<string id="dm_action_info_84">
        <text>Hunting mutants. Traders and scientists pay pretty well for some of their organs. Don't believe me? Go ask them yourself. </text>
ミュータントを捜してみな。 トレーダーと科学者は奴らの器官を高額で買い取ってくれるはずだぜ。 信用出来ないって? だったら直接あいつらに聞いてみろよ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_85">
        <text>This is my home. The boys and I've set up a sort of camp of our own. We kick back and catch our breath between trips into the Zone, and this place ain't too bad for that sort of thing.</text>
ここは俺たちの家みてえなもんだ。 仲間どもと建てた一種のキャンプみてえなもんだよ。 俺たちも Zone で一仕事終えた後はここに戻って一休みすることにしてるんだ。俺たちのような輩には最適な場所だぜ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_86">
        <text>I came here to escape the toils and hardships of other parts of the Zone. The military at the warehouses and the Cordon treat us stalkers like shit, the bandits at the Garbage do whatever the hell they please, and Duty at Agroprom tries to brainwash you into fighting everyone who ain't with them. Here you are free and equal, and often drunk too, which suits me just fine.</text>
俺は Zone の厄介ごとが嫌になってここにいるんだ。軍用倉庫と Cordon の糞ストーカー、厄介ごとのためならなんでもする Garbage の bandits、あっちこっちで喧嘩を吹っかける Agroprom の Duty、まあ、ここではみんな平等で自由だわな、俺もここで飲んだくれているのが一番落ち着くぜ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_87">
        <text>I got separated from my group at the Garbage. We had ourselves a disagreement with the bandits, 'cause we didn't wanna pay their tolls, and they don't take too kindly to stuff like that. We gave them a real good thrashing, but then their reinforcements arrived and we had to bail. I went east and ended up here, in the Dark Valley. I don't wanna risk going back through the Garbage, so I'm hoping that some of the others make it here. Then we'll decide what to do next. </text>
Garbage で仲間と逸れちまったよ。bandit どもだ、やつらが通行料を要求するんで断ってやったよ。もちろんやつらはいい顔しなかったけどね。その後うんと痛い目に合わせてやったが、やつら仲間をわんさか呼んできやがった。もちろん俺たちは逃げたよ。俺はDark Valleyから東に進み、命からがらここまで来たんだ。俺はもう危険を冒してまでGarbageまで戻りたくねえ。仲間が無事ここにたどり着いたら前後策を考えるよ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_88">
        <text>I haven't been in the Zone very long, the only other places I've seen are the Cordon and the Garbage. I'm just trying to get my feet wet and maybe find some loot to sell in the process.</text>
俺は長い間 Zone に顔を出していないが、唯一 Cordon と Garbage には顔を出すかな、あそこにはいくらか金になる物が拾えるからたまに行くよ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_89">
        <text>I was told that you can find plenty of loot here in the Dark Valley, and sell it to the Freedom trader straight away. I've been here awhile now, but so far I've not found a whole lot of anything. I guess I'm just unlucky or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? I don't know...</text>
俺さ、あんたが Dark Valley で沢山の戦利品を見つけて、すぐ Freedom のトレーダーに売っぱらてるって噂で聞いたんだけど。俺、ずっとここにいるんだけど、何も見つけられなかったんだよね。多分、ただアンラッキーなだけだったと思うけど、なんか探すとこ間違ってたかな?
    <string id="dm_action_info_90">
        <text>Ashot has some good body armor for sale, but I'm a bit short on cash. So I decided to look around for some loot, 'cause a smart fella can always get by in the Valley. Trouble is, I always seem to come up just a hair short. Sometimes I spend too much on ammo or meds and sometimes I just squander all my coin on booze at the Gulp of Freedom.</text>
Ashot はいいボディアーマーを売ってるみたいだけど、俺の持ち金じゃちょっと買えないんだ。Valley では効率よく稼げるって話を聞いたんで俺も金になるもんがないか探し回る事にしたんだが、こういうのってなかなかうまくいかないもんだな。トラブル続きでさ、それに弾薬代、薬代のコスト、Gulp of Freedom での飲み代でほとんど金使っちまった。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_21">
        <text>After the Emission everything seems new. The safe and familiar paths are no longer safe and familiar, and you have to look for new ones in the swamp. The other side of the coin is that you can now reach new parts of the Zone, and who knows what secrets can be uncovered there? They say there's even a small town deep in the Zone, untouched from Soviet times; as soon as our boss heard about that, he sent a large group to check it out. Then he found out that Duty sent a party there as well, so he told our boys to get a move on. If everything pans out, then I'll have something new to tell you, that's for sure.</text>
 Emission が発生した後、全てが変わっちまったよ。安全でいつも使っていた道はそうじゃなくなっちまったし、この場所じゃ新しい安全な道を見つけないといけない。ただ Emission のおかげで Zone 内の未開拓の場所へ行くことができて、そこは誰も知らない秘密の場所かもしれないって考えると悪い事ばかりじゃないと思わないか? Zone の奥にはなんとソビエト時代から放置されてきた小さな町があるって言う奴もいるんだぜ、俺たちのボスはそれを聞いたとたん、調査のために大人数を送っちまった。それから Duty もそれを調査する部隊を送ったことがわかったもんで、ボスは急いで調査しろって命令したのさ。 もし話が本当でうまくいけば、何か新しい情報を持っているだろうな、当然だろうが。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_22">
        <text>They say the emissions that shook the Zone recently were triggered by a group of stalkers who were able to get past the Brain Scorcher and right through to the center of the Zone. Imagine that, they made it through the Scorcher! Hell, they even got back in one piece. I wonder what causes the emissions...maybe the Zone itself is taking its revenge?</text>
最近の Emission は Brain Scorcher を通り抜け Zone の中心へ向かったある stalker グループによって引き起こされたものだと言う奴がいる。考えてみろ、奴らは Scorcher を通り抜けたんだぜ!しかもふざけたことに戻ってきやがった。俺は Emission の原因は・・・おそらく Zone 自身がその復讐のために起こしているんじゃないかと思っている。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_23">
        <text>Anomalies have become deadlier. They're no longer of anomalous energy, they've become larger and much more harmful. These days throwing a bolt here and there won't save you - if you want to survive the radiation and toxic vapors, you gotta put on some hardcoreprotective gear and think twice before taking every step.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_90">
        <text>Watch out for zombies coming from the factory - there's a shitstorm of 'em out there!</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_91">
        <text>Phew, man. You look so much like a zombie I nearly blew your head off right there.</text>
     <string id="dm_intro_92">
        <text>Welcome to Yantar lake, where you can catch a hake. Ha-ha! You get it? It rhymes! Ha-ha!</text>
Yantar lake にようこそ、ここではメルルーサ(魚)が取れるぜ。ハハ! あんた、魚がほしいのか? そいつはいい! ハハ!
    <string id="dm_intro_93">
        <text>Welcome to Yantar, brother.</text>
Yantar へようこそ、兄弟。
    <string id="dm_intro_94">
        <text>You're on the right path, stalker - we could use your help around here.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_95">
        <text>Hey, man!</text>
    <string id="dm_about_118">
        <text>Just remember to stay the hell away from the factory, 'cause nobody ever makes it out of there. Heck, you start going crazy before you even get to the entrance, and only the Zone knows what goes on inside.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_119">
        <text>Dude, this is one scary-assplace, let me tell you. Zombies are coming at us from the factory all the time and we slaughter them by the dozen, but nobody who tried to get inside and find out what's going on has ever come out again. I tried approaching the factory myself once, but as soon as I got a little closer than usual I could feel my brain melting! I couldn't move, felt dizzy and could hear something in my head - dude, I nearly shat myself there and then! I bolted back straight away, but the noises in my head wouldn't go away for most of that day. I can only imagine the piles of bodies of all those who made it further than me.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_120">
        <text>There used to be a lake here called Yantar, but these days it's just a large puddle of stinking waste. The scientists have a camp on the shore; they carry out research in their bunkers and go on expeditions from time to time. Sometimes they even give us work. If you're lucky you can find an artifact or two around here or get a shooter off a dead zombie. That's one thing there's no shortage of here - zombies. The trouble is, they can come here from the old factory, but we can't even get close to it. As soon as you start approaching it something starts messing with your head real good. All the brave fellas went missing a long time ago and only the cautious remain. </text>
ここは以前 Yanter という湖だったんだが、今じゃ大半が干上がっちまって、強烈な臭気を放つでかい水たまりが残っているだけだ。 あの科学者たちは、その水たまりの横に拠点を構えて、要塞みたいな研究所の中で実験をしたり、たびたび調査探検に出たりしてるよ。 時々、俺たちに仕事をくれることもある。 そうそう、運が良ければこの近辺でアーティファクトを見つけることもできるかもな。 この辺りであり余っているものが一つあってな、...ゾンビどもだ。 やつらは古い工場から沸いてくるんだが、何が困るって、俺たちはその工場には近づくことができないんだよ。 敷地に入ろうものなら、たちまち頭が変になってきて、間もなく完全に錯乱してしまう。ずっと前に突破しようとした決死隊があったが、そんな警告だけを残して全員消息不明さ。
    <string id="dm_about_121">
        <text>I don't get this place. Me and a buddy of mine tried to get inside the factory, 'cause it's one of the few untouched parts of the Zone - we figured there's bound to be some quality loot inside. Hah! As soon as we got to the gate I got real dizzy, started hearing strange noises and whispering and seeing things. My buddy was right behind me, and he managed to get us out: as soon as he saw me going limp, he grabbed me and dragged me out. To add insult to injury, we nearly got mistaken for zombies and gunned down by our fellow stalkers when we got back. </text>
    <string id="dm_about_122">
        <text>The scientists have a camp next to the dry lake, while stalkers are fighting endless hordes of zombies from fortified positions. Nobody knows what's happening at the old factory, but as soon as you get close to it you start hearing voices and noise in your head, feeling dizzy and weak - even the nerds don't know what's going on.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_123">
        <text>This area is called Yantar. Now, this may've been a lake once, but if you're looking for a holiday, this ain't the place. All we got now is a muddy puddle, radiation and a ton of zombies, and if that ain't enough just pay a visit to the old factory. Not that you'll get anywhere near it - people go crazy before they even pass the gate. </text>
    <string id="dm_about_124">
        <text>The most dangerous place around here is the factory. The area around it was affected by some unknown type of emission, and everyone who has tried to get inside tells strange stories about voices and noise heard in their heads. A few tried and went crazy, and those who had the balls to actually go inside never made it out.  </text>
    <string id="dm_about_125">
        <text>We're buddying it up with the scientists here. We defend them against the constant stream of zombies from the deserted factory and in exchange they help us out with medication, equipment and sometimes even work. Few people ever get into the factory itself, because there's some sort of emission there that hits your brain like a truck. Then again, those who managed it during the quiet periods and came outalivebrought back some real valuable loot.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_126">
        <text>I'm sure there's something really valuable inside the factory - I bet Sakharov and his scientists would part with a stash of cash for it. Trouble is, getting inside ain't easy and nobody has managed so far. Either you get a nice friendly welcome from the zombies or... Something strange happens to people's heads when they get close; they start seeing things and getting dizzy. If you don't turn back in time, you're a goner. I lost a few buddies like that...they all wanted to uncover the factory's secrets a little too much!</text>
俺は工場の中にSakharov と彼の科学者が現金一杯のケースを手放すくらいと掛けても良い位のお宝があるって踏んでる。問題なのは進入が簡単じゃないのと、誰も奥まで持たないことだ。ゾンビちゃんの仲間入りするか…近寄った時に幻覚を見たり、眩暈がすると言った妙な事が起こるんだ。もし時間までに戻れなきゃ、お陀仏さ。俺はそこで何人もの仲間を失った…あいつら皆口揃えて工場の秘密を暴きたいって言ってな!
