeback_0">
        <text>Come back when you're up for it.</text>
    <string id="val_arena_master_darkvalley_0">
        <text>Where have you been, other than the Dark Valley?</text>
あんたどっから来たんだ? Dark Valley 以外のとこからかい?
    <string id="val_arena_master_darkvalley_1">
        <text>Well, my friend, I've been to every corner of the Zone, let me tell you. Some of the shit I've seen... eh. Wandering the Zone ain't always easy, almost never, in fact. Then again, nobody finds it easy here, unless the Guide himself is helping you out. You heard of him? No? Oh man, he was the first stalker! Ever! He was the first person to walk the Zone and that's why they call him the Guide. He knows this hellhole like the back of his hand, and even if the Zone changes after an emission, the Guide can still take you where you need to go, no problemo. The guy is a real talent, it's like he's got a sixth sense or something. Trouble is, finding him is hard enough, and on top of that he doesn't help everyone, and only the Black Stalker knows why he helps some but refuses others. One thing you can be sure of though, if he agrees to take you somewhere, you're in for a real smooth journey - relax, sit back and enjoy the ride. Anyway, I sure as hell would like to talk to him - I bet he knows what's beyond the radar, he must have been there at some point, no doubt about it.</text>
友よ、俺は Zone の到る所を回ってきた。聞いてくれ。俺が見たいくつもの酷いものを・・・な。実際のところ、Zone を歩き回ることは容易いことではない。もっとも、Guide が案内をしなければ、誰もここが危険だということ自体に気づかない。彼を知ってるかい? 知らない? おいおい、彼は最初の Stalker だぜ! 最高のな! 彼は Zone に初めて足を踏み入れた人物で、それが彼が Guide と呼ばれる所以なんだ。彼はこの酷ぇ場所のことを何でも知っていて、Emission が起きて Zone がいろいろと変わっちまった後でも、問題無しにお前さんを案内できるだろうよ。凄い才能だぜ、まるで第六感か何かがあるみたいだった。問題は、彼を見つけるのは凄ぇ大変ってことと、その上誰でも助けてくれるわけじゃないってことなんだ。Black Stalker だけが、何故彼が一方を助けてもう一方は助けないのを知っているんだと。それでも確かなことの一つは、もし彼がお前さんをどこかに案内することを承諾してくれたら、とても快適な旅になるなるだろう。
    <string id="val_arena_master_good_fight_0">
        <text>Good fight. Here's the cash. Feel like another little firefight?</text>
    <string id="val_arena_master_good_luck_0">
        <text>Good luck, merc.</text>
    <string id="val_arena_master_loozer_0">
        <text>Bad luck, buddy. Don't worry, you'll do better next time.</text>
ツキが無かったな、相棒。 でも次は上手くやれるさ。
    <string id="val_arena_master_money_back_0">
        <text>Come back once you scrape up some cash.</text>
    <string id="val_barmen_about_barmen_0">
        <text>How did you become a barman?</text>
どうやってこの Bar を立ち上げた?
    <string id="val_barmen_about_barmen_1">
        <text>You're not asking the right question, bro. You should be asking how Ganja the barman, Ganja the hookah man, Ganja, the man who partied with all sorts of friends in all sorts of places, ended up in the Zone. But I ain't answering that, bro. That's a negative story and I'm a positive kind of guy. I found myself here. That's the way the cookie crumbles. I was on my own and I felt cosmic loneliness, bro. Yeah, man, it was real bad. But then I felt positive vibrations...coming from Freedom. I knew they were my kind of people. I had a choice, but my doubts were gone. I found my freedom - now I live a betterlifethan most people in that crazy world outside the Zone. Here I have enough to drink, enough to smoke, I have the Zone and people who share their stories about it with me...Damn, this local weed is just pure suckage! </text>
間違った質問だな、兄弟。お前さんはバーテンダーである Ganja が、フッカーマン(喫煙者)である Ganja が、あらゆる場所にいるすべての友人と一緒に浮かれ騒いでいる人間である Ganja が、ついには Zone でどうやったのか?と聞くべきだ。けれどもそれには答えられないな、兄弟。それはネガティブな話だし俺はポジティブな男なんでね。俺はここに自分を見いだした。人生そんなもんさ。俺は道半ばだったし、無限の孤独感を感じてた。兄弟。そうさ、本当に最悪だった。しかしそれからポジティブな感情を感じたのさ・・・ Freedom に出会ってから。彼らが俺と同じ人種であるとわかったのさ。俺は選んだ。が、疑いは消えた。俺は自分の自由を見つけたんだ-今や Zone の外の狂った世界にいる大半の人々より良い人生を送っている。ここには酒も煙草も十分あるし、 Zone もあるし一緒に話を分かち合う人々もいる・・・くそ、この地元の煙草はまったくおぞましいな!
    <string id="val_barmen_about_zone_0">
        <text>Go on, share some of your stories about the Zone.</text>
続けてくれ、Zone についてお前さんの出来事を聞かせてもらおう。
    <string id="val_barmen_about_zone_1">
        <text>Brother, I'll share everything with you: bread, weed, water, vodka and the sky. And information, too. Listen carefully. Deep inside the Zone there are secret labs - still active, from what I've heard. Strange, eh? How could people survive the emission and still go on without food or power? I wonder if it's even people running those labs. Man, what if it's aliens with their cold, merciless intellect? A brother once told me he intercepted some radio comms about some lab when he was at Yantar. He said the comms were so strange and scary he turned his receiver off real quick. Another fella once told me he encountered a semi-transparent creature in a protective suit, way more advanced than anything stalkers wear. That transparent thing told him, "Leave. We are working. You are interrupting our work." Then again, supposedly this happened right next to the Radar. Don't be quick to believe all that stuff, bro. But then, who knows? Maybe the Zone really did turn those people into pure energy...</text>
兄弟、俺はお前と何でも分け合うつもりだ。食糧、煙草、水、ウォッカに空。そして情報もな。よく聞けよ。俺が聞いた話じゃ、Zone の深部に未だに稼動している秘密の研究施設があるそうだ。妙な話だろ? どうやれば Emission から生き延びて、それと食料も電気も無しに暮らせるんだ? そいつらが研究施設を稼動させているのかねぇ。そいつが無慈悲で冷血な「異星人」だったらどうなるだろうな? ある兄弟が俺に話してくれたことなんだが、奴が以前 Yanter に居た時に、いくつかの研究所についての無線放送を傍受したらしい。
    <string id="val_comendant_about_freedom_0">
        <text>Can I join Freedom?</text>
俺も」 Freedom に加入できるか?
