clear sky UK版パッチ (パッチは最新版だけ入れればOK)


注意:1.5.04 - 09バージョンで作成、セーブされたデータは、このバージョンでも使用できます。

General changes:
  • fixed renderer critical errors
  • fixed Alt+TAB task switch error, when the OS didn't have other windowed applications running
Single player:
  • fixed an error with stalkers using non-combat smart-covers during fight
Network game:
  • fixed an error with different CD-key case
  • console command make_config_dump no longer leads to game crashes
  • console command make_config_dump no longer leads to FPS reduction
  • improved anti-cheating system
  • added important packages encryption feature
  • extended the number of parameters transferred by make_config_dump console command
  • changed the system of banned player check


注意:1.5.04 - 08バージョンで作成、セーブされたデータは、このバージョンでも使用できます。
  • Improved anti-cheat system withdrawal screenshots from a player.
  • Added anti-cheat system which allows remote administrators to monitor modifications in the parameters of the network game.
  • Reduce the number of murders player on static objects after birth.
  • Improve the system checks the player when connected.
  • Fixed bug with RPG7.
  • Fixed bug in the menu of your purchase.
  • Added a new effect of High Definition Ambient Occlusion.
  • Improved the stability of the game.
Changes in the balance of weapons in multiplayer:
  • Increased damage caused by weapons: "The Thunder-A14", "CA LAVINA.
  • Added the ability to bring sight to the "CA LAVINA.
  • A gun UDP Compact extended store up to 12.


注意:1.5.04 - 07バージョンで作成、セーブされたデータは、このバージョンでも使用できます。


  • Added the possibility for admins to take screenshots of a player's screen (as an anti-wallhack-cheats measure) by console commands (make_screenshot, screenshot_all).
  • Fixed bug with banning the players.
  • Fixed bug with saving the rank and money amount of the player upon the round restart (if the player deliberately closed the game process in the task manager, and then reconnected).
  • Increased the stability of the network play.


注意:1.5.04 - 06バージョンで作成、セーブされたデータは、このバージョンでも使用できます。


1.5.06は中途半端な修正途中のものをDeep Silverが出したものらしい。



Game changes:

  • Fixed an error when the wounded guide didn't want to lead the player anywhere.
  • Increased the number of items for sell for the trader at the goods market.
  • Added the possibility to upgrade SVDm 2 at Freedom's mechanic.
  • Fixed game crash upon the attempt to speak with the wounded character.
  • Fixed an error, which led to the blocking of the storyline quest completion at Yantar (the door to Sakharov's bunker couldn't be opened).
  • Increased the amount of money of the bandits' trader.
  • Fixed the displacement of the military warehouses on the PDA map.
  • Added the possibility to load the last saved game by pressing space bar after the player's death.

  • 負傷したガイドがプレイヤーを道案内しなくなるエラーを修正しました
  • グッズマーケット(Garbageの蚤の市?)でトレーダーに売ることの出来る品物が増えました
  • フリーダム陣営のメカニックが SVDm 2を改造できるようになりました
  • 怪我したキャラクターと話す時にクラッシュするバグを修正しました
  • Yantarのメインストーリーが進行できなくなる(Sakharovのシェルターのドアが開かなくなる)バグを修正しました
  • banditsのtraderの金額が増加しました
  • Military warehousesでPDA MAPの置き換えの修正
  • プレイヤーが死んだ後スペースバーを押すと最後にセーブした場所から復活できるようになりました

Render improvements:

  • Added DX10.1 support.
  • Added MSAA for alpha-tested objects ("alpha-to-coverage" for DX10.0, custom "alpha-to-coverage" for DX10.1 for better performance, native DX10.1 implementation for better quality).
  • Added new quality level for sun-shadows (ultra) for better picture quality.
  • Added new min/max shadowmap technique (which takes advantage of DX10.1 when available) allows to speed up high quality sunshafts rendering for top video boards and high resolutions.
  • Added high quality sunshafts acceleration for DX9 renderer.


  • Fixed various game crashes of server and client sections.
  • Added the detailed server's statistics.
  • Changed the saving of the server online-dump (dump is saved to online_dump.ltx).
  • Added the changing of keyboard layout by pressing LCtrl +LShift.



Change Log for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky Patch 1.5.05

Fixed an error which prevented the guide from leading the player to the Cordon. This was caused by the fact that the autosave function failed to save all data, and once such a saved game was loaded, the game became impossible to complete. If this error occurred, it was necessary to restart the game from the beginning.
  • Fixed a bug with secondary objectives (Deliver item), which caused the arrow to point to the wrong NPC after a save/load.
  • Changed the reward for lowering the bridge in the Red Forest.
  • Changed the reward for killing bandits at the Freedom base filling station.
  • Fixed the Freedom technician’s dialogue. After accepting a secondary objective, it became impossible to undertake/complete objectives to find flash drives.
  • Fixed an error, which caused the situation to be displayed incorrectly in the PDA Faction War section.
  • Fixed an error, which caused the number of grenades for the grenade launcher attachment to be saved incorrectly following modifications.
  • Fixed an error, which caused FPS to fall when the cursor was moved over headings on the PDA map.