    <string id="dm_about_127">
        <text>There used to be a lake here before the first accident, called Yantar. When they were building the factory they screwed something up underground and the water drained from the lake, leaving a stinking puddle. Right now the scientists have a camp next to what's left of the lake, and that same factory is still causing trouble a bit further up the road. Your brain goes haywire as soon as you get close and you can't think for shit. The only people still trying to get inside are suicidal - everyone else just kills off zombified stalkers who come out of the factory, and helps the scientists. </text>
Yantarと呼ばれるのここの湖で前にアクシデントがあったんだ。工場を建ててる時地下で何か失敗があって湖には悪臭を放つ汚水流れ込む様になったのさ。今は科学者が湖の傍でキャンプを張っていて、工場は道路で何か問題を起こしてるようだ。何も知らずに近づくとお前の脳はイカれちまう。中に入ろうとする奴は自殺志願者さ - 他の皆は工場からやってくるZombified Stalkerを皆殺しにして、科学者を手伝ってるのさ。
    <string id="dm_about_128">
        <text>Scientists are researching the Zone here at Lake Yantar. The main local attraction is the factory, and a hell of a lot of people have gone missing there because of the emissions. Nobody who goes inside ever comes out and we ain't got the slightest idea what happens to them.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_129">
        <text>The scientists have a base here and stalkers use the fortified positions to shoot zombies. To the south is Agroprom, where Duty is fighting mutants, and to the north you'll find the Red Forest. We don't know what's there, because nobody has come back yet. </text>
科学者たちはここをベースにし、Stalkerたちはここをゾンビをやっつける拠点としている。南にいくとAgroprom、DutyがMutantどもと戦っている、北にいけばRed Forestにいけるだろう。俺たちはそこの事は知らないな。なんでかっていうと、そこにいった連中は誰も帰ってこないからさ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_91">
        <text>I'm helping the scientists carry out their research. Not directly, of course. Me and the boys defend them against zombies, guard their expeditions, and bring Sakharov various artifacts, mutant organs and other crap he asks for. In turn, they're studying the emissions that melt people's brains at the factory. Once they find a way around them, everyone and his dog is gonna be looking for loot inside the factory, just you watch.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_92">
        <text>I'm waiting for the nerds to find a way of dealing with the emissions which stop us from getting inside the factory. What's stopping us? Go over there and see for yourself. Something starts messing with your head so much that you don't know which end to hold your gun by. Plenty of stalkers have gone in there...only to never come out. </text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_93">
        <text>I volunteered to help the scientists. That means mainly defending them against wave after wave of zombie attacks. That's a good deal, considering they help us out with bandages, medication and ammo. This place ain't too bad, s'long as you keep a low profile. </text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_94">
        <text>A veteran stalker sold me a map of all the stashes in this area. I memorized them all and burned the map, so wasting me won't help you. Anyway, I've already cleaned out all the stashes outside the factory, and they were exactly where the map said they were, but the best ones are inside the factory. Once Sakharov and his team work out how to deal with the emissions, I'll be over there in a flash.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_95">
        <text>I'm taking some readings for Sakharov. He's short ofassistants, and that's why he's paying stalkers to do the odd job for him.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_96">
        <text>A trader I know told me that a buddy of mine from my army days is hanging around here. I came to find him. When we hook up again we'll work the Zone together.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_97">
        <text>Man, I'm tired. I'm tired of trying to get loot out of the Zone, tired of fighting monsters and tired of competing with bandits for a place under the Sun. I'm taking a little break here. All I gotta do is shoot the occasional zombie, and the scientists pay me for it. I'm gonna laze about here for a little while longer, and then head off for more dangerous areas. The rule of thumb in the Zone is that the greater the danger, the better the loot.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_98">
        <text>After the Emission I decided to do a little tour of the Zone and see what's new. I've been everywhere from the Swamps to the Scorcher itself, and seen more than you can imagine. I came here to sell some loot, and ended upmeeting some decent guys. Now we fight together.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_99">
        <text>I'm recovering from our last gunfight. There were so many zombies we barely managed to put them down - if they had been normal people we wouldn't be having this conversation. Thankfully, zombies aredumbas nails, no tactics, no anything. Even so, we had a real battle on our hands and I caught a stray bullet. It's only a flesh wound, though, so I'll be OK.</text>
俺は最後のドンパチで受けた傷から回復している。えらい数のゾンビが仕留めて切れなかった - もし奴らがまともな人間だったらこうして話してれらなかったろうな。感謝すべき事に、ゾンビは戦術もへったくれも無いバカ頭だって事だ。たとえそうだとしても、俺達は本当の本当の戦場に居て、流れ弾喰らった。最も軽症で済んだ事は何よりってとこだな!
    <string id="dm_action_info_100">
        <text>I want to get inside the factory, but I'm in two minds about it. On the one hand I'm scared shitless, but on the other hand I really wanna know what's inside. Someone is going to uncover its secrets sooner or later, so why not me?</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_101">
        <text>I'm trying to put together enough coin for a good weapon. I work for the scientists - preventing the zombies from getting close to their camp. Once I have enough, I'll buy that shooter I'm after and move on to wander the Zone.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_102">
        <text>I came here from Agroprom after spending some time fighting in Orest's clan. It was time for a change of scenery. Now I really want to check out the Red Forest, but there's no way to get there because of the Brain Scorcher at the factory. Just getting close is a mission in itself.</text>今
俺はAgropromからOrestの一味ン所で、しばらくの間戦って過ごしてから、心機一転してここに来たんだ。今はRed Forestを調査したいけど工場のBrain Scorcherのおかげでと通せんぼくらってる。そこでの任務が近いってのになぁ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_103">
        <text>I was helping Duty deal with mutants at Agroprom when a bunch of zombies came from Yantar. We put together a group to take care of the problem, and I asked to be part of it. Anyway, we came here, cleaned up everything on the way, and the Duty boys started heading back. I spotted a goodprotective suit for sale at the scientists' lab and decided to stay here and save up for it.</text>
俺はYantarからゾンビの群れが大挙してAgropromにやってきた時ミュータントに対処してるDutyを助けてたんだ。俺たちはグループを組んで対処しようして、自分も一員になるよう頼まれたんだ。ともかく、道中すべて一掃してここに辿り着いたんだが、Dutyの奴らは帰り始めた。俺はというとScientists' Labで防護機能のいいスーツが売っているのをみつけて、ここに残って金を貯めようと決めたんだ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_104">
        <text>LEAVE ME ALONE!!! What?! No, not you. I'm going crazy, man. I was stupid enough to visit the factory, wanted to see what it's like for myself. And now here we are. My head is totallyscrewed up...thank God the guys got me out at all. I'm talking to you now and hearing voices whispering inside my head. Shut up, damn you! No, not you. Err...never mind.</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_24">
        <text>I heard a group of stalkers tried to break through to the Zone's center. Some say they made it, some say they didn't, but everyone thinks that there's a link between their trip and the latest emission. I wonder if they found the Wish Granter and wished for something?</text>
StalkerのあるグループがZoneの中心部に突入しようとしたというのを聞いた。或る者は出来たっていうし、また或る者は出来なかったという。けど、彼らの突入と最近起きたEmissionは関係してるって誰もが思っている。彼らがWish Granterを発見できたとしたら何を願うんだろうね。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_25">
        <text>I heard a whole faction went missing in the Zone. You ever heard of Monolith? Well, they used toprotectthe Zone from others, but they made a move towards the center right before the Emission. Nobody has heard from them since, but recently some real aggressive stalkers have been attacking from where the Scorcher is, killing everyone and asking no questions. I know because I saw them myself around the military warehouses, and I reckon they might be those same Monolithians who disappeared. It wouldn't surprise me, because their uniforms looked real similar. </text>
隠れた派閥がゾーンには存在すると聞いたことがある。Monolithだ。聞いたことはあるか?以前はゾーンを外界から保護していたらしい。しかしEmissionの前あたりから中心へ向かう動きがあった。誰もその後のことは聞いてなかった。しかし最近、かなり好戦的なStalker達がScorcherの方からやってきて、何を問うでもなく皆殺しにしていくらしい。Military warehousesで彼らを見かけたんだ。俺はおそらく消えたMonolithianだと思う。装備がそっくりだったからな。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_26">
        <text>Everything changed after the Emission. It's like a whole different Zone now. The clans are fighting, the monsters are crawling out of every hole, new territories are being discovered, while the paths to known ones are being blocked by anomalies. We're even seeing new artifacts around...what can I say? I feel like a rookie again.</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_27">
        <text>The other day I heard that the military are having a real hard time at the warehouses after the Emission. Apparently, Freedom's got the hots for their territory, and all they can do now is hide out in their base and pray. The military are weakened, but they know that their base is key. The other thing on everyone's lips is that Monolithians are coming back from the center. We were all positive theycoppedit. Man, I sure as hell would like tomeetone of them and ask him what it's like in the center.</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_28">
        <text>I heard that a path to the Red Forest appeared behind Lake Yantar. All sorts of strange stories are circulating about it, like the whole forest became red and covered with mist in the space of a single day. Ever since then it's considered a real dangerous place...lots of people went missing around there, and after a while even the paths leading to it disappeared. I'd think twice before heading that way.</text>
Yantar湖の背後にRed Forestへの道が現れたと聞いたが、それにまつわる奇妙な話が色々と流れてる。1日で森全体が赤に染まり霧で覆われる、とかな。それ以来本当に危険な場所だと考えられている・・・多くの人間がその周辺で行方不明になり、しばらくするとそこに至る道までもが消えてしまうんだ。そこに行く前にはよくよく考えたいものだね。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_29">
        <text>Man, there's so much going on it's hard to keep up. I thought Yantar was right on the edge of what we have explored in the Zone, but the Emission was so powerful that paths to the Red Forest and Limansk, that's the lost town, have opened up. A few of our guys went there via the factory, but I don't know if they even got past it. I also heard that Duty and Freedom, the two most powerful clans in the Zone, are battling it out for control of Limansk.</text>
ここじゃ沢山のことが起こっていてついていくのが大変なんだ。Yantarが探索済みのZoneの右側の境界だったが、強烈なEmissionの影響でRed Forestと失われた町Limanskへの道が開けたようだ。何人かの仲間がFactoryを通ってそこに向かったが、無事通り抜けられたかどうかは分からん。Zoneの中でも強大な派閥のDutyとFreedomがLimanskの支配を巡って激戦中だとも聞いてる。
    <string id="dm_intro_96">
        <text>You again? What's new this time?</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_97">
        <text>A decisive hello to you, stalker.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_98">
        <text>Hello, young man!</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_99">
        <text>Hello! What do you want?</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_100">
        <text>You want to trade or get a job?</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_101">
        <text>You're probably interested in information. I'll answer all your questions as best I can.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_102">
        <text>How are you doing, buddy?</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_103">
        <text>Here's a real Freedom greeting for a really free stalker.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_104">
        <text>Hey, stalker.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_105">
        <text>You look like you have a thousand questions. Ask away! </text>
    <string id="dm_about_130">
        <text>This is a key area of the Zone - from here you can reach the Scorcher, the Red Forest, Limansk and beyond...not that anyone knows what's there. There's also an old military base around here, which the army set up before the large emission. These days they've only got about 20 people holding it, and capturing the base would give us control over the adjacent territories. We just need to give the military a helping hand with their evacuation, if you know what I mean...</text>
ここは Zone で最も重要な場所だ。Scorcher や Red Forest、Limanskとその奥へ繋がっているからな。とはいえ Limansk の奥に何があるかは誰も知らないがな。ここには古い軍事施設がある。例の Emmision の前に Millitary はそこに基地を設営していた。ここ数日であそこにいる兵士は 20 ほどになった。あの場所を確保すればそこを拠点に一帯を支配できるはずだ。俺たちはMillitary があそこから避難するのを助けてやる必要がある - どういう意味かわかるかな?