    <string id="val_comendant_about_freedom_1">
        <text>I told you already: how do I know who you really are? What if you've been sent here by someone else? In these times we can't trust anyone, so you ain't getting in just like that...We need to test you, test you real good, make sure you ain't got any murky little thoughts in that head of yours. Pass the test, do a couple of jobs for the clan and then Chekhov will decide whether Freedom needs you or not.</text>
すでに言っただろ?:どうやったらお前が本当に何者かを知ることができるんだ?誰かによって送り込まれた者じゃないと言えるか?今の時代誰も信用できないんだよ。だからそんなに簡単に入れないんだよ・・・我々はお前をテストする必要がある。本当に良いやつなのか、頭の中になにか怪しい考えでも持っていないか。テストに合格したら、クランの仕事を一組やってもらって、それから Chekhov がお前が Freedom に必要な人間かどうかきめるだろうよ。
    <string id="val_comendant_about_news_0">
        <text>What's new?</text>
    <string id="val_comendant_about_news_1">
        <text>It rained this morning, is that news enough for you? Listen, I haven't got time to be talking to you, the situation ain't right for it. Some assholes are killing my men left right and center, and there ain't enough of them as it is! So, discussing news and beating gums isn't high on my list of priorities right now. And how am I even supposed to know you're not one of those bastards wasting my boys? If you've come for a heart-to-heart, you're in the wrong place, buddy.</text>
    <string id="val_fixer_about_benefit_0">
        <text>Got any useful info for a stalker?</text>
Stalker に役立つ情報はあるか?
    <string id="val_fixer_about_benefit_1">
        <text>Useful? Useful in our line of work means something that's gonna help you stay alive. That, or something that's gonna make your enemy dead. I'll tell you about artifacts. What's an artifact? It's a cluster of anomalous energy, kinda like a stock cube. There's also artifacts that can...err...what's that damn word...ah, anomalies! I think that's how Chekhov says it. Anyway, only problem is, once the artifact generates an anomaly it's as good as useless. The anomaly itself ain't exactly powerful nor does it last long, but it's good enough to delay someone or knock 'em off your trail altogether. </text>
役に立つ?俺たちの生活で役に立つってのは、自分が生きながらえるのに役立つって意味だ。じゃなきゃ、敵を殺すのに役立つってことだな。アーティファクトについて教えてやるよ。アーティファクトって何かって?アノーマリーのエネルギーの塊さ。固形スープみたいな奴だ。本当に迷惑な話だが…アーティファクトはな…その……アノーマリーを「作り出せる」んだ!確か Chekhow が言ってた。ともかく、問題は、一度アノーマリーを生み出すとそいつは役立たずになっちまうのさ。それ自体は強力でもなく、すぐ消えちまうんだが、誰かの邪魔をするか、お前を跡形も無く吹っ飛ばすには十二分だ。
    <string id="val_fixer_about_power_0">
        <text>So what's your field of work?</text>
    <string id="val_fixer_about_power_1">
        <text>Well, I do my best work in the kitchen with a fork! Hah! Kidding, buddy. I'm a sniper expert. I can shoot pretty good myself and I help others too. I can work your assault rifle real nice - it'll fire like a Spetsnaz SVD when I'm finished with it. And if you get a real sniper rifle, oh baby - your enemies are gonna be taking real long detours to stay out of your way, that's a promise. I can also patch up your armor if need be. </text>
そうだな、キッチンで飯を食うことさ! なんてな、冗談だよ、相棒。俺は射撃の名人なんだ。それだけでなく他の奴の手助けもやってる。お前さんの突撃銃を文字通り最高にできるぜ - それこそ、スペツナズの持ってる SVD みたいにな。それと、もしお前さんが本物の狙撃銃を持って来たら - 敵さん方はお前さんの眼中に入ろうなんてバカなことは考えなくなるぜ? 約束する。あとそれからな、必要ならアーマーの修理なんかも俺はできるぞ。
    <string id="val_fixer_about_weapons_0">
        <text>Share your experience with me. What's the best way to improve weapons and armor?</text>
    <string id="val_fixer_about_weapons_1">
        <text>Experience is something I've got aplenty. I'll tell you this: don't try to improve everything at once. If you want to have the most powerful shooter that's also the most accurate, you're dreaming. Say you increase your weapon's stopping power once, then next time do the same! That's because there are upgrades you can't remove. If you decide to make a sniper rifle out of a weapon you made powerful, it's gonna be too late, so you need to think ahead, and think well.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_hello_dialog_11">
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_0">
        <text>Got any work?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_1">
        <text>For a couple of nights now I've been seeing some sort of light coming from the abandoned building at the gas station. Could have been smokes or torches, I suppose. Why not check it out? I mean, if it's some kind of evil we can handle that but if it's those bastards from the Garbage we'll need to deal with 'em. </text>
この 2 日間、夜になると光みたいなのが給油所の廃墟ビルから見えてくる。俺にはライトかタバコの光に見えるんだが、ちょっと調べてきてくれないか?何か弊害があるんなら片付けるべきなんだが、Garbage からのクソ共だったらそいつらを相手にしなきゃならないんでな。
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_11">
        <text>OK, I'll check it out. </text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_12">
        <text>I'm not interested in that.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_2">
        <text>So, what was it at the filling station?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_21">
        <text>Bandits, I think they were watching you. They weren't too friendly at first, but I managed to calm them down some.</text>
Bandit 共だ。俺が思うに、奴らあんたを監視してたんじゃないかな。奴らとは友達にはなれそうになかったが、なんとか静かにさせてきたよ。
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_212">
        <text>Well, that's odd. Anyway, here's your reward. Thanks again!</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_213">
        <text>Let me know if you see any more ghosts.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_214">
        <text>They had something on them, here, have a look.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_215">
        <text>Very interesting. Show this PDA to Lingov. The bandits collected information, and I'm sure he'll be interested in it.\n</text>
とても興味深い。この PDA を Lingov に見せてくれ。Bandit の奴らは情報を集めていた、きっと彼も興味を持つだろうよ。
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_22">
        <text>It's so radioactive I'm gonna be a little green man before long.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_3">
    <string id="val_freedom_blockpost_robbery_dialog_1">
        <text>I'm a mercenary. I am looking for a stalker called Fang.</text>
俺は傭兵だ。Fang と呼ばれる Stalker を探しているんだが。
    <string id="val_freedom_blockpost_robbery_dialog_111">
        <text>Why dead? What's going on here?</text>
くたばった、だって? ここでは何が起きているんだ?
