04 Blooming Nights

アルバム:Nothing but Flowers
原曲:死体旅行 ~ Be of good cheer!

The silent night come over night
I want to runaway with you
And after night maybe sometimes
I'll be ask you and let you know

The longest night like a my tail
It's shining under moonlight
Glaring your eyes
because your heart is clear more than anyone

It's my street That's your street
I walk it and I made line
I want to put on the collar to your mind
It's not easy
It has understood things for me

(Over take
Leave again
Over take
Never ending)

My heart is feeling Whatever know, baby
My eyes are found on matter how it's dark
My ears are listen your foolish excuse
And what do you think when other see? no, no,

My fingers are taking However you are parts
My voice is singing to love song for you
Myself is swaying Which is better for me?
Sometimes becomes scary for me no, no,

Moonlight shines on me
Shadow is running oh, follow my back
Open your way someday
So I keeps walking street

Close your eyes right now
Can you see true your mind your mind
Close to you right now
I can't think about other one


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