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<text>What's up! You don't hear too many greetings around here. These days you're more likely to get a bullet in the back.</text>
お、元気そうで良かったぜ! ここらじゃ近頃、挨拶の代わりに背中から鉛弾をプレゼントされるからな。
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<text>Welcome! So nice to see a human being, instead of more reeds and monsters.</text>
ようこそ! 葦や怪物だらけのここで、人間に会えて嬉しいよ。
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<text>Hiya! You new to the Swamps? I wandered over here after the Emission, and now I can't seem to find my way back.</text>
よう! Swamp は初めてか? Emission の後、さまよっていたんだが、今じゃどこを歩いて来たのかハッキリしないんだ。
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<text>A new face in this dump! Welcome!</text>
お、新顔か! よく来たな!
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<text>Hi! You got a minute? I'm bored out of my mind...</text>
よう! 今暇か? 退屈でしょうがねえ…
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<text>High-five, brother! You really look like a nice fella!</text>
よう、兄弟! 若造のようだが、なかなか良い顔してるじゃないか!
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<text>Like the landscape much? It's the same damn thing for five miles each way, with only ruins and monsters to break it up. </text>
素晴らしい景色だと思わないか?だがここは 5 マイルにわたって、その景色をぶち壊すような怪物と廃墟だけが存在するひっでえ場所なんだ。
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<text>So, you ended up in this damned place too, huh? You better hire a guide if you wanna get outta here.</text>
はっ、お前も結局この糞みたいな場所に落ち着いた、そうだろう? ま、もしここから出たいのなら誰かガイドを雇いな。
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<text>Hey! So, you're new here? Take my advice - watch out for the marshlands, they can swallow you whole. Don't roam the trailways either, unless you're looking to catch a bullet.</text>
よお! お前、新顔だな? 先輩からの忠告だ - 湿地帯には気をつけろよ。沼地はお前をまるごと飲み込んじまうからな。それと鉛弾をもらいたくないのなら、何か痕跡のある道は通らないことだ。
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<text>I haven't been here long, but I'm already sick and tired of this place. Unfortunately, getting out ain't as easy as getting in.</text>
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<text>Hello, my good man! Are you hiding too? Everyone around me is hiding - some from the past, some from themselves...</text>
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<text>Your first time at the Swamps? Then you listen up. Above all else, it's the humans you gotta watch out for. Monsters and quicksand are a distant second. Stick to reed beds and you'll live longer.</text>
お前、Swamps に来たのは初めてか? それなら良く聞け。まずお前が何よりも気を付けなければいけないのが人間だ。後は怪物と流砂って所かな。それと、葦原からはあまり離れない方がいいぞ。お前の身のためだ。
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<text>Damn these mosquitoes! There's an anomaly for you - they bite through a rubber coat! And the other local attractions ain't better, believe me. There's this swamp critter around that will really make you "hit rock bottom," you catch my drift?</text>
このクソ蚊共め!まるでアノーマリーだ、ゴムスーツ越しに刺してきやがる! それに他の所にいるのはもっとやばいんだ、本当だ。この沼地にはお前をどん底に落としちまうような生き物がいる、俺の言ってることが分かるか?
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<text>The Zone is a tough place to survive alone, but this area is the worst. I'm tired of being scared every minute of every day. I wanna join some faction, but there aren't many options - either some gang or those blue-wearing stalkers. I'm not too keen on bandits - they aren't bandits for nothing, right? One day they'll stab you just for the hell of it, and that'll be that. I'd much rather go with those stalkers. You think they'll take me? Then again, how would you know?</text>
Zone は一人で生きていくには適さないが、その中でもこの一帯は最悪だ。おれはもう毎日怖い思いをするんで疲れちまった。どこかの組織に入りたいが、選択はそう多くない。 …チンピラどもの仲間になるか、ここらの青服 Stalker の仲間になるのどっちかだ。俺はbanditの連中にはそんなに興味は無い、奴らのやる事を知ってるか?ある日奴らがお前をザックリと刺し殺しちまう、ただの退屈しのぎに。それだけだ。それなら俺はStalker達についていきたいね。(ほんやくちゅう)
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<text>This joint is mostly a home to turncoats, ones that even the Zone's bandits don't want. A couple of times I saw these stalker patrols in blue camouflage - they're called Blue Sky or Clear Sky or something. Those guys are too serious and need to lighten up! They keep their camp location a secret - I wouldn't mind checking out what they're hiding there.</text>
このいかがわしい場所はほとんど裏切り者の本拠地、Zone の Bandit さえ欲しがらない。一度か二度、俺は青い迷彩の Stalker のパトロールを見た - そいつらは確か Blue Sky だか Clear Sky と名乗っていた。そいつらはマジすぎるんだ、ちっとはクダけて欲しいな! 奴らは自分たちのキャンプを秘密にしている - どこに隠れているか突き止める気にはならないが。
