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        <text>The Zone's anarchists. They hold that the Zone is a sanctuary of freedom and believe that all laws, rules and conventions of the outside world are void here. Their motto is "Do what you want and mind your own business." Freedom fights the government's attempts to control the Zone and is at war with the Mercenaries. Its members are equipped mainly with Soviet and Russian firearms.</text>
The Zone's anarchists(Zoneの無政府主義者)。彼らはZoneは自由の聖地であり、法律や規則、政治といった外の世界のものからは隔絶されているとみなしている。彼らの信条は「したいことをしろ。余計なことはするな」だ。FreedomはZoneを支配しようとする政府と戦い、Mercenariesと交戦状態だ。彼らは主に東側の武器を装備している。
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        <text>Freedom faction (Free Stalkers)</text>
Freedom派(Free Stalkers)
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        <text>These adventure-seeking cutthroats come from all over the world and welcome even the dirtiest of work. Their motto is "Money has no smell," though artifacts do indeed smell of money...Mercenaries are equipped mainly with Western firearms.</text>
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        <text>Mercenaries faction (The Cutthroats)</text>
Mercenaries派(The Cutthroats)