    <string id="dm_about_131">
        <text>The way to the north is as good as blocked because of the Brain Scorcher. That doesn't seem to stop Monolith fighters from coming here though, and they ain't too friendly lately. They shoot first and don't even bother to ask questions later. If you head south you'll come to the Dark Valley, and to the west you'll find the Red Forest. It ain't the nicest part of the Zone, but there's less shooting going on over there. They've also found a road to Limansk behind the forest. The town is small, but strategically important, which is why Duty and our boysare spilling each others' blood over it.</text>
北への道はBrain Scorcherのおかげで塞がれているも同然だ。にもかかわらずMonolith兵は阻まれているようには見えないが、奴等も最近は友好的じゃないんだ。今じゃわざわざ尋ねたりせずに真っ先に撃ってきやがる。南に向かうならDark Valley、西ならRed Forestに行ける。Zoneで最良というわけではないが、あそこは争いは少ないかな。Forestの向こうにはLimanskへの道もあるな。小さい町だが戦略的には重要な場所なんで、Dutyと俺たちがそこで互いに血を流しているのさ。
    <string id="dm_about_132">
        <text>There used to be a military base and army warehouses here, but the emission hit them real hard. Those who survived ain't so cocky no more - they're hiding from stalkers in their base, scared shitless of showing their faces. They keep requesting an evacuation team from their HQ, but nobody is coming to help them. I figure they ain't having themselves too good a time outside the Zone either. That or the signal simply ain't getting through. I almost feel sorry for the poorbastards - they're rats and all, but even rats should stick up for their own.</text>
ここにはmilitary baseとarmy warehouseがあったんだが、Emissionに手酷くやられたみたいだな。生き残ったやつらはすっかり萎縮しちまって、おびえた顔で基地の中でStalker連中から身を隠してる。司令部に撤退のための部隊を要請しているが誰も助けには来てない。あいつらはZoneの外でもあまり良い思いはしてこなかったのかもな、もしくは単に信号がうまく届いてないのか。ヤな奴等ではあるが奴等とて自分を守らなきゃならんだろうし、気の毒だよな。
    <string id="dm_about_133">
        <text>The military held the warehouses for a long time, but the last emission changed all that. It got so rough that only a few survived, mainly those who hid inside the base. Everyone who was in the open died there and then. How do I know? Well, brother, Freedom has an intelligence service too, and we control the situation now; and now the lone stalkers have got together to contain the monsters coming from the Brain Scorcher. </text>
Militaryが長いことwarehousesを押さえてたが、先のEmissionで全てひっくりかえっちまった。とても酷いもんで主に基地の中に隠れてた少数しか生き残れず、外にいた者はみんなその場で死んじまった。どうして知ってるかって?なああんた、Freedomには諜報部隊もあって事態を把握しているんだ。それで今は無所属のStalker連中が団結してBrain Scorcherから来るバケモノを阻止しようとしているようだ。
    <string id="dm_about_134">
        <text>When we first got here it was chaos. The military gave up on defending the Barrier and dug in inside their base. Trouble is, the Barrier needs to beprotected at all times, otherwise all kinds of monsters start flooding in and wiping everyone out. That's why we're trying to defend it ourselves, and we need all the help we can get, because if the Barrier falls - everyone's gonna suffer.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_135">
        <text>There's a former military base on the hill and we're hoping to make it ours real soon. A bit further down there's a small farmstead, just a couple of buildings, and there's also a log cabin at the radioactive swamp. The other things you'll find around here are a couple of deserted villages and our outposts. The main ones are on the roads leading to the Red Forest and the Dark Valley. Stalkers are defending the Barrier on their own, trying to hold back waves of Monolithians and mutants. It's a wonder - I ain't never seen stalkers joining forces for something other than money!</text>
丘上にかつてのMilitary Baseがあって、近いうちに俺達が占領したいと思ってる。もう少し先には小さな農場に建物が2つばかり、放射能汚染された沼のところにログキャビンがある。その他には廃村が2つばかりと俺たちの前哨基地があって、Red ForestとDark Valleyに向かう道上にあるのが主要なやつだ。Stalker連中はBarrierを守ってMonolithianとMutantが押し寄せてくるのを食い止めてる。あいつらが金以外の目的で協力するなんて初めて見たよ、驚いたぜ。
    <string id="dm_about_136">
        <text>If you head north you'll come to the Barrier, where stalkers are trying to hold the line against mutants coming from the Scorcher. To the right of the Barrier you'll find a swamp with a cabin on stilts. You'd best stay away from there, 'cause the radiation levels there are pretty damn high. Further on from the swamp is the military base. Our western outpost guards the road to the Red Forest and Limansk - that's where most of the clan is headed at the moment - and the southern outpostprotects the path to the Dark Valley.</text>
北へ行けばBarrierへ辿り着く、Scorcherから来るMutantに対抗してStalker達が防衛線を敷いてるとこだ。Barrierの右側には沼と、支柱に支えられた小屋が見えるが、放射線レベルがメチャクチャ高いから近づかないほうがいいだろう。沼のもっと先に行くとMilitary Baseだ。西側の前哨はRed ForestとLimansk、最近ほとんどの派閥が向かっている場所なんだが、そこへの道を監視している。南側の前哨が守ってるのはDark Valleyへ通じる道だ。
    <string id="dm_about_137">
        <text>Everything is changing around here and changing fast. The military warehouses are soon to become Freedom warehouses. Our outposts and fortified positions held by lone stalkersprotectthe key passages to this area. The Barrier to the north stops monsters and mutants from getting out of the center of the Zone. Thankfully, stalkers are guarding the Barrier - we'd be in a real tough spot here if it weren't for them. Our outpost to the west covers the road to Limansk through the Red Forest, and the one to the south ensures safe passage into the Dark Valley, where our main base is at the moment. This place is full of all sorts of stalkers right now - they're enjoying the freedom we provide by pinning the military down in their base. I reckon there are some good artifacts and other stuff to be had in the deserted villages and farmsteads.</text>
ここら辺はいろんなことが目まぐるしく変化してる。Military warehouseはそのうちFreedom warehouseになるだろうし、俺達の前哨や要塞は、このエリアへの要となる道を守っている無所属のStalker連中のおかげで守られてるんだ。北側のBarrierがZoneの中心部からやって来るバケモノやMutantを阻止しているんだが、ありがたい事にStalker達がBarrierを防衛してくれてるんだ。彼らがいなかったらまずい事になるかもな。西の前哨はRed Forestを通ってLimanskへ行く道を押さえているし、南のは本部基地があるDark Valleyへの道の安全を確保している。ここにはいろんな奴がいるが、Militaryを基地の中に釘付けにしたことで自由を得られたんだ。俺は廃村や農場のほうで良質のアーティファクトや他のブツが見つかるんじゃないかって狙ってるよ。
    <string id="dm_about_138">
        <text>After the military lost their hold on this area, a whole load of stalkers appeared, hoping to get past the Brain Scorcher.Dumbasses! I can tell you right now that getting through the Scorcher simply ain't possible. Not a single person who tried ever came back. Freedom is here to get rid of the military and set up a base. After all, if we're to hold the Barrier, we need to have a base close by.</text>
Militaryがここの支配力を失ってから、大勢のStalkerがやってきてBrain Scorcherを超えようと企んでやがる。マヌケどもが!Scorcherを通り抜けるなんて不可能なんだよ。そこに挑んで戻ってきた奴は一人もいないんだ。FreedomはMilitaryを一掃して基地を設立するためにここにいる。結局Barrierを維持するには近くに基地が必要なんだ。
    <string id="dm_about_139">
        <text>This place is home to a real stalker brotherhood. The best guys have all gathered by the military warehouses, looking for a way to get past the Scorcher. Morale is high, and everyone's got a wish or twenty for when they get to the center and reach the Wish Granter. Idiots! They were smart enough to get as far as the warehouses, but they don't have the brains to see that only death awaits them beyond the Scorcher. What they should be doing is helping us hold the Barrier, 'cause if it falls the only thing that'll be able to save us is the Wish Granter itself!</text>
ここにはStalkerの本当の兄弟達がいる。最高の男達がmilitary warehousesに集められ、Scorcherを越える方法を探すのだ。士気も高く、 誰もがWish Granterに願うものを持っている。馬鹿野郎が!あいつらwarehousesを占領する程度には利口でも、Scorcherの向こうには死しかないってことが見えてねぇんだ。やるべきなのはBarrierを守ってる俺達を助けることなんだよ、ここが堕ちればそれこそ俺達を救えるのはWish Granterぐらいしか無いだろうぜ。
    <string id="dm_about_140">
        <text>Things are changing by the minute. Fanatical Monolithians and mutants attack in waves from the Scorcher. Then there are these fragments of radio transmissions that really give me the creeps. I figure during the Emission a lot of people went missing here, but instead of dying they just got lost, if you know what I mean. It's as if nothing has changed, but they just can't get out. Maybe it's a new anomaly that you can't escape...who knows? I feel sorry for those guys, but I haven't got a clue how to help them.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_105">
        <text>All we gotta do here is hold the Barrier and squeeze the military out of their base. Our leader is smart as a whip - it never occurred to me that defending the Barrier would be a hell of a lot easier if we had a base nearby. That's why he's leading Freedom and I'm here talking to you. Then again, I ain't got his headaches and I can get as shit-faced as I want, and no one cares!</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_106">
        <text>Holding the Barrier as best we can. The military stopped defending it after the Emission, and so many monsters broke through there that even we in the Dark Valley shat our pants. That's when our boss organized the expedition. The other thing that's happened is that the first Monolithians from the missing squad have made it back from beyond the Barrier. I guess it wasn't as "missing" as we thought. </text>
Barrierを維持するのが俺達の精一杯だ。Emissionの後ではMilitaryが防衛をするのをやめちまったから大量のバケモノが現れて、Dark Valleyにいた俺達ですらちびったぐらいだよ。その時にボスが遠征隊を組織したのさ。もう一つ、行方不明になってたMonolithianの隊がBarrierの向こうから最初に戻ってきたのがその頃だ。どうも思ってたとおりの"行方不明"では無かった様だな。
    <string id="dm_action_info_107">
        <text>I'm looking for our recon squad. They left in this direction before the Emission, and nobody has seen them since. We receive fragments of their communications from time to time, where they're asking for help and saying that their supplies are running out. It's strange, man - the missing squad is somewhere close, they can even see the tower at the military base, but wherever they go they don't advance a foot. It's like they're stuck on a Mobius band. So here I am, racking my brains, trying to figure out what to do. </text>
ウチの偵察部隊を探してる。Emissionの前にこっちの方角に向かってたんだが、誰一人見つからない。時々彼らの通信の断片を受信できて、助けてくれ弾が尽きそうだって言ってるんだ。奇妙だよな。消えた部隊はどこか近く、military baseの塔が見えるところにいるんだが、どこに行こうとしても1フィートも進まないんだ。まるでメビウスの輪に捕らわれちまったみたいだな。それで俺は無い知恵絞ってどうしたらいいか考えているんだ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_108">
        <text>We've arranged a little deal with the military. They take our bullets and we take their base. Sounds fair to me. Me and the boys are "negotiating" as best we can.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_109">
        <text>When we're not fighting, which doesn't happen too often, I usually hang out and tell stories and jokes by the campfire, cracking a bottle or two with the boys. Once we're done with our business here and in Limansk - two untouched areas of the Zone - we might be able to find a way of getting to the center of the Zone. That's where the Monolithians are coming from.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_110">
        <text>I'm enjoying myself: boozing, partying and joking around with my buddies. Who knows what will happen to me in a day, an hour or even a minute? I might step into an anomaly or catch a bullet. You gotta have fun while you're stillalive.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_111">