    <string id="val_freedom_blockpost_robbery_dialog_11111">
        <text>Thanks for the information.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_blockpost_robbery_dialog_21">
        <text>Get out of my ironsight.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_11">
        <text>You chose a bad area for a walk, buddy. Don't you know we're being attacked day and night? Hanging out in our base is dangerous enough, but wearing a Freedom jacket will make you a target...</text>
散歩には不向きなエリアに来てしまったな、相棒。俺達が昼夜問わず攻撃を受けていることを知らないのか? 基地をぶらつくのも十分危険だが、Freedom スーツを着たらお前も狙われることになるだろう・・・。
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_111">
        <text>I'm looking for a stalker called Fang. Ever heard of him?</text>
Fang と呼ばれる Stalker を探しているんだ。彼について何か聞いたことはないか?
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_1111">
        <text>I don't know him personally. Some hobo came by a few days ago. He and our chief had some shady business to discuss - no witnesses, of course. It could have been your guy, but I don't really know.</text>
俺は奴の個人的な事について知らないな。何人かのゴロツキが 2、3 日前に来てたようだ。彼と奴の上司はいかがわしい商売について話し合ってた ― 誰も見ていない、もちろんそれはアンタの探してる男かもしれない、しかし俺は何も知らない。
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_11111">
        <text>How can I see the leader of Freedom?</text>
どうすれば Freedom の隊長と会えるんだ?
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_111111">
        <text>Hah! You sure got a short temper, buddy!... Listen up, forget about seeing the chief while we're in quarantine. I mean, you're just a merc. That said... if you do me a favor of sorts, I'll put in a good word with the big man. So, whaddaya say?</text>
おいおい! ホント気の早い奴だな、お前は!・・・聞きな、部外者扱いの間はボスに会おうなんて考えないことだな。つまり、お前はただの傭兵なんだ。とは言っても、ちょっと俺の頼みを聞いてくれるなら、お前のことをボスに良く言っといてやるぞ。どうだ?
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_1111111">
        <text>OK, what's the job?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_11111111">
        <text>A pseudo-dog has settled down near the base and it's makinglifehell for us. Soon as it smells food being cooked at the Bar you can kiss your ass goodbye! The boys are all jumpy and nervous 'cause of that damn thing. You take care of this problem for us and when you come back we'll get down to real business.</text>
Pesudo-dog が本部の近くに住処を作り、俺達の生活を脅かしている。すぐに Bar で料理されたメシの臭いを嗅ぎつけて、お前も酷い目に合うだろう。うちの奴らは皆そのやっかいな犬っころのせいで、びびっちまって神経質になっている。俺達のためにこの問題を片付けて戻ってきてくれた時には、話に応じてやってもいいぞ。
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_111111111">
        <text>Consider it done.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_511">
        <text>It doesn't matter. The bottom line: the beast is dead.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_5111">
        <text>All right. Your next task is a little tougher. Listen up: we've got to deliver this ammo to our guys at the far outpost. Shoot straight for Ashot's - he'll tell you what exactly you have to lug and where to.</text>
よくやった。お前の次の仕事は少しきついぞ。いいか、遠くにある前哨にこの弾薬を届けなくてはいかん。急いで Ashot の元に向かえ - 奴はお前がそこに遅れでもしたら何て言うだろうな。
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_51111">
        <text>Roger that.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_512">
        <text>Not now.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_61">
        <text>I told you, head to Ashot's!</text>
Ashot の元に向かえと言っただろ!
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_611">
        <text>See you.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_71">
        <text>You're still here? Didn't you hear me, every second counts! Off to the outpost! Now!</text>
まだここにいるのか? 時間が無いと言った筈だ! 前哨に急げ! 今すぐ!
