07 One More Time

アルバム:Blue Drop

All my life
Alone with no one grasping for me.
I'm on my own
Just looking, searching, let me love you.

Take my heart.
I found your burning gaze before me.
Save my soul.
This passion blazing takes me, ah...

In your eyes
That were drowning me in desire.
A lusting gaze
It was driving me so crazy for you.

Soft and warm
Is the breath which you've left on me.
Near yet far
It was sudden but now here we are.

One afternoon,
You were there just waiting for me.
I was on my own
And you stayed by my side.

It was wrong and yet I fell so far.
Kiss me one more time.
I want to taste your love.

This is love
In a place where we're hidden.
After dark
And the flushing heat against my lips.

Touch me once
And I'll mark you forever mine.
I'll close my eyes
And it feels so good so one more time...

Torn apart?And I find my heart keeps calling you.
We were out of time.
You're always on my mind.

Hold me tight.
I can never let you leave my heart.
Meeting in the night
Just kiss me one more time...

One more time.


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