        <text>I decided to be a hero. Given the situation in Freedom at the moment you can easily move up the ranks in the clan and secure your place in history through your achievements in battle. You just gotta be a smart hero, unless you're after a purple heart. Don't hide behind others, but don't be asking for a bullet either.</text>
俺は英雄になることに決めた。今の Freedom の状況を考えると、簡単に昇進できそうだし、戦闘中の活躍次第では歴史に名を残せるかもしれない。勲章を貰うには賢い英雄にならないと。仲間の背後に隠れていてはいけないし、喜んで弾を受けに出るのもダメだ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_112">
        <text>I came here from the Dark Valley as a volunteer to put some heat on the military. I wanted some action and a change of scenery - I was sick and tired of sitting in one place.</text>
俺は Millitary を痛い目にあわせる為に志願兵として Dark Valley からやってきた。何か行動を起こしたかった日常のありふれた光景を変えたかったんだ。同じ場所に居続けるのに嫌気が差してね。
    <string id="dm_action_info_113">
        <text>I'm completing tasks assigned to me by the commander. What, did you think Duty is the only clan that can follow orders? We can be disciplined too, when the situation warrants. You gotta be a moron to really believe that Freedom is full of junkies and drunks. Think about it, if that were true our whole clan would've been dead and buried a long time ago.</text>
俺は司令官から受けた任務を遂行しているところだ。ん?命令に従うのは Duty だけだと思ってたか? Freedom がキチガイや飲んだくればかりだと思い込んでるなら頭が悪すぎる。考えてみろ、もしそれが本当だったら 派閥の全員がとっくの昔に土に返っているはずだろうよ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_114">
        <text>Everyone went off to fight, so what was I gonna do? I ain't craven and I sure as hell ain't a traitor either! We're fighting for a common cause here. There's a time to goof around and there's a time to be serious. And these days you can't relax for a second.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_115">
        <text>Fighting. Who against? Well, against everyone who's against us. We ain't just a collection of anarchists - we've got damn good order in our clan and we don't mess around. It may not be as apparent as with the military or Duty, 'cause we joined the clan to enjoy freedom and equality, but we can always get together and get shit done. So brace yourself, friend, you're about to see the real Freedom in action.</text>
誰と戦っているかって?俺たちと敵対する奴らすべてとだ。俺らはただのアナーキスト集団ってわけじゃないぞ - やるべき任務があり、それに心血を注ぐ。そういうところは Millitary や Duty のように顕著には現れないかもしれない。自由と平等を求めて Freedom に入隊したんだからな。だがやる時はやるんだぜ。だから気をつけていろよ、じきに真の Freedom を見ることになる。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_30">
        <text>Freedom is having a tough time at the moment. Just as we recovered from bandits' attacks and found the mole, Limansk appeared behind the Red Forest and the military started losing their grip on the warehouses here. So we picked a few fights simultaneously and now we've got an enemy on every front. Hopefully we don't stretch ourselves too far.</text>
現在 Freedom は厳しい状況におかれている。Bandits の攻撃をやり過ごし、スパイを見つけた頃に Red Forest の奥に Limansk が現れ、Millitary は Warehouses での統制力を失い始めた。そこで我々は同時にいくつかの作戦を展開し、あらゆる所で敵を戦線に引っ張り出した。願わくば、我々の戦線が広がり過ぎないことだ。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_31">
        <text>After the Emission the Zone seems to have gotten split up into bubbles. Lots of people vanished around these parts, and it looks like they're stuck in a space bubble with no way out - whichever way they go they can't move! Some real good fellas got sucked into these bubbles, and if you get to higher ground you can hear fragments of their screams for help. You watch yourself now, lest you want to join them.</text>
例の Emmision で Zone は泡のようになっちまったみたいだ。ここらじゃたくさんの人が行方不明になり、どうやら空間気泡の中に閉じ込められたようだ。どこへ進んでも元いた場所に戻ってくるらしい。閉じ込められたのは気の良い奴ばかりなんだ。高い場所へ登れば彼らの助けを呼ぶ声が途切れ途切れ聞こえてくる。気をつけな、でないとあんたもその仲間入りになる。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_32">
        <text>After the Emission it turned out that many important roads to the Zone's center pass through the warehouses. Our advanced groups reached Limansk the other day, a town nobody ever heard of before. Maybe you can go on from there to other places as well, but what I'm really hoping for is that someone finally solves the Scorcher's secret and opens the path up north!</text>
あの Emmision の後、Zone 中心部への重要な道が Warehouses からつながっていることがわかった。先日、先遣部隊が Limansk にたどり着いた。今まで誰にも知られていなかった街だ。あそこから他の場所に行けるかもしれない。何より、俺が一番望んでいるのは誰かがなんとか Scorcher の秘密を暴き、北への道を開いてくれることさ!
    <string id="dm_cool_info_33">
        <text>We recently caught the rat who was leaking information to the bandits, who used it to slaughter our boys like cattle. Guess who it was! That's right, our commandant! You look like that ain't news to you - who told you? Anyway, he's a real sorry son of a bitch betraying his own clan like that! It's a pity I didn't waste thebastardmyself!</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_34">
        <text>Dude, the Zone is about to become free, and the name of my clan will be heard in every corner! We're going to deal with Duty at Limansk and capture this base as well. After that we should be able to break through the Scorcher and go north. The Monolithians managed, so why can't we, right? I don't know what they found over there, but they sure are fighting like it's something important.</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_35">
        <text>Brother, we are on the verge of great changes! The military warehouses and all of this area are about to become Freedom property. Our outposts already cover all the main roads and it won't be long before we settle down at the military base. There's a road here that leads north, straight to the center of the Zone, and once we deal with the Brain Scorcher we'll be the first to find out whether there's actually anything to this...Wish Granter.</text>
なあ兄弟、我々は大きな変化の端にいるんだ!military warehousesとそのエリアの全てがまさにFreedomのものになろうとしている。我々の前哨基地は主要な道全てをカバーしているし、間もなくmilitary baseにも移住できるだろう。ここから北への道はZoneの中心部へまっすぐ伸びているから、Brain Scorcherをなんとかできれば、我々がこの・・・Wish Granterが本当に存在するのか最初に解明する者になるだろう。
    <string id="dm_intro_106">
        <text>Hello, stranger!</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_107">
        <text>Hello and welcome, stalker!</text>
こんにちは ようこそ、stalker !
    <string id="dm_intro_108">

    <string id="dm_about_141">
        <text>This is the last inhabited part of the Zone before the Brain Scorcher. Only madmen go any further, and none of them come back. Even the area around the warehouses is rife with bloodthirsty monsters and lethal dangers, but nobody even knows what's beyond it. A new path to some unexplored areas was found in the Red Forest recently; I heard stories of a small town being discovered, but I ain't never seen it myself. </text>
この辺はBrain Scorcherの手前で人の住んでる最後の場所になるぜ。ここから先へ行くのはイっちゃってる奴だけだ、そして戻ってきた奴もいない。warehouseの周りだって血に飢えたバケモノや命に関わる危険で溢れてるってのに、その向こうに何があるかなんて誰も分からんよ。最近Red Forestで未探索地域への道が見つかって小さな町が発見されたって噂を聞いたが、自分でそれを見ることはなさそうだな。
    <string id="dm_about_142">
        <text>I'd say the most important thing around here is the military base. Freedom is fighting the military for it, because the army is down to bare bones after the last Emission. There are also a couple of villages around here. They're nothing special, but you can find some loot in the ruins of old huts. To the north is the Barrier, built by stalkers to hold the monsters coming from the Brain Scorcher. If you want to leave this place, just head south for the Dark Valley, or if you want to see Duty fighting most of Freedom's forces for the right to new territories, then go west to the Red Forest.</text>
この辺で一番重要なモノっていったらMilitary baseだな。Freedomはそれを目当てにMilitaryと戦ってるよ、軍は前のEmissionの後は少数しか残っていないからな。それと村が2つほどある。特にこれといったものは無いが、廃墟や古小屋で何か拾い物があるかもな。北へ行くとBarrierだ、Brain Scorcherからのバケモノを阻止するためにStalkerが構築したんだ。ここから出て行きたいなら南へ行けばDark Valley、新地域の支配を巡ってDutyとFreedomの部隊が戦ってるのが見たいなら西のRed Forestへ向かうといい。
    <string id="dm_about_143">
        <text>The main thing happening here is small groups of stalkers trying to contain the monsters and zombies coming from the Scorcher. Freedom's and Duty's main forces are battling it out somewhere beyond the Red Forest. I hear a path to a small town from before the Zone, called Limansk, was discovered there.</text>
このあたりで起こっていることといえば、Stalkerの少数のグループがScorcherからやってくるバケモノやゾンビを食い止めようとしているな。FreedomとDutyの主力部隊はRed Forestの向こうで激戦中だ。それとZone以前にはLimanskと呼ばれていた小さな町への道が発見されたって聞いたぜ。
    <string id="dm_about_144">
        <text>This place is heating up, man. After the large Emission stalkers found a road to Limansk through the Red Forest. The road leads through the military warehouses, and as soon as word got out both Duty and Freedom moved in. It's also getting pretty feisty at the Barrier, because waves of monsters are no longer the only problem. Believe it or not, Monolithians are also attacking through there... I didn't even think the stories about them were true until now!</text>
ここは今かなりアツイぜ!あのでかい Emission の後、ストーカー達は Red Forest から Limansk へ続く道を見つけたんだ。その道は Army Warehouses まで続いていて、噂を聞きつけた Duty や Freedom がやって来てる。防衛線でも厄介なことが起こった。最早モンスターの襲撃だけの問題じゃなくなった。信じるかどうかはお前の勝手だが、Monolith の奴らが進撃し始めたんだ。俺はついこの間まではMonolith ってのが本当に存在するのかってさえ疑っていたんだぜ。
    <string id="dm_about_145">
        <text>The Zone is changing so fast lately that I am not sure what I know about it is even true anymore. On top of that, I haven't been here that long, so I'm kind of short on info. They say that there's something called the Brain Scorcher north of here, and I heard that the Red Forest and Limansk are to the west, where Freedom and Duty are rumored to be at each others' throats. </text>
最近急に Zone が変化しだしたんで一体何が本当で何が嘘なのかわからなくなっちまった。それに加え、ここに来て間もないから情報が不足してる。Brain Scorcher がここから北にあるって話は聞いたな。そして Red Forest と Limanskが西に。そこじゃ Freedom と Duty がいがみ合ってるらしいぜ。
    <string id="dm_about_146">
        <text>When we got here Freedom was already working the military pretty good, and they didn't seem to be wearing themselves out. We're sitting on the fence for now - don't want to upset one side, but the other don't seem to have anything for us either. Eh, it's not really what we're here for anyway.</text>
俺達がここに来たときにはすでに Freedom は Millitary に対して攻勢で、しかも全く疲弊した様子は無かった。俺は今は様子見ってとこさ。どちらかを怒らせたくないし、俺達に注意を向けてはいないようだ。まあ、ボーッとするためにここに来たわけじゃないんだが・・・。
    <string id="dm_about_147">
        <text>Everything that happens here happens because of the army base. Its position in the area is damn important, as it's the best place to control the adjacent territories from. The farmsteads and villages you'll see around here are small potatoes in comparison. That's why Freedom is doing everything it can to capture it - they've already set up outposts on the roads leading to the Dark Valley and the Red Forest. Those boys sure know what they're doing. Lone stalkers are holding the northern outpost for now, trying to contain the mutant onslaught, but I have a feeling Freedom will move right into the area once they've dealt with the base.</text>