    <string id="val_freedom_comendant_hello_dialog_711">
        <text>See you.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_deadblockpost_hello_dialog_11">
        <text>Piss off. If you have any questions, ask the commander.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_deadblockpost_hello_dialog_111">
        <text>See you.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_deadblockpost_pda_hello_dialog_11">
        <text>What are you doing here? We're expecting an attack any minute now. Run to our base and tell the commandant we're low on ammo. Tell him to send more. </text>
お前はここで何をしているんだ? 我々は現在、ひっきりなしに攻撃を受けている。本部に急いで向かって、司令官に弾薬が尽きそうだと伝えてくれ。もっと寄越すよう言ってくれ。
    <string id="val_freedom_deadblockpost_pda_hello_dialog_111">
        <text>See you.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_11">
        <text>Hello, merc. Feel like making some cash?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_111">
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_1111">
        <text>Here goes. A buddy of mine promised to bring me these rare diagrams, but he didn't reach the base. Now he's missing, but I really need the diagrams - they need to be delivered before sunrise. Time is money, you understand. So, you up for helping me out?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_11111">
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_11112">
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_1112">
        <text>I have a job that needs doing, but the doing best be real quiet - no witnesses, you feel me? Come see me when it gets dark, at around eleven. </text>
やらなきゃならない仕事があるんだが、内緒の仕事なんで目撃者がいなくならないと駄目だ。分かるか? 11 時頃、暗くなったらまた来てくれ。
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_11121">
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_112">
        <text>No, thanks.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_12">
        <text>So, you interested in getting rich?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_21">
        <text>What about the component?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_211">
        <text>Here they are, but you can forget about your buddy - those bloodsuckers had him for breakfast.</text>
ほら、これだろ。ただ、友人のことは忘れるんだ - Bloodsucker 共の朝食にされちまってたよ。
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_2111">
        <text>Poor bastard. Anyway, here's your reward.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_21111">
        <text>If you've got any cash to spare - give me a shout.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_212">
        <text>Hold your horses, I haven't got it yet.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_2121">
        <text>I'll wait until morning, but hurry up.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_21211">
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_31">
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_311">
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_41">
        <text>I told you, come back when it gets dark.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_51">
        <text>You're late. The client won't pay us now.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_fixer_hello_dialog_511">
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_about_clan_0">
        <text>What does your clan do?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_about_clan_1">
        <text>Our clan lives in the Zone and studies it, in a practical sense. I believe that the Zone is an unbelievable scientific opportunity for the whole of humanity. For several years now the Zone has produced artifacts, which are fantastic research materials, and there are more and more of them every day. As for anomalies, you couldn't recreate the experimental conditions they generate in any lab! I have no doubt that in a few years' time, we will see a massive leap in science and other areas of human knowledge thanks to our research here in the Zone. This leap will be felt by everyone...even people whose closest contact with science and technology is their cell phone!</text>
我々の派閥は Zone で生活し、そして実用的な観念からそれについて研究している。私は Zone が人類全体にとって、信じ難い科学的な機会だと信じている。今日まで数年の間、Zone はアーティファクトを生み出している。どれもが素晴らしい研究資料で、毎日どんどん増えている。アノマリーに関しては、どの研究施設でもそれが発生させる力場を抑えることができなかった! 我々が数年間 Zone について研究したことにより、科学や他の分野に関する人類の知識が、大きな飛躍を見せることは間違いないだろう。この飛躍は誰もが感じるはずだ・・・携帯電話くらいでしか科学技術に接しない人々でさえもな!
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_about_dolg_0">
        <text>Why do you dislike Duty so much?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_about_dolg_1">
        <text>Dislike? That's a very soft way of putting it. We have nothing in common, and in my opinion their struggle against the Zone only leads to the Zone resisting harder. If you look at the evidence, wherever Duty begins their holy war against the Zone, mutants and anomalies only increase in number. Instead of studying the Zone and trying to find a way to coexist, Duty is exacerbating the problem. The harder they hit the Zone, the harder it hits back. If they keep it up, this will lead to a disaster and the end of us all. Put simply, Duty is a faction of your standard dimwitted jarheads, who hear nothing, see nothing and only know how to pull a trigger. We've been fighting pretty much since the moment we got here, and sooner or later only one faction will remain.</text>
毛嫌いしてるだと? それはずいぶんとソフトな言い方だな。君は知らないようだが、Duty が Zone と苦闘したところで Zone の反発は強まるだけだと私は考えている。奴らが Zone に対する聖戦とやらを始める場所では、ミュータントもアノマリーも増える一方なのがいい証拠だ。 Zone を研究して共存の道を探ることはせずに、奴らは問題を悪化させている。奴らが Zone を攻撃すればするほど、それだけ Zone もやり返してくるんだ。これが続いた先に待っているのは、大災害と我々全ての破滅だろう。つまり Duty は、君の基準で言うところの愚かなマヌケ共の派閥というわけだ。奴らは何も見聞きせず、銃をぶっ放すことしか知らない。我々はまさに、ここに来たその時から奴らと闘ってきた。そして遅かれ早かれ、ただ一つの派閥だけが残るだろう。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_about_zone_0">
        <text>Do you know anything interesting about the Zone?</text>
何か Zone で興味深いことはないか?
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_about_zone_1">
        <text>To tell you all I know I'd need much more than a couple of minutes. For example, one area in which we're conducting research is stalkers who intuitively feel the Zone. They never carry any electronics or metal weapons. They even say that weapons and electronics irritate the Zone - and in return it sends monsters to attack the people who carry them and sticks anomalies in their path. They reckon that to be comfortable in the Zone a man needs nothing but his own skills. Pretty much all of them have been warped by the Zone in some way, but they survived and even acquired some strange abilities! Some of them intuitively know the way through deadly anomalies, others can get out of the thickest forest, and I heard that a few of them even make monsters stay away from them. Rumor has it that one of those fellas settled down at Agroprom.</text>
私の知っていることを全て話すには数分では足りないな。例を挙げれば、我々が調査している分野の一つは Zone を直感的に感じるストーカーだ。彼らはどんな電子機器や金属の武器も絶対に持ち歩かない。Zone はそれらを持つ者に怒り、仕返しにバケモノに襲わせ、行く先にアノマリーを発生させるのだとさえ彼らは言う。彼らは Zone で快適に過ごすには個人の技能があれば十分だと踏んでいる。彼らのほぼ全員が何らかの方法で Zone によってワープさせられたが、無事だった上に奇妙な能力を手に入れていたんだ!死のアノマリーを通り抜ける方法を直感的に知っている者や、深い森から脱出できる者もいる。聞いたところでは、バケモノを一切寄せ付けない者も少数ながらいるそうだ。あの連中の一部は Agroprom に居着いたともっぱらの噂だ。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_111">
        <text>An unpleasant turn of events.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_11111">
        <text>And where is the commandant now?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_1111111">
        <text>I heard a stalker by the name of Fang was here?</text>
ここに Fang という名の Stalker がいたと聞いたんだが?
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_11111111">
        <text>Yep, there was one like that. Very interested in rare parts and the like. He must've known we had the best tech team in the whole Zone! So I sold him the part he wanted, and why not? He paid me on the spot - didn't even haggle. What I don't know is what he wanted with it. Actually, these parts were used in old army cryptographic machines...He left the base as soon as I handed over the component, and I've not seen him since. </text>
ああ、そんな奴がいたな。珍しい部品とかの類にえらく興味があったようだ。うちには Zone の中でも特に優秀な技術陣がいるのを知っていたんだろうな! それで、俺は彼が欲しがった部品を売った - なぜって? 奴さん即金で払ってくれたからな。値切りをせびっても来なかった。確か、それらの部品は古い軍用暗号機で使われていた物だったな…部品を渡した後、彼はすぐ本部から立ち去ってしまって、それっきり見かけないな。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_111111111">
        <text>Do you know where Fang could have gone?</text>
Fang がどこに行ったかアテはあるか?
