08 Green-Eyed Invidia

Green-Eyed Invidia

アルバム:地 -KUNI-
Lyric by Blue E / Arranged by 709sec.

It's coming from my heart to eat up the honesty
It's green-eyed,has huge claws and big mouse
So I'm scared of the monster too much

It would become larger and larger,oh,day by day
Oh,who does feed it so?
It does never stop growing to control my emotion

God! Please,forgive our guilty soul
We have the green-eyed monster
God! Can we forget the Invidia?
Coming up,coming up,coming up now!

   I'll lost the way to be true before
   We could not run away from our cheap foolish guilt forever
   Green-eyed monster we have,coming up from our guilty silly soul

It may love the weakness of our hearts, and aim at them
Oh,do we feed it now? Can't stop doing that?
Do we have to be eaten up?

It's the green-eyed monster that we have in our own heart
Coming up to eat up the mind to be honest man
We can never be inside bright sunshine

God! Please,give us your light of the justice
to burn the green-eyed monster
God! We're controlled by the Invidia
Eating up, eating up, eating up now!


She has confided the Invidia of her
"Green-eyed... it lives in my mind,and eating up my heart!!"




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