ここでのいざこざはすべてあの軍事基地が原因だ。あそこに位置するのが重要すぎる。一帯を管轄するのに最適な場所なんだよな。そこらの農場や村なんかカスみたいなもんにすら思える。だから Freedom はあそこを確保するのに躍起になっている。すでに Dark Valley から Red Forest に続く道に前哨を設けた。あそこの隊員は自分が何をすべきかちゃんと理解している。今は Stalkers が北の防衛線をミュータントから守っているが、恐らく例の基地が片付いたら Freedom もそこに加勢に行くだろう。
    <string id="dm_about_148">
        <text>It looks like this area is gonna be Freedom territory pretty soon. They've really stepped up their fight here ever since they sorted out their internal problems. They have a presence here and in Limansk, and they're still holding onto the Dark Valley. I say "still" because they've spread themselves pretty damn thin: they're fighting for Limansk, the military base and they've also got their HQ in the Dark Valley. I have a strong feeling the bandits are gonna start pushing them out of there. Think about it: all you need is one brainy bandit to grasp the situation and take full advantage by putting a good squeeze on Freedom. That's what I'd do if I were them.</text>
じきに この地域は Freedom の領域となるだろう。派閥内の問題を解決してからはここの部隊を増強してきた。奴らはここの他に Limansk にも部隊を送っているが、本部があるのは Dark Valley だ。俺は Bandits がそこから Freedom を追い出すんじゃないかと考えている。考えてみろ、頭の切れる Bandit が状況を理解したなら Freedom に対して最大限のアドバンテージを生かして追い詰めるはずだ。俺が Bandits の一員だったらそうするね。
    <string id="dm_about_149">
        <text>This place is enchanted with some really shitty magic, buddy. All we do is go 'round in circles looking for our missing friends, but so far we ain't found nothing but monsters. If you get to higher ground you can sometimes hear fragments of their radio comms, but it's impossible to make any sense of them. And that ain't the half of it! How do you explain the appearance of Monolithians from beyond the Barrier? I saw one of them once. He was wounded, his eyes were glazed over and he was mumbling the same words over and over: "Defend the Monolith!" I don't think he could feel pain, 'cause he wouldn't stop trying to grab my buddy's throat until we emptied a few clips into him. What do they want? What made them come back after the Emission? I ain't got nothing but questions, friend...</text>
この場所はクソ最悪な魔法にかけられてるんだぜ、あんさん。行方不明のお友達を探して歩き回っているんだが、出会うのはモンスターしかいねえ。高い場所に行けば時々奴らの無線交信の一部が聞こえるが何を言ってるかまではわからない。魔法はそれだけじゃねえ!防衛線の向こうから Monolith の野郎がひっきりなしにやって来やがる。俺は一度重症を負って倒れていた Monolith に会ったことがある。そいつの目はうつろで、"モノリス様を守らねば!"ってぶつぶつ呟き続けていた。俺の相棒の首を掴んできたもんだから皆でいっせいに弾を撃ち込んだんだが、全弾撃ち尽くすまでいっこうに放そうとはしなかった。痛みなんて感じないんだろうな。いったい奴らは何なんだ?あの Emission をまともに受けてどうしてなんともないんだ?わかんねえことだらけだぜ・・・。
    <string id="dm_action_info_116">
        <text>We're looking for our boys who were last seen around here before the Emission. We can sometimes hear bitty radio transmissions from hilltops, but apart from that there's no sign of them at all! I ain't got the slightest clue where to start looking for them.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_117">
        <text>We're on a kind of rescue mission to save one of our squads. The Emission caught them somewhere around this area, and we lost all comms with them. We've been sent here to find our boys... or what's left of them.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_118">
        <text>Everyone's heading for the center of the Zone these days, trying to solve its secrets. I wouldn't mind some answers to a few questions myself, 'cause I'm trying to work out how to get through the Brain Scorcher. They're finding new paths all the time now, and I reckon one of them might lead straight into the heart of the Zone. I'm not gonna be the first to jump in and explore a new road - I ain't that dumb! But I wouldn't mind knowing what's going on - maybe someone will find a way of getting to the truth after all.</text>
あの秘密を解き明かそうとして、ここんとこ皆はZoneの中心に向かっている。俺はそんな事はどうでもいい。Brain Scorcherに辿り着く方法を解明してるからな。彼らは休むことなく新しい経路を見つけている。彼らの誰かひとりがZoneの中心まで辿り着けるかもしれないと思うよ。新しい道への一番手には俺はなれないと思う。そんなに俺は馬鹿じゃないぜ!けど何が起こっているのか知りたい。たぶんどのみち誰かが真実に辿り着ける方法を見つけるのだろう。
    <string id="dm_action_info_119">
        <text>I'm keeping my ear to the ground here, although our main job in this place is to find the missing squad. They got caught out here by the Emission and we ain't seen them since. They try to establish communications once in a while, but it hasn't worked out so far. We've looked under every rock in this place and nothing! It freaks me out, man!</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_120">
        <text>We ain't no different from anyone else here, man - just waiting for some nice fella to find a way through the Brain Scorcher. Once that happens we'll take the easy road to the center of the Zone and help ourselves to the best artifacts. Not being the first people to get there won't make too much difference 'cause we'll be a lot more likely to stayalive. I ain't a coward, I'm just careful. You'll understand when you get a bit older.</text>
俺達は他の奴らとは違ってな、誰かがBrain Scorcherを抜ける方法を見つけるのを待ってるんだ。一度方法が見つかればZoneの中心部まで楽に行けて、イカしたアーティファクトが取り放題だろう。一番乗りしなくたって大した違いはないだろうし、その方が生き残れる可能性も高い。別に怖がってるわけじゃない、慎重なだけだ。そのうちお前にも分かるさ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_121">
        <text>Chasing ghosts. Don't believe me? Well, to tell you the truth I wouldn't have believed it myself either! Basically, we're hearing fragments of communications transmitted by a missing squad, we even recognize the voices but we can't find our boys, talk to them or even work out where the signal is coming from. That's why I said we're chasing ghosts...damn that Emission!</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_122">
        <text>I'm waiting for the boss to give the order. Subordination and all that. We're here to save Leshiy's group, but it's a bit tough given that we can't find the poor sons of bitches! To make matters worse we lost our radio operator in the village by the water tower. We went there to get a better radio signal, and some invisible squid came out of nowhere and slaughtered him. We couldn't do shit about it because we ain't trained to fight monsters - these days our main enemy is other humans.</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_123">
        <text>Leshiy's group completed a really importantassignment right before the Emission - they found a very rare artifact. We even contacted the client to let him know the goods are on their way, but Leshiy never made it back. We're mercenaries and we got a code - without it we're nothing. A contract must be executed. Period. If wescrewup a job that's our reputation down the toilet, and no serious client will ever give us work again! That'd leave us wandering the Zone as stalkers again. </text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_36">
        <text>I wish I knew something old about it. We're mercenaries, buddy. We go into the Zone to complete a specific mission, and rely on careful planning and outstanding preparation to achieve our objectives. </text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_37">
        <text>I heard a stalker clan by the name of Monolith that was supposed to have gone missing reappeared. One day they stopped messing around, like everyone else in this place, and all made a move for the center of the Zone to look for the Wish Granter. Nobody heard a word from them for a long time, and now they're back. Thing is, nobody is all that happy to see them, because all they do is shout moronic slogans and attack everyone on sight.</text>
その姿を消したと思われていた Monolith の奴らが再び現れたって噂だぜ。他のストーカーと同じようにそこら辺をうろつき回っていたがある日突然 Wish Granterを見つけるために、Zone の中心部へ移動し始めた。しばらくの間誰も奴らを見かけなかったんだがどうやら戻ってきたみたいだ。誰にとっても良いニュースじゃあないな。奴らは皆、意味不明な言葉を叫び、手当たり次第に攻撃してくるんだから。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_38">
        <text>The road to Limansk through the Red Forest was discovered recently, and Freedom has already made it there. Duty is trying to do the same. I reckon there's already a bloodbath there as we speak, 'cause they both want control of that shitty town and neither will let the other clan have it. Freedom is in expansive mood at the moment - they're trying to capture the military base as well! I ain't no friend of the army, but I do feel sorry for them. They got hit pretty hard by the Emission, and now stalkers are pinning them in real bad as well.</text>
最近 Red Forest から Limansk への道が発見され、Freedom はすでにそこまで辿り着いた。Duty もそれに続いている。こうして話している間にも血みどろの戦いが続いているんじゃないか?どちらの派閥もあそこの支配権を握るために一歩も引かないだろう。Freedom は今勢力拡大に乗り気で、Millitary の基地も制圧を試みている。Millitary とは親しくないが可哀想に思うよ。Emissionのお次はストーカーの攻撃だ。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_39">
        <text>I heard that Duty had a hard time dealing with the mutant problem at Agroprom. They screwed something up underground and couldn't contain the monsters for shit. It was trader heaven for a while with all that demand for ammo. Anyway, I hear a single stalker helped them by flooding the underground, all on his own! No idea if it's true, but if it is then that stalker must be a real badass. There ain't many people in this place who can go into a mutant lair, give the Zone the finger and get away with it. If I ever meet that stalker in person, I'll buy a hat just so I can tip it off to him.</text>
Duty は Agroprom でミュータントに手こずってるって聞いたぜ。地下にモンスターを封じ込めるのに失敗したって話じゃないか。トレーダーも弾が売れてウハウハだったんだろうな。ところがあるストーカーたった一人の手によってが地下を水没させるのに成功したらしい!本当にそんな奴がいるならとんでもねえ野郎だな!ミュータントの巣窟に乗り込める奴なんかそういねえぜ。Zone にちょっかいかけるなんてな。もし個人的にそいつと会うことがあるなら、帽子を買って持っていって、帽子を上げて挨拶するぜ。
    <string id="dm_intro_109">
        <text>It's an honor to make your wrinkled acquaintance.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_110">
        <text>I bet you got some handshake on you, big guy!</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_111">
        <text>Welcome to the warehouses.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_150">
        <text>This is the last area of the Zone that has been explored by stalkers. You can find the military warehouses here, but if you keep going you'll come across the Brain Scorcher - they say that anyone who is affected by it loses his mind there and then! That's all speculation though, because nobody who has gone there has ever come back! The path to the Scorcher from the warehouses is blocked by the Barrier, which is used to hold waves of monsters coming from the center. After the large Emission Monolithians have started appearing as well. I wonder what they're after in this part of the Zone...maybe they've come to kill those who threaten their fictitious Monolith?</text>
ここいらはZoneの探索済みエリアの最後に位置する所だ。Military warehouseからもっと行くとBrain Scorcherに出くわすんだが、そいつにヤられるとみんな発狂しちまうって話だ!行って戻ってきた奴が一人もいないから、推測にすぎないんだがな!warehouseからScorcherへの道はBarrierで塞がれてるが、以前はそのおかげで中心部からのバケモノの襲撃を抑えてたんだ。その上、デカいEmissionの後にMonolithianが出没するようになった。Zoneのこの地域に奴らがいるのは、架空のMonolithを脅かす野郎共を始末するためなんだろうか?