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_1111111111">
        <text>I'll help you, but you gotta help me first. Don't take it personally! We've got a pretty tough situation here - if this keeps up we won't have anyone left to defend the base against bandits...Help me find out who is attacking us and I'll tell you where to look for Fang.</text>
力になろう、だが君が私の手伝いをするのが先だ。個人的あてつけと取らないでくれ! 我々はかなり厳しい状況下にある - もし攻撃を受け続けたら、Bandit の攻撃に対して基地を防衛する者がいなくなってしまうだろう・・・誰が我々を攻撃しているのかを突き止めてくれ。その後に、どこで Fang を見つけられるかを教えよう。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_12">
        <text>Deal. What do I do?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_1211">
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_21">
        <text>Listen, merc, I'm not going to tell you about Fang until I find out who is attacking us and where they're doing it from. </text>
いいか Merc、我々に対して誰がこの攻撃をしているのか、そして奴らがどこから攻撃を仕掛けに来ているのかを知るまでは、私が Fang について語ることは何も無い。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_311">
        <text>So, what about Fang?</text>
それで、Fang については?
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_31111">
        <text>Thanks for the information.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_411">
        <text>I'm ready.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_41111">
        <text>How are you going to find the way mercenaries are getting in? The Valley is huge! It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. </text>
Mercenaries の侵入口探しはどんな調子だ? Valley は広いからな!干し草の山から針を見つけるようなものだ。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_411111">
        <text>There is a triangulator in the Valley - it was built by geodesists back in the Soviet times. It consists of three antennas. Once all three are activated, you can scan the surface of virtually the whole Valley. If it works, we'll be able to see how the mercenaries are getting in.\n</text>
Valley には三角測地所がある。旧ソ連の時代に測地技師によって建てられたものだ。三角測地所は三つのアンテナで構成されている。それら三つが稼働すれば、ほぼ Valley 全体の地表をスキャンすることができる。うまく機能すれば Mercenaries の侵入方法も分かるだろう。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_4111111">
        <text>What do I do?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_41111111">
        <text>One of the antennas is right here inside the base, but the other two are controlled by mercenaries. Help us secure them.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_411111111">
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_412">
        <text>Another time.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_4121">
        <text>Well...good luck to you, stalker.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_511">
        <text>See you.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_hello_dialog_711">
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_first_0">
        <text>I want to join you.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_first_1">
        <text>You see, to accept you we have to sit down, have a chat, and get a feel for who you are...I ain't got time for that right now and I don't see my schedule clearing up until I deal with the attacks on my men. Help me and we can talk.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_0">
        <text>I want to join Freedom. Have I done enough to do that?</text>
Freedom に入隊したい。どうすればいい?
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_1">
        <text>Maybe yes, maybe no...Either way, I can't let you in until the attacks on my boys stop. Help us and we can talk.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_2">
        <text>Definitely. Who knows how many more of our boys would have died if it weren't for you? But I can't let you join right now. Don't ask why...chalk it up to superstition. But time till come when we'll be ready to welcome you with open arms! I'll contact you then. I hope you don't change your mind about joining us by then.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_3">
        <text>You are a free Stalker, it seems. Well, most of my guys are former stalkers too. Our factions are quite similar...but we have our differences too. You need to understand that if you join Freedom you'll lose everything you achieved with the Stalkers. Are you willing to do that?</text>
君はフリーの Stalker のようだ。さて、我々の大部分は Stalker 出身の人間で構成されている。我々のやっていることは Stalker と全く一緒だ。だが我々には我々の違いもある。君が我々の仲間になる場合、Stalker として積み重ねた物はすべて捨てる覚悟が必要だ・・・それでも構わないか?
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_4">
        <text>Correct me if I'm wrong but you're one of Yoga's merry band, no? That's's not often that a bandit wants to fight for Freedom. But then, if this is what you really want and you're really prepared to respect the freedom of others and deliver the Zone's gifts to the rest of humanity...We'll be happy to take you. Of course, if we do - you got to promise that from hereon you'll have no more business with Yoga. Agreed?</text>
違っていたら言ってくれ。君は Yoga の陽気な仲間だ。だろう? 面白い事に、Banditも自由のために戦う事が度々ある。だがこの場合、君が本当に望む物を Zone で手に入れても、他人の自由を尊重して、人類へ送る覚悟があるのなら、君の入隊を許可しよう。‐これらを守ってくれるのであれば、Yoga 以上の待遇を約束しよう。入隊してくれるかね?
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_5">
        <text>That's a dumb question, buddy. I'd be glad to have a real man like you as part of my team, if you're down for it, of course.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_51">
        <text>I'm down. Now I can finally breathe the sweet air of Freedom!</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_511">
        <text>Enjoy it, brother, but remember: freedom is a necessity we recognize. Are you familiar with our beliefs?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_5111">
        <text>Might be best if you tell me everything, just in case I missed something. </text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_51111">
        <text>We respect the freedom of our fighters and other stalkers, and believe that the Zone is open to all as humanity's greatest gift. It represents an opportunity for a massive leap forward, an opportunity for all of us! Duty seeks to destroy the Zone and appropriate its secrets. We must stop them. Our main job is to fight Duty. </text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_511111">
        <text>Got it.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_5112">
        <text>Yes, of course!</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_51121">
        <text>Well, then, as of this moment you're one of us! Freedom's base is your home. I'll upload a codec to your PDA, which will allow you to receive radio transmissions from other Freedom units and fighters. You'll also be able to view the current state of our struggle against Duty in the tactical section. </text>
今この瞬間から、お前は我等の一員だ。Freedom の基地はお前の家だ。お前の PDA に暗号解読機能を追加する、これで他の Freedom 部隊や兵士から無線を受け取ることができる。戦術セクションで Duty に対する我々の戦いの状況を確認することができるぞ。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_511211">
        <text>Duty's days are numbered...I'm going to bring freedom to the masses.</text>
Duty はもう長くは持たない… 俺は皆に自由をもたらそう。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_join_main_52">
        <text>I'll think about it.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_questions_dialog_0">
        <text>The barman suggested I show you this PDA.</text>
Barman がこの PDA をお前に見せろと言ってたんだが。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_questions_dialog_1">
        <text>Oh yes. I have long since suspected that the bandits are after our base. You did well, brother. Here, take your reward.</text>
そうそう、俺は前から Bandit 共が我々の基地の近くにいると疑っていたんだ。上手くやったな、兄弟。これが報酬だ。
    <string id="val_freedom_leader_questions_dialog_11">
        <text>See you.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_hello_dialog_111">
        <text>The commandant sent me, I'm here for the ammo.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_hello_dialog_1111">
        <text>Oh, so he found a hero after all...</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_hello_dialog_11111">
        <text>Why a "hero"?</text>
なんで "ヒーロー" なんだ?
