03 Liminality

アルバム:Ground Snow
Chorus:Vivienne & W.nova & Renko
原曲:彼岸帰航 ~ Riverside View

Some days feel like nothing.
The winds come and gently pass me...
And so I feel alone.

Lately, I’ve been wondering.
But what could it be, I’m finding…
Something's probably missing inside me.

Wanna hold you close.
Take you everywhere.

Life’s too short to care.
Yet, it’s not a game.

Lift your hands to break

No matter what the others have said
Or the lies we all have read.
Just turn around
And you’ll be found in time.
(The magic is still inside.)

Don’t mind the pain.In the end, it might be somewhat strange.
You’re not alone.Not on your own.
Just break away...

Maybe I was careless.
But that’s what makes us human.
And so, we learn from it.

Sometimes I get blinded.
And yet I can’t stop from trying again.
Every thought begins to drive me.

Come and count to three.
Open up your mind.

Letting out your dreams.
Reaching to the stars.

Open up and soar.
We’ll go anywhere.

But even if we’re torn far apart,
You know you’re still inside my heart.
Though life is hard,
You offered up your hand.
(I'll always be waiting here.)

“Wish you were mine...”
Were the thoughts I had inside.
I don’t know when I’ll see the end.
It fades away.



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