    <string id="dm_about_151">
        <text>The military showed their true colors after the Emission - they abandoned their outposts and hid in their base like rats. Then again, there's only 20 of them left now, seeing as they were the closest to the center, so you could understand them. Once the military lost control over the warehouses everyone and their dog started coming here: stalkers, mercs, Duty and Freedom. It's a good thing stalkers had the sense to join forces toprotectthe Barrier. If waves of mutants and Monolithians aren't held, we're all gonna suffer, even the army at the Cordon.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_152">
        <text>You've probably already heard about the military base and the Barrier from everyone else? Well, there's not a great deal else around here except a couple of villages and a farmstead. They ain't much to talk about, but a deserted house can be used as a hiding place or even a base of operations, provided a mutant hasn't got there first. Watch out - there's quite a few of 'em around these parts.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_153">
        <text>It took a couple of minutes of an active Emission for the military warehouses to become the property of stalkers. Those cocky army boys are now hiding from Freedom deep inside their base, afraid to take a peek outside. Monolith, on the other hand, seems to be afraid of no one. We thought they all died a long time ago, but they'realiveand kicking - coming at us from the Scorcher and blasting everything in their sight!</text>
2、3分ほど続いたEmissionが、Military WarehouseをStalkerのものにしちまった。生意気な軍隊どもは今じゃFreedomから隠れて基地の奥に引っ込んじまって、外を見るのも怖がってる。だがMonolithは何も恐れては無いようだな。奴らはずっと前に死んだと思ってたがピンピンしてる。Scorcherからやってきては目に入るものみんな殺しまわってるぜ。
    <string id="dm_about_154">
        <text>Something really weird is going on around these parts. There's a horde of different stalkers here now that the military are weakened from the Emission. Everyone's hoping to get to the center of the Zone. Some of them want to get their greasy paws on rare artifacts, others want to visit the Wish Granter and others still are looking for some alien Monolith... I reckon they've all gone bonkers, maybe the Scorcher's roasting their brains already?</text>
このあたりは妙なことになってる。MilitaryがEmissionで弱体化して、今やいろんなStaker連中がここにいるんだが、みんなZoneの中心部へ行こうとしてる。希少なアーティファクトを求める奴、Wish Granterへ辿り着こうとする奴、エイリアンのMonolithを探してる奴なんかもいる。みんな狂ってるよ、もう既にScorcherに頭をヤラれちまったんじゃないか?
    <string id="dm_about_155">
        <text>I can tell you everything in detail, 'cause I've been to every nook and cranny of this area on my search for artifacts. The main reference point in these parts is the military base. It's on a hill, so you can see it from a good distance. To the north of it is the Barrier, and the Dark Valley is to the south. If you choose to head west via the village you'll come to the Red Forest. There are also a couple of farmsteads and a cabin by the swamp, but I'd steer clear of it if I were you - the radiation there is pretty deadly. </text>
アーティファクトを探してこのエリアの隅から隅まで行ったから、詳しく教えてやれるぜ。この場所で基準になるのはMilitary Baseだ、丘の上にあるから遠くからでもよく見える。そこから北がBarrier、南がDark Valley。村を通って西へ向かうとRed Forest。それから農場が2つ程と沼のそばに小屋があるがそこは避けたほうが良いな、放射能がヤバイんだ。
    <string id="dm_about_156">
        <text>There's a good share of valuable stuff left here by the military. Trouble is, I reckon Freedom is gonna get it all, 'cause they've got their eye on the military base. All we got are the barricades on the road to the Scorcher and the artifacts that can be found lying around. Oh, there are also a couple of deserted villages where you can settle down in a home of your choice. If you're lucky you'll even get an invisible roommate with tentacles and all.</text>
ここには Millitary の残した目ぼしい宝がたくさんある。問題は Freedom がそれを全て自分のものにしようとしてるんじゃないかってことだ。何故なら、あいつらは最近 Millitary の基地に神経を尖らせているらしいからさ。俺達に残されたのは Brain Scorcher へ続く道のバリケードと、そこらへんに転がってるアーティファクトくらいだ。まあ、あとは廃墟となった村があるくらいか。あんたが構わないならそこに住み着いてみたらどうだ?運が良ければ触手を生やした見えないルームメイトといっしょになれるかもよ。
    <string id="dm_about_157">
        <text>The military don't control this area no more. Freedom's about to "resolve" the military issue once and for all, and then this place will be as good as the Dark Valley. Meanwhile we've got our own mission:protecting the Barrier. Once I saw the crap that's coming at us from beyond the Barrier I lost all my taste for adventure. I prefer to let other suckers meet their end trying to get past the Scorcher.</text>
Millitary は最早ここの主導権を握ってはいない。Freedom は Millitary に関わる"問題"をきっぱりとけりをつけようとしている。すぐにも Dark Valley と同じくらい良い場所になるだろうよ。それまでは俺達がすべきことはバリケードを守る任務を全うすることだな。バリケードの向こうからやってくる奴らを一目見てからは、俺の中の冒険心はすっかり失せちまった。俺は Brain Schorcher をくぐり抜けるよりも、それを試みるやつらを見送ることにするよ。
    <string id="dm_about_158">
        <text>We found out about the Barrier at Freedom's base in the Dark Valley. Rumor was that the military got kicked outta here and regular stalkers joined forces to defend this area against the Monolith. We set out with a whole squad, thinking we'd come and help our brothers, but in the end I was the only one that made it. Some of the boys got sidetracked, a few died on the road and some actually kept on going...</text>
我々は Dark Valley の Freedom の基地でバリケードについての情報を得た。噂では Millitary がここを追い出され、Stalker 達は Monolith からここを守るために集まってきているとのことだった。我々は全部隊で兄弟達を支援するために出発した。ところが今のところ辿り着いたのは私だけである。ある者はあきらめ、ある者は死に、ある者はまだ必死にここへ向かっている。
    <string id="dm_about_159">
        <text>The military's grasp over this place is slipping fast. Not so long ago stalkers took over the warehouses and together with Freedom they're holding most of the key points in this area. We got together to keep watch over the Barrier and repel the attacks of insane Monolithians and horrible mutants coming at us from the Radar. Freedom controls the western and southern parts of this area, and they're making the military base their own real fast. Oh, we've also seen some mercs around here, looking for a lost squad of theirs or something.</text>
Millitary はここでの支配力を急速に失っていった。少し前に Stalker 達と Freedom がここの重要なポイントを占領したところだ。俺達はここでバリケードの奥からやって来るイカレた Monolith の奴らやミュータントの襲撃を撃退するんだ。Freedom は西と南の方を支配していて、すぐにでも Millitary の基地を手中に収めるつもりさ。そういやこの辺で Mercs も見かけたな。行方不明の仲間を探しているみたいだったぜ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_124">
        <text>Take a guess. Collecting loot, that's what. The military no longer rule the roost so we can do what we like. I'm also getting ready to make a move to the center of the Zone. Obviously, I have to help defend the Barrier from time to time, but that's partly for my own safety, and sometimes you can even pick up a decent weapon and ammo after the shooting is over. </text>
何をしてるかって?戦利品を探してるんだ。Millitary は今じゃここを牛耳ることができなくなっているからな、何でも好きなことができる。俺は Zone の中心へ行く準備だってしてるんだぜ。もちろんバリケードを守る任務も時々やらなきゃいけないが、自分の安全の為でもあるからな。防衛戦の後にはたまに結構良い銃や弾が手に入るから一石二鳥ってもんさ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_125">
        <text>I came to fight at the Barrier. A friend of mine at the Duty bar told me that this is where some guys set up defenses to fight mutants. He said there's always someone to shoot at down here, so I took off in the middle of the night to join in and have a bit of fun!</text>
バリケードを維持するためにここへ来た。Duty のバーで友人から聞いた話では、ここでは気概のある奴らが防衛線を作ってミュータントを撃退しているということだ。それに射撃の的にできる人間もいるらしいじゃないか!その夜のうちに出発してここで開かれるお祭りに参加しに来たってわけだ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_126">
        <text>I've always been drawn to new territories. I mean, I came to the Zone because I got tired of monotonous routine on the outside, and in these parts there are always secrets to uncover. The other thing is the cash. You need food and ammo, but you can only get coin for loot. I'm also hoping someone finds a way of getting past the Scorcher, 'cause as soon as they do I'll be the first one to the center of the Zone. I've only got one sacred wish - for the Zone to disappear.  </text>
俺はいつも新天地へ引き寄せられてきた。どういうことかというと、俺が Zone に来たのは外での単調な繰り返しの日々に飽き飽きしたからなんだけど、ここらじゃあ隠された秘密でいっぱいだって聞いたんだ。それだけじゃない、金も。でも実際にここで必要なのは食い物と弾薬だよ。戦利品として手にするのは金ばかり。Brain Scorcher をやり過ごす方法を誰か考え出してくれないかとばかり考えているよ。その時は俺が Zone の中心へ一番乗りしてやるんだ。俺の願いはただ1つ - Zone をこの世から消し去ること。
    <string id="dm_action_info_127">
        <text>Trying to keep up with Freedom. I wanted to go to Limansk with them, but showed up late at the Dark Valley and they'd already left. Ashot said they're gonna take this road, but by the time I got here they had already got through the Red Forest. Now I'm never gonna catch up with them! I ain't about to take that road on my own, and I don't know of any groups heading there soon.</text>
Freedom に追いつこうとしていたのさ。Limansk へ彼らと一緒に行きたかったんだけど Dark Valley に着くのが遅れてね、すでに部隊が発った後だった。Ashot が言うにはこの道を通るということだったんだけど、俺がここに来たときには彼らはすでに Red Forest へ向かってしまったみたいだ。もう追いつけそうにないなあ。一人で行くって気にはならないや。とはいえ今からすぐに向こうへ行くグループもいなさそうだ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_128">
        <text>I'm just catching a breather up here before heading into the Red Forest. I want to know what's there, on the other side of Limansk. Who cares if others haven't come back? Maybe they haven't come back because they found something. I mean, look at the Monolithians: nobody hears from them for months and then they suddenly reappear... God knows what they found there.</text>
Red Forest へ進む前にここで少し休憩を取っているところだ。Limansk に何があるのかこの目で見たいんだ。ところで、赤の他人が戻って来ないことを気にする奴がいると思うか?そいつらが戻って来ないのには理由があるんだ。つまり・・・、Monolith の奴らだよ。何ヶ月も姿を見なかったのに急に現れた。奴らが何を見つけたのかは神のみぞ知るってことだ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_129">
        <text>I just got back empty-handed from the Red Forest. We tried to get through it with some friends, but we all got real scared for no reason. Man, we shat ourselves so bad we kept running until we reached the Barrier; it's a miracle none of us stepped into an anomaly. Funny thing is, we still don't know what scared us! Anyhow, that forest is weird as hell.</text>
俺は Red Forest から手ぶらで帰ってきたところだ。仲間とあそこを通り抜けようとしていたんだが、どういうわけか俺達みんな発狂してしまったんだよ。いいか、全員ひどく怯えてここに来るまでわき目も振らず逃げてきたんだ。誰もアノマリーに足を突っ込まなかったのは奇跡だぜ。笑えるのは、俺達がいったい何にビビッたのか誰も知らないってことさ!とにかくあの森は何かがおかしいんだ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_130">
        <text>I want to see all of the Zone. I've reached the warehouses now but before that I visited the Cordon, the Swamps, Agroprom and the Dark Valley. I even spent some time as the bandits' slave at the Garbage. Once I check this place out I'll move on somewhere else.</text>
俺は Zone の至るところまで行ってみたい。ここ Warehouses に来るまでに、Cordon、Swamp、Agroprom そして Garbage へ行った。Garbage では Bandit に捕らえられるなんてこともあったよ。ここをある程度調べたら次の場所へ向かうつもりさ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_131">
        <text>There aren't many territories that aren't already controlled by other clans or factions, and a lone stalker can't do much at Agroprom or the Garbage. Even with Limansk - they only just found it but look how many people are headed there right now. It's different at the warehouses because the situation is unclear: they don't belong to the military anymore, but they're not quite Freedom property yet either. On top of that, this area is pretty close to the newly explored territories, and if you get there your life is made - that's where all the rarest artifacts are at.</text>
どの派閥にも支配されていないエリアはもうほとんど無いだろうな。Agroprom や Garbage なんかでは無所属のストーカーは大してやることが無いんじゃないか?Limansk でさえ最近発見されたばかりだが、そこへ辿り着こうとしている人が大勢いる。だが Warehouses となると話は別だ。ここの情勢はわかりにくいからな。ここは今のところ Millitary のものでも、Freedom のものでもない。それに加え、ここは発見されたばかりのエリアに近い。ちょっと探せばレアなアーティファクトがすぐ見つかるぜ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_132">
        <text>I'm looking for a valuable artifact. Sidorovich asked me to get it, and I couldn't find it at the Cordon or in the Dark Valley. Searching for loot at the Garbage is more trouble than it's worth, and there's two stalker clans cleaning everything up at Agroprom, especially after some hero flooded the underground there, meaning Duty no longer has to spend most of its time fighting mutants. But while this place is all in a frenzy I may just find what I'm looking for.</text>
値打ちモノのアーティファクトを探してるんだ。Sidorovichに頼まれてね、でもCordonやDark Valleyじゃ見つけられなかったよ。Garbageはトラブルが多くて実入りに合わなかったし、Agropromじゃ2つの組織が何もかも片付けちまった、特に誰かさんがUndergroundを浸水させた後は、DutyはもうMutant退治には力を入れてないようだ。でもここはどこも熱気にあふれてるし、俺の探し物も見つかるかもな。
    <string id="dm_action_info_133">
        <text>I was sent here from the Dark Valley to deliver an important message to the commander of a local Freedom squad. I received my reward and decided to stick around. Why not? The boys here are pretty decent, and nobody's been trying to enforce their rules on this place yet. Sure there's plenty of shooting and anomalies, and the Monolithians keep us up at night, but that's the Zone for you!</text>
Dark Valleyからこの地域のFreedom部隊の指揮官に重要なメッセージを運んだんだ。それで報酬をもらったあと、俺はここに居ることにしたよ。そうだろ?ここのやつらはマトモだし、ルールを押し付けてくるようなやつもいない。確かに撃ち合いやアノマリーは多いしMonolithianは夜も寝かせちゃくれないが、それがZoneってもんだしな!