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_hello_dialog_111111">
        <text>That's 'cause no one's got the guts to even take a peek outside. In two days we've had three attacks on our posts and fifteen men dead, and no one has any idea who it was. Whoever it was... they're always a step ahead of us. They always know where our squad will be next, and execute their plan to the "t." I can't help feeling it's one of our own leaking information to them... oh well. Here's a package for you from our boys. I've uploaded the coordinates to your PDA. Break a leg!</text>
誰も外をのぞいてみるだけの度胸が無かったからさ。二日間で我々の拠点に 3 回の攻撃があり 15 人が死んだ。それが何だったのかはまったく分かっていない。何であれ、奴らは我々に先んじて動いている。奴らには我々がどこで何をするのか分かっていているようで・・・我々側から情報が漏れているという感覚がぬぐえないな。まあともかく・・・ここにお前のためのパッケージがある。私がお前の PDA に座標を転送したから、すこし骨を折ってきてくれ!
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_hello_dialog_1111111">
        <text>See you.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_hello_dialog_12">
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_hello_dialog_31">
        <text>Hey, man! Run to the outpost, quick! Our boys can't hold out much longer without ammo!</text>
おい、前哨に急げ! 早く! あいつら弾無しじゃいつまでも持たんぞ!
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_hello_dialog_311">
        <text>See you.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_questions_dialog_0">
        <text>Got a job for me?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_questions_dialog_1">
        <text>The base is under constant attack from mutants. Their lair is not far from here - destroy it, and hopefully that'll calm 'em down for a bit.</text>
基地がミュータントからの攻撃を受けている。奴らの巣はここから遠くない - 破壊せよ。うまくいけば、暫らくは大人しくなるだろう。
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_questions_dialog_11">
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_questions_dialog_12">
        <text>Nah, that's not my kind of job.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_questions_dialog_2">
        <text>You dealt with the mutants?</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_questions_dialog_21">
        <text>I killed them dead.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_questions_dialog_211">
        <text>Here's your reward.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_questions_dialog_22">
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_questions_dialog_221">
        <text>Well, that's no good. Come back when the little piggies are fried.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_trader_questions_dialog_3">
    <string id="val_freeedom_leader_about_clan_1">
        <text>Oh, brother! You see, Freedom is all about, well, being free of any obligations. Everyone's free to do his own thing. You wanna collect artifacts? Go ahead! Feel like trading? That's fine too. You could even start a chess club if that floats your boat! Our basic rule is: no limits... as long as you don't infringe the rights of fellow Freedom members. We're not just a faction, brother, - we're a commune of free stalkers! We got fighters, but we got artists, too. And our engineers are the best in the Zone, anyone will tell you that!</text>
おう、兄弟! 分かるだろ、どんな義務にも縛られないということ、まあ、それこそ Freedom だ。誰でも自由に自分のことをする。アーティファクトを集めたいか? いいだろう! トレードしたいか? それも構わん。興味があるならチェスクラブだって開けるぞ! 我々の基本ルールは "制限なし" だ・・・ Freedom 仲間の権利を侵害しない限りはな。我々はただの派閥じゃない。兄弟だ - 自由な Stalker たちの共同体だ! ファイターもいるが、アーティストもいる。それに我々のエンジニアは  Zone で最高の腕を持ってる。誰もがそう言うだろう!
    <string id="val_freeedom_leader_about_clan_111">
        <text>That'slife, brother... Those of us who value personal freedom and don't want to be governed by a bunch of suits must stick together to survive. This is how it works: the powers that be - on the outside - don't want to set foot in the Zone. That gives us all this room to do what we've always wanted!... Here you'll find people who couldn't find their place in that other world.</text>
世の中そんなものだ、兄弟・・・個人の自由を大切にして、背広組に支配されたくないような奴らが生き残るには、協力し合わなきゃならん。外の世界の権力者共は Zone には足を踏み入れたがらないからな。そういう事情だ。ずっとやりたいと思ってたことを誰でもできる場所がある・・・向こうの世界で自分の居場所を見つけられなかった奴らが、ここで生きているというわけだ。
    <string id="val_freeedom_leader_about_zone_1">
        <text>Brother, the Zone is a gift from above! From its very conception, humanity has suffered under the burden of disease. And now - look at all these opportunities! These wound-healing artifacts, for example, - they're gonna revolutionize medicine! And what about the anomalies that defy the laws of gravity and the theory of magnetic fields? Building a facility for just one tiny experiment used to take years, right? But now, the Zone is like a ready-made outdoor science lab that research centers could only dream about!</text>
兄弟、Zone は天からの贈り物だ! 人間は昔から病に苦しめられてきた。そして今、これらのチャンスを見るんだ! 例えば治癒のアーティファクト、こいつらは医学に革命を起こすだろう! それに重力の法則や磁場の理論に反したアノマリーはどうだ。たった一つの小さな実験のために施設を造るのも、数年を要したものだな。でも今では、Zone はまるで出来合いの、研究機関が夢見ることしかできなかったような野外科学研究所だ!
    <string id="val_freeedom_leader_about_zone_111">
        <text>Of course it's dangerous. But so is fire, yet we still use it, don't we?... I believe that if we learn to use the Zone's riches properly we can turn the course of human history in the right direction! That's why we are fighting for open access to the Zone. It is public property, and we cannot allow it to only serve the interests of a small group.</text>
もちろん危険だ。だがそれは火も同じだ。危険でも使っているだろう?・・・Zone の財産を正しく使うことを学べば、人類の歴史を正しい方向へ転換させることができると私は信じている! Zone の解放のために我々が戦っているのはそういう理由だ。Zone は公共の財産であり、ある小さな集団だけがその利益を得るなど許すことはできん。
    <string id="val_pressman_nickname_0">
        <text>How did you get the nickname "Journalist"?</text>
    <string id="val_pressman_nickname_1">
        <text>Just something from my past. I used to be a journalist, a good one at that. I came to the Zone with an editorial mission: to write about the difficult lives of the military stationed here. The army welcomed me with an all-nighter of boozing, followed by, umm, a night safari, let's say. I don't remember the trip - I'd had a few, to say the least, but I took a few shots here and there. At some point I passed out cold, and when I woke up it was morning, I was lying on the ground by myself, with vehicle tracks ending right next to me...Just like that, a car was driving along just fine and then "bam!" - nothing. My bag and papers gone as well... but I guess the Zone liked me, as it let me find people again. Except this time it was some other group - they locked me up in a basement, saying I entered the zone illegally and might be contaminated, so just sit and wait until we work things out. Or you can give us some green and we'll let you go. I've seen plenty-a-day wasted in that basement before Ashot came and bought my freedom. Now I'm in Freedom, and I'll be grateful to Ashot to the end of my days. We go way back, he and I, the things we've seen...and I hope to God and pray to the Zone that we'll still see many more before our chapter is done. </text>
それは単に俺の過去のせいさ。俺はかつて腕利きのジャーナリストだったんだ。Zoneに駐留する軍の不自由な生活について、記事を書くためにここに来た。軍は宴会で一晩中歓迎してくれたよ。そのあとは、うーん、言ってみれば夜の狩猟だな。経過は覚えてないんだが――数発、少なくとも数発はあちこちにぶっ放した。で、いつの間にか酔い潰れて、起きた時には朝だったんだ。俺は一人で地面に転がってて、タイヤの軌跡が俺のすぐ横で終わっていた・・・ちょうどこんな感じだ、車がまっすぐ走ってたその時「バン!」――で、何も無くなった。おまけに俺のバッグと書類も消えちまってた・・・だが Zone は俺を気に入ってくれたんだと思う。俺にまた人の顔を拝ませてくれたからな。ただし、その連中はどっか他のグループだった――やつらは俺を地下に閉じ込めて言ったんだ「お前は違法に Zone に入って汚染されているかもしれねぇから、おとなしく座って俺たちがうまく解決するまで待つんだな。さもなきゃ、いくらか金をよこせば逃がしてやるぜ」とな。あの地下で丸一日が無駄になるのを見てたよ、Ashot が俺の自由を買ってくれるまではな。それで俺は今 Freedom にいて、俺の命が尽きるその日まで Ashot に感謝する。俺たちはその時から友人だ。あいつと俺が見てきたもの・・・俺は神と Zone に祈ってるよ、俺たちの物語が終わる前に、もっといろんなものを見られるようにな。
    <string id="val_pressman_story_0">
        <text>Can you tell me something interesting?</text>
    <string id="val_pressman_story_1">
        <text>I don't know if you heard but new mutants have started appearing in the Zone. You know how? Well, there are places where a new kind of anomaly has sprung up. Any creature that lands in one of them is changed, transformed even. What's interesting is that none of the transformations so far have been lethal. Maybe they're not lethal in essence. If a human gets sucked into this anomaly then the creature it becomes still has some semblance of consciousness. Imagine that you're walking along and then something utterly vile jumps out of the bush in front of you. How are you to know it's a former human being that needs your help? That's why these new mutants don't live very long...the first stalker they bump into usually sees to that.</text>
君は聞かせたかも知れないが、Zone に新しいミュータントが出現し始めている。どうやって出てくるか分かるか?あのな、新しい種類のアノマリーが発生した場所があるんだ。その一つに入ると、どんな生き物にも変化が起きて、変身もしてしまう。面白いことに、その変身によって死んだ生き物は今まで一つもない。もしかしたら、そういった変身は本質的に死ぬようなものじゃないのかもな。人間がこのアノマリーに吸い込まれて変身したヤツでも、うわべの意識はまだ残っているんだ。想像してくれ、君が歩いている時に、メチャクチャ酷い何かが目の前の茂みから飛び出してくるとこを。そいつが君に助けを求める元人間だと知ったらどうだ?この新しいミュータント共があまり長生きしないのには理由がある・・・ヤツらと最初に出くわしたストーカーが大抵、始末をつけてやるのさ。
    <string id="val_questman_about_zone_0">
        <text>Do you know anything interesting about the Zone?</text>
何か Zone についての面白い話は無いか?