    <string id="dm_action_info_134">
        <text>I'm planning to head north via the Scorcher. They say the Monolithians made it and some other stalkers actually reached the Wish Granter and got back in one piece. Nobody knows why they came back. Maybe they ran outta ammo or took a dose of radiation. It doesn't matter - if others made it so can I, and I don't care what anyone says!</text>
Scorcherを通って北に向かう計画をしているんだ。Monolithianや他のstalker連中でWish Granterまで辿り着いて無事に戻ってきたヤツもいるらしい。なぜ戻ってきたのかは分からん、弾切れや放射能汚染かも知れん。そんなことはどうでもいい、誰かが出来たのなら俺にもやれる、他人が言うことは気にしないさ!
    <string id="dm_action_info_135">
        <text>You look like you've been in the Zone a long time, stalker. I would have thought you would've learned that asking questions like that ain't too smart by now. It just ain't your business. If I felt like sharing that sort of thing I'd share it myself. With the person I wanted to share it with. Try another question.</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_40">
        <text>After the Monolithians started flooding back from beyond the Barrier we had the idea to catch onealiveand find out how to get through the Scorcher and into the center of the Zone. Man, it took a lot of lives and even more ammo, but we did it. This guy took half a clip right in the chest but he was still pretty lively: grunting, struggling and trying to grab at our leader. We asked him nice and we asked him rough but he didn't tell us shit, just kept screaming "Defend the Monolith" over and over... I figure something must have happened to them on the other side. So we didn't really find out how to get past the Scorcher, but then again if they're coming from beyond the Barrier there must be a way, right? What do you think?</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_41">
        <text>The latest news is that they found a road to the town of Limansk behind the Red Forest, and now Duty and Freedom are slaughtering each other over it. Must be a precious little town if they're willing to start such a bloodbath because of it.</text>
最近のニュースはRed Forestの向こうにLimanskへの道が見つかって、そこでDutyとFreedomが殺し合いをしてるってことだ。殺し合いをおっぱじめるなんて、その町はよっぽど重要なものらしいな。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_42">
        <text>I heard a merc really helped the stalkers at the Cordon by solving a problem they had with the military. After that, the military don't hassle them no more, 'cause they're afraid of the response. Now, judging by the description of that merc... well, it's you! Don't be shy, buddy. Here, let me shake your manly hand! You da man!</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_43">
        <text>The emissions happen so often now that it's a real problem. This hasn't happened for a long time. I mean, they occur one after another, and the Zone changes every time. Sometimes you can find new anomalies after an emission, and sometimes you'll discover a way through an existing anomaly field. That's how they found the road to Limansk, even though most stalkers had never even heard of it. This whole situation is causing a lot of deaths, and it's not just the emissions either. There's a real war going on for control of the new territories, and it ain't pretty.</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_44">
        <text>How can there be anything new here? Think of this place as kindergarten - preschool even. Then again, if you don't stick around here to learn the ropes and go straight into the Zone, you'll be dead before you know it. That's why the smart ones stay here awhile before moving on. Besides, you can get your hands on some decent weapons and equipment here - everyone does.</text>
何でここにニュースになる事があるとでも?ここらを幼稚園や保育園として考えてみろ。で、生きていく秘訣を学ばないで、Zoneに行ってみろ、アッっという間に死んじまうだろう。移動する前にここら暫く留まっているのが賢明なわけだ。その上で、まともな武器や装備をここで調達する - 皆そうしてるよ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_136">
        <text>Nothing. Trying to stayalive- that's about it.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_160">
        <text>I can't believe this shit, I nearlycoppedit an hour ago! I was here about six months back and it was all peace and quiet, but now there's a jarhead waiting for you under every bush! It's crazy, man...</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_45">
        <text>What? What do you want to know? I'll tell you this much: Duty might be cops, but they know how to maintain order, that's for sure. Still, I don't like them much. They think they own everything: "don't take this, don't take that". On top of that, they've already decided what you're allowed to say on the outside and what you're supposed to keep quiet! I even heard they actually want to destroy the Zone, little by little. Well that doesn't surprise me, they're former soldiers after all....damn dreamers. The trouble is I hear their support comes all the way from the top.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_161">
        <text>This territory is now controlled by Duty, and Duty rules are the law of the land. We control the borders of the Zone and cool off hot heads: the dreamy idiots come here in whole groups...and then die in their dozens on the first day.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_162">
        <text>Head to the camp - you'll hear all the rumors there. Rookies like you usually drop by to pick up some pointers or rest awhile. There are soldiers around here but don't worry about them too much. Then again you don't want to get in their way either 'cause they don't think twice about shooting one of us down...There's a nice and peaceful little place near the trader where you can rest. </text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_46">
        <text>Did you hear that Duty is recruiting new members? I thought about it for a minute, but then decided I can't be bothered with it. It'll be like being back in the army: discipline and all that crap... I did my two years military service and that was enough to last me a lifetime...</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_137">
        <text>Well I was thinking of going to Yantar, but changed my mind. The eggheads set up a full-on scientific base in those parts. They're researching the devil-knows-what while zombies are romping around outside their lab. An idyllic picture, no?</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_47">
        <text>We had to clean up the area around Lake Yantar recently and we cleaned it up real good! There are research laboratories there, but there's a ton of zombies in that area as well, so we have to help the scientists out from time to time.</text>
近頃、Lake Yantarの周辺地域をきれいに掃除する必要があったんだ、俺たちが全部きれいに掃除したんだぜ!調査機関の研究所がそこにあるんだけど、その地域にはたくさんのZombieがいるんだ、だから時々出向いて科学者の手助けをしないといけないんだ。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_48">
        <text>You know what, let Duty, Freedom and looters fight it out for this land. What is it to me? To hell with it all...</text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_138">
        <text>We're working here now, stalker. Not only is there a shitload of mutants, but there are also those mercenaryassholes and the retards from Freedom giving us trouble...</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_49">
        <text>Nothing. I don't know diddlysquat. I take what I can when I can and try to make enough to get by. I don't feel like going deeper into the Zone, to hell with it!.. There's no work where I'm from, and the wife's on my back... Gotta make a living somehow, you know? Spend a day looking for loot here at the Garbage and you can find a few basic artifacts, which is enough for a decent meal and something to wash it down with.</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_50">
        <text>Well, you know...Some fellas have settled down at the Garbage collecting junk, others went deeper into the Zone. Sure, you can find some real good stuff there, but it's not for everyone. Rookies without experience struggle to survive in those parts and if you ain't got decent equipment you sure as hell don't stand a chance. </text>
    <string id="dm_action_info_141">
        <text>None of your business... Don't hassle people with stupid questions, and no one will hassle you either.</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_51">
        <text>I'm loving our scientists, man! They're funny guys, that's for damn sure! Usually they don't stick their nerdy little noses out of the bunker, but when they do, like the other day... all hell breaks loose! Troops everywhere, choppers, APCs! Next time, they might as well haul a battleship here, or at least an armored train...</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_52">
        <text>New? There ain't nothing new here but there's so much old shit that you could drown in it. The bandits are so cocky it's unbelievable! We are the ones who risk our lives walking through anomalies trying to find artifacts, and they reap the rewards... Dickheads! Just stay away from the Garbage - that's exactly their kind of place.</text>
新しい事?何もない。ここにあるのは大量の糞と、その中にお前がいるって事だけだ。banditsがクソ生意気なんだよ、信じられねえ!俺たちはaritfactsを見つける為に命がけでanomaliesに突っ込む。で、お宝をゲットするんだよ…、ボケが。Garbageに干渉するな - ここはそういう類の場所だ。
    <string id="dm_action_info_139">
        <text>I'm stuck here, you see? I want to go home, but they won't let me. That's all the news... The guys that go deep into the Zone - the pros - talk about all kinds of things. Sometimes they bring loot that makes your mouth water. They say there are riches everywhere - all for the taking. Not many will get there though, and even fewer will make it back.</text>
俺はここを動けない。分かったか?家に帰りたいが、ヤツらが許してくれない。ニュースはこれだけだ…。ゾーンの奥深くへ入っていく奴等がいる - ある種のプロみたいなもんだ - 奴等は時々涎が出そうな程のすばらしい戦利品をもってくる。奴等は言う - いたる所に金になる物がある、と。もっとも多くの連中はそこに到達しても、戻ってくる事はないだろうが。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_53">
        <text>Well, I'm not really up to speed on recent events.</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_54">
        <text>Have you heard the rumor that the Zone is growing? I think it's true 'cause I've seen real scary mutants near the perimeter, ones that you could onlymeetnear the center of the Zone before. Not good, eh?</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_55">
        <text>Well, maybe all that talk about bloodsuckers by the border of the Zone is true. But what does that have to do with the Zone growing? Just because a pack of them managed to get to the border... I guess we must have let them get through. Not surprising given that we sometimes work day and night! We're coping alright though - you don't hear people yelling "Help, we're surrounded by mutants!" outside the perimeter, do you?</text>
うん、Zone と外界の境界で BloodSucker が目撃されたって話は本当かもしれん。だがそれが Zone の拡大と何の関係があると思う?たまたま1つの BloodSucker の群れがそこに辿り着いただけじゃないか?俺達の目をかいくぐるとはな。時々昼夜ぶっ通しで任務に当たることがあるからしょうがない。Zone の端で"助けて!ミュータントに囲まれている!"なんて悲鳴を聞くことなんてないだろ?俺達はうまくやっているよ。
    <string id="dm_about_167">
        <text>Be careful, these walking corpses have flooded the entire area. They are quite brainless but very aggressive. We are under constant siege here, day and night. To sum up, it's quite dangerous here, young man.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_168">
        <text>I don't know what to tell you... There is always something happening, but that is normal here. They don't believe that outside, of course, but we are in an anomalous zone after all.</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_56">
        <text>You want rumors? I'll tell you without any rumors: soon there'll be more order. We'll purge the Zone of mutants, and of certain other jerks too...</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_57">
        <text>Have you heard what the Duty boys are saying they'll do to us? They're promising to grind us to dust, and that's just for starters. I'm pretty worried about the whole thing ... Especially given that they're said to have re-equipped themselves with some top notch hardware.</text>
Duty の奴らが何をたくらんでいるか耳にしていないか?俺達を八つ裂きにしたいと思っているに違いない、いや、思うだけではすまないかも。色々気になる話を聞くんだ・・・特に奴らが最上級の装備を配備したって話をね。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_58">
        <text>News, huh? Who cares what people say? You can't believe every story you hear or you'll go crazy. For example, they say that some tough diehard stalker came back from the center, brought something that ain't never been seen before, and earned tons of coin... Well, I can make up a hundred stories like that myself!</text>
新しい情報がないかだって?ほかの人間の話なんか真に受けちゃあいけねえ。耳にする話はどれも信じられないものだし、信じ込んだなら気が狂うような話ばかりだ。例えばだ、筋金入りのストーカーが Zone の中心から今まで誰も見たことの無いようなものを持って帰ってきて、それを売って莫大な金を得たって話・・・。そんな作り話、俺だっていくらでもできるぜ!
    <string id="dm_help_12">
        <text>Thank you very much.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_169">
        <text>What are you doing here withoutprotection? Tired of life, is that it? There's an anomaly behind every bush in these parts. Nobody takes a leak here withoutprotection 'cause you'll get a "healthy" dose of radiation before you're done.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_170">
        <text>Seems you don't know your way around here yet, so I'll give you a friendly tip: stay away from the military. As soon as you spot them, get the hell out of there because they're asdumbas they come. They'll put a few rounds into you first, and then check your papers to see who you were.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_112">
        <text>Good day.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_113">
        <text>Good day.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_114">
        <text>Hey, what's up?</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_115">
        <text>Hey dude!</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_116">
    <string id="dm_intro_117">
        <text>Oh, hi!</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_118">
    <string id="dm_intro_119">
    <string id="dm_intro_120">
        <text>Hello, stalker.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_121">
        <text>Greetings, stalker.</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_122">
        <text>Hey you, stalker!</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_123">
    <string id="dm_intro_124">
        <text>Well, look who we have here!</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_125">
        <text>And who is this we have here?</text>
    <string id="dm_intro_126">
        <text>Hello, man.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_165">
        <text>It's like walking through a minefield, only worse. Some of the stuff that happens here sometimes...you can't relax for a second!</text>
    <string id="dm_about_171">
        <text>I suggest you keep on your toes. Once you are on your toes, you stay on your toes 'cause the second you relax, you're a goner.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_172">
        <text>You have to keep your eyes peeled in this place, even when you sleep 'cause nasty shit can happen at any moment.</text>
    <string id="dm_about_173">
        <text>Be careful with thebastards! They're like a swarm of locusts!</text>
    <string id="dm_help_0">
        <text>Help bro!</text>
    <string id="dm_help_1">
        <text>Somebody help!</text>
    <string id="dm_help_2">
        <text>Guards! I'm wounded! Come here!</text>
    <string id="dm_help_3">
        <text>Help! I'm dying!</text>
    <string id="dm_help_4">
        <text>Guys, I need a medkit!</text>
    <string id="dm_help_5">
        <text>Bring me a medkit!</text>
    <string id="dm_help_6">
        <text>I need first aid, guys! Hurry up!</text>
    <string id="dm_help_7">
        <text>I need a medkit, fellas!</text>
    <string id="dm_help_8">
        <text>Somebody, give me a medkit!</text>
    <string id="dm_help_9">
        <text>Friend, I need a medkit...a medkit.</text>
    <string id="dm_help_10">
        <text>Help me, dude!</text>
    <string id="dm_help_11">
        <text>Hey pal, spare a medkit for me, would you?</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_59">
        <text>I heard those turkeys at the Cordon gave the soldiers a good smacking and put their chump of a chief in a cage. I wouldn't mind taking a look at that freakshow. I mean, what a disgrace!</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_60">
        <text>This shit with the emissions is no joke! If it don't fry you on the spot, it's got a zillion other ways of killin' ya! The real nice places we had here are now filled with friggin' anomalies. Anywhere you go you're scared shitless of getting zapped in theass!</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_61">
        <text>We've got this golden rash... or is it golden rush? Anyway, stalkers shovel through mountains of radioactive crap, finding some useful loot here and there, and we make sure no one starts any trouble.</text>
俺達はこの貴重なふきでもの(golden rash)を獲た…一攫千金(golden rush)、か?何にせよstalker達は放射能のゴミの山を掘り起こすんだよ。んで、あちらこちらでお宝を見つけた時に、どんな問題でも起きないようにしているんだ。
    <string id="dm_cool_info_62">
        <text>A few days back Kolyan and his pals got hit by an emission, so now someone else is wearing his boots if you know what I mean. See, that's what you get for wandering out of the base. Stick to the camp and you'll be safe.</text>
    <string id="dm_cool_info_63">
        <text>Some stalker scum at Agroprom put together some sort of a gang. The wily sons of bitches coaxed a few of our guys out and tied them down. They ain't got the balls to kill them - they know we'd come after them hard to avenge our boys.</text>
    <string id="dm_sim_action_attack_point_enemy">
        <text>What? The enemy is near and you're giving me all this crap.</text>
    <string id="dm_sim_action_attack_point_friend">
        <text>What do you want? We're going tomeetup with our boys, they set up camp near here.</text>
    <string id="dm_sim_action_attack_point_none">
        <text>There's a nice unoccupied spot nearby, that's where we're going.</text>
    <string id="dm_sim_action_stay_point_enemy_near">
        <text>What's up with you? We're sitting around, keeping guard over the camp and all, with all kinds of enemies close by. So you justbuggeroff with your questions.</text>
    <string id="dm_sim_action_stay_point_none_near">
        <text>What's your problem? We're just sitting here, taking a little break. It's nice and quiet, no one around...</text>
どうした? 俺たちはここでブラブラして少し休んでいるんだ。この辺りには何もいないし、居心地がいい・・・
    <string id="dm_actor_news_1">
        <text>Any news?</text>
    <string id="dm_actor_news_2">
        <text>What's new?</text>
    <string id="dm_actor_news_3">
        <text>Heard any news?</text>
    <string id="dm_army_no_news_1">
        <text>If you want news, go find a TV - all we got here is the daily grind. Bo-o-o-ring...</text>
    <string id="dm_army_no_news_2">
        <text>Screwyou! Want news, huh? Go get a newspaper at the newstand, it's just around the corner!</text>
    <string id="dm_army_no_news_3">
        <text>Sure, we got lots of news...to last a greenie his whole first week. After that it's nothing but drag.</text>
    <string id="dm_army_no_news_4">
        <text>If you run into anything new, send it my way, eh? Hah! Listen, let's barter instead - got anything of value?</text>
    <string id="dm_bandit_no_news_1">
        <text>What can possibly be new here? Same shit, different day!</text>
    <string id="dm_bandit_no_news_2">
        <text>That's a good one, pal! You don't really think we get lots of news in this shithole, do ya?</text>
    <string id="dm_bandit_no_news_3">
        <text>Life is shit...only that ain't no news.</text>
    <string id="dm_bandit_no_news_4">
        <text>News myass!.. Hey, you got anything to trade?</text>
    <string id="dm_csky_no_news_1">
        <text>News you say? ... Well, we're working our butts off over here. Hopefully we'll soon be able to walk the Zone like normal people and not freak out from anomalies at every step.</text>
新しいこと?…うーん、俺たちはここで一生懸命働いている。願わくは、早く普通の人間のように Zone を歩き、一歩ごとにアノマリーにビクつかないで済むようになるといいんだが。
    <string id="dm_csky_no_news_2">
        <text>I ain't heard of any news. It's the same old thing every day: go this place, watch that place...We're just hoping it's all worthwhile.</text>
    <string id="dm_csky_no_news_3">
        <text>There's only one news item here: the Zone isn't a joke. We study it, but it can devour us whole at any moment...Listen, you got any useful artifacts by chance?</text>
一つだけある。Zone はシャレにならない。俺たちは Zone を研究しているが、Zone はいつでも俺たち全員を破滅させられるんだ・・・。なあ、何か役に立つアーティファクトを偶然手に入れてないか?
    <string id="dm_csky_no_news_4">
        <text>Dunno...can't think of any news. But what do you say we do some trading?</text>
    <string id="dm_default_no_news_1">
        <text>I ain't got time for news! News'll always find you, if it has to. Here we just run around like hamsters in an exercise wheel...</text>
    <string id="dm_default_no_news_2">
        <text>I ain't heard no news, and thank God for that. Anything new we get here is the bad kind of new, if you know what I mean. So - knock on wood - let's hope it stays old.</text>
    <string id="dm_default_no_news_3">
        <text>Why do you even care about news? Just watch yourself and try to stay in one piece!.. By the way, you got anything you wanna trade?</text>
    <string id="dm_default_no_news_4">
        <text>How should I know? Now, how about trading some? Let's pool our possessions and each takes what he likes, eh?</text>
    <string id="dm_dolg_no_news_1">
        <text>Soon as we clear this place out, that'll be the big news. Until then, it's all work and no play...</text>
    <string id="dm_dolg_no_news_2">
        <text>You're still in the Zone - there's news for you. You know, I don't get stalkers - is it really so much fun taking your gun and armor with you when you go for a piss in thebushes?..</text>
    <string id="dm_dolg_no_news_3">
        <text>We're not so big on news here, buddy. You'd have to go back to the outside for that. But we are big on trading...tell me, have you anything valuable to barter?</text>
    <string id="dm_dolg_no_news_4">
        <text>News, huh? Another pack of idiots ran into an anomaly, some more got torn to pieces by some beasts, same ol'...Listen, you got any loot? Anything for sale at all?</text>
ニュースだって? アホタレどもがアノーマリに突っ込んだとか、化けモンにやられたとか、ある奴は…、よう、なんか戦利品ある?とにかく何か売りモンねえか?
    <string id="dm_freedom_no_news_1">
        <text>Dude, what the hell you need news for? Relax! Just take it easy and have fun...</text>
    <string id="dm_freedom_no_news_2">
        <text>We got lots of sun, fresh air and grass...really good grass...c'mon, dude, stop worrying and just enjoy it!</text>
    <string id="dm_freedom_no_news_3">
        <text>Much good news are in these parts...I don't follow news, period. Now you tell me - you got anything to trade? Let's do some business.</text>
いいニュースか・・・、思い当たらないな。それよりあんた、なんかいいもん持ってないか? ちょいと取引でもしてみないか?
    <string id="dm_freedom_no_news_4">
        <text>Listen, pally, I don't know...We don't really get news in here. Let's think in more practical terms. For instance, if you got something to sell, I could buy it from you...</text>