    <string id="val_questman_about_zone_1">
        <text>People say many things. Some even say that everything that happens in the Zone and the Zone itself are alien handiwork. The theory is that they left a module, the Black Monolith, somewhere in the center, which changed everything around it. A sort of global experiment on mankind. It's like a weapons testing facility for them, you know? Stalkers collect artifacts and sell them on, which means that every large science research center probably has a few. And that's how the Black Monolith spreads its influence around the world. Nobody knows what the consequences will be. Maybe artifacts are just trinkets and maybe they really do affect humans somehow. Maybe this theory is a load of bull, but who's to say the Zone isn't here spreading artifacts around for a reason? If only we could get some answers from the people who've been beyond that damn radar. They could tell us if there's really a Monolith in the center or not - that would clear things up some.</text>
いろんな話を聞くが、Zone自体やその中で起こることはエイリアンの仕業じゃないかなんていう奴もいる。中心部のどこかに残していったBlack Monolithが周囲を変質させてるって話なんだとか。壮大な実験の一種ってやつでな、武器のテスト施設みたいなもんなんだとよ。Stalker達がアーティファクトを集めてそれを売る、ってことはデカイ研究所なんかにもいくつか渡ってるってことだ。Black Monolithはそうやって世界中に影響力を広めてるんだ。それがどんな結果になるかまでは分からんよ。アーティファクト自体はつまらん物なんだろうが、どういうわけか人間には影響を及ぼしているんだろう。こんな理屈はでっち上げかも知れんが、でもアーティファクトが拡散している訳なんて誰も知らんだろうし。この忌々しいレーダーの向こうから来た奴に聞くしかないだろう。Monolithが本当にあるかどうか知ってるだろうし、何かが分かるかもな。
    <string id="val_questman_dissatisfied_0">
        <text>What are you so unhappy about?</text>
    <string id="val_questman_dissatisfied_1">
        <text>And what do I got to be happy about, huh? I'd like to see you play sitting duck in a base with no defenses and be happy about it. Do you even know how much we still need to do here? New fortifications, additional buildings...But the top dogs got no time for all that, I don't even know what they're thinking. Hell, I don't know if anyone around here is thinking at all! And anyway, we're in a shit place, far from any important positions. Man, I'd fix this crap up real quick, but they're hardly gonna let me do that.</text>
    <string id="val_trader_about_freedom_0">
        <text>What'slifelike in Freedom?</text>
    <string id="val_trader_about_freedom_1">
        <text>Life's good, real good. I couldn't wish for a better home, man. You know, I never had any brothers, but around here pretty much everyone is a brother to me, and the rest are trusted friends I can rely on. They help me, I help them. You know, I'm a trader, so I'm privy to plenty of info about the Zone and know more than most veterans. And that info saved the lives of many of our boys more than once. </text>
    <string id="val_trader_about_said_0">
        <text>You hear any interesting rumors lately?</text>
    <string id="val_trader_about_said_1">
        <text>Rumors? Alright, here's a little bedtime story, and it's about dreams, too. You ever tried sleeping deep inside the Zone? Well, I suggest you don't even try, because the horrors you'll dream of are beyond imagination. I heard a couple of stories about it: one guy had his heart rupture while sleeping - a terrible death. Another guy woke up but lost his wits for good - all he does now is hide from some dark stalkers he keeps going on about. So that's the rumor. If you really need to get your head down then you need a special helmet with a thin wire mesh on the inside. They say all military stalkers have them and they sleep like babies, no problem.</text>
噂?そうだな ちょっとした夜伽話があるぞ、それも夢に関してのな。アンタのZoneで深く眠れたか?うん、俺はアンタが夢で想像を超えた恐ろしい物を見ない為にそうする事を勧めるね。2、3それについて話があってだな。一人の男が眠ってる間に心臓が破裂して - 無残に死んだ。別の奴は目覚めたときにイカれちまった - 奴らは今闇の追跡者から姿をくらましている。そう、噂だよ。もし、本当に寝たいなら針金をメッシュ状にした物を入れたヘルメット使うといい。誰もが全てのMilitary Stalkerがそれを持っていて、赤ん坊の様に眠るんだとさ。気にするな。
    <string id="val_trader_where_manufactured_0">
        <text>Where do you get your goods?</text>
    <string id="val_trader_where_manufactured_1">
        <text>Well, I have my suppliers, but I don't share that info with anyone. I got enough problems as it is: my kindness will be the end of me. I'm good to people, polite to my clients, and the selection of goods in my shop is better than in a supermarket. On top of that, the prices are real low, like a winter sale in May, so I'm a popular trader in the Zone. Not with everyone though. The Asubers brothers from the black market added me to their little black list 'cause I'm a competitor. You know the reward they put on my head? You could vacation for a year with a new girl every night on that much cash! A couple of fellas around here liked the Asubers' offer...and the vultures liked the taste of their flesh too. The boys around here keep me safe, and I'm no wimp either.</text>
これか?ああ、俺には特別な提供者がいるんでね。だが、この話は他の奴らにはずっと秘密さ。とある問題でね……俺は少し親切すぎるんだよ。……ともかく、俺はクライアントに親切丁寧、店の品物はそこらのスーパーマーケットより良い状態だし、値段もお手ごろ、リーズナブルだ。だから、俺はZone の中でも人気のあるトレーダーだと自負している。  まぁ、全員と仲良しこよしってワケではないがな。闇市場のAsubers兄弟は俺を敵対心満々でブラックリストに追加したと聞く。あの兄弟が俺の首に賭けた値段を知ってるか? Zone を出て一生新しい女と毎晩遊んで暮らせる値段なんだぜ!そんな値段につられこのあたりのゴロツキはAsubers兄弟の傘下に下ったらしいが……ハゲタカは肉の味が好きだ。ここの兵士達が守ってくれるし、俺は弱虫でもないからな。

    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_hello_dialog_0">
        <text>Wassup, dude.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_name">
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_complete_0">
        <text>I was at the gas station. Bandits made a nest there - looks like they've been watching you.</text>
俺はガソリンスタンドにいたんだ。Bandit の奴らはそこに巣を張っている、まるでお前を監視するかのようにな。
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_complete_1">
        <text>Gee, I thought we had enough misery, but no - now even the bandits are plotting something nasty for us. Be that as it may, here's your reward and thanks for all your hard work.</text>
やれやれ、俺たちは十分悲惨な目にあったと思うんだがな・・いやしかし、今や Bandit の奴らでさえも、俺たちにとって危険な何かを計画している。何はともあれ、お前の働きには感謝している。これが報酬だ。
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_complete_11">
        <text>You get another job that needs doing - let me know.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_complete_12">
        <text>They had this little trinket on them. Maybe it'll be of interest to you.</text>
    <string id="val_freedom_barmen_questions_dialog_complete_121">
        <text>Very nice. The bandits collected some information on this PDA. Show it to Chekhov - I'm sure he'll be interested.</text>
すばらしい。Bandit の奴らはこの PDA についていくつか情報を集めていた。これを Chekhov に見せろ、きっと彼も興味を持つだろうよ。