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<text>Oh, man! My socks are wet, my feet are covered in leeches, and my sweater is about to decompose from all this moisture. What I wouldn't give right now for a hot broad, a hot bath, some dry clothes and a glass of cognac next to a fireplace! Except all that's waitin' for me is a shot of vodka by the campfire and the whining of other losers like myself. And not even that - unless I join some gang.</text>

なんてこった! 靴下が濡れて足がヒルまみれだ。セーターは湿気でだめになりそうだ。いい女に温かい風呂、乾いた服、それと暖炉の側で飲むコニャックが欲しいね。結局、俺を待っているのはキャンプファイアの側で飲むウォッカ一杯とすすり泣いている俺みたいな負け犬どもだ。それもなけりゃギャングにでも加わってるさ。
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<text>Do you know about Clear Sky? That damn clan is so cryptic you'd think they're all secret agents or something. I only learned about them through bits and pieces of some radiochat. That and other stalkers' stories.</text>
Clear Sky を知ってるか? あのおバカな連中は、まったくわからん。あんたも奴らは、秘密諜報員か何かだと思うだろう。おれは、奴らを無線通信の断片的な交信と他の Stalker から知った。
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<text>The Swamps are the lowest a stalker can go. The only folks you'll find here are those that are running from problems more serious than marshlands, mutants or consumption. On the outside, most of 'em would be rotting either in prison or six feet under. Me, I didn't get along with the army guys, so I had to run around the Zone for a while until the Emission opened up the way to these parts. This here's a good place to hide.</text>
この Swamps は Stalker でも最底辺の奴らがいる場所だ。ここらで見かける連中はこんな所にまで、化け物にビビったか何もかも失ったかで逃げてきた奴らだけなのさ。外ではここにいる奴らのほとんどが牢屋か土の下のどちらかで腐っていくだけだからな。ん、俺か? Army の連中とつるむのをやめて、ここらで Emission が発生するまで、Zone のあちらこちらを走り回ってたよ。ここらは身を隠すには最適な場所なのさ。
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<text>I tell ya, friend, if there's a place on this Earth to get "lost" in, it's the Swamps. You can spend weeks here just going around in circles. Only some wouldn't want to. If the monsters don't get ya, the marshes will - and we got plenty of both. I've been hanging around here since this path was first discovered, and it's the best hideout there is - as long as you stay alive.</text>
友よ、俺はもし地球上で "失った何か" を見つける事ができる場所があるならば、そこはこの湿地帯だと思っているんだ。ただ仲間と一緒にいるだけでここでは数週間、過ごすことができる。欲を捨てるだけでね。それが嫌だったら、バケモンに食われるか沼に食われるか…ここの奴は両方やっちまったのさ。ここができて以来ずっと俺はここにいる、お前が生きてきた年月以上だ。最高の隠れ家さ。
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<text>These swamps are full of life, and I don't just mean the mutants. Lots of stalkers around - some hiding from the law, others from former buddies. And they've come to the right place! The gaps in anomaly fields have only just been discovered, so there's still a lot of uncharted territory. Only it hasn't made living here easier. Too many rotten apples around here these days - they'll gun you down and loot your cold corpse without batting an eye.</text>
ここの沼地は生き物であふれている。怪物のことだけじゃない。たくさんのStalkerが、ある者は法の下から隠れるために、ある者は仲間だった奴から逃れるために。うってつけの場所に来たもんだ! アノマリーの間隙は目下探索中で、殆どまだ未知の領域だ。ここで暮らす上での障害はそれだけだった。しかし、ここんところは腐ったリンゴが多すぎる。奴らはお前を目も合わせずに銃で撃ち殺し、冷たくなった死体を漁るんだろうよ。
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<text>The monsters, the marshes, the whole goddamn Zone! I'm sick and tired of roaming these swamps! I didn't come here to shit my pants every time a reed rustles, or the water splashes, or a chopper rattles in the sky. Maybe we should gather up into some kind of clan and grab ourselves a drier spot? Ain't it better when you got friends watching your back and the campfire crackling at night? Especially with some canned soup on it, or a flesh barbeque. Add some guitar tunes and there's your heaven on Earth!</text>
化け物といい、沼地といい、それが クソ Zone の全てだ! 俺は葦がざわめきや水しぶき、空をガタガタ言わせる軍隊のヘリで毎回クソを漏らす為に、ここにきたわけじゃないのによ。俺達は団結して、自分達の手で乾いた土地を手に入れるべきじゃないか?自分の背中を守り、夜になればキャンプファイアーを共に囲んでくれる友が居るほうが良いよな?特にスープの缶詰、もしくは新鮮な肉を使ったバーベキューがあれば最高じゃないか。そこにギター演奏が付けばもうこの世の天国さ!
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<text>Here it's the same thing every day: lowlifes hiding in the reeds, people drowning in the marshes, choppers circling in the sky and shooting stalkers down. Oh, and sometimes there's guys in blue camouflage - those are from Clear Sky. Interesting how the clan's been around for a while, but no one's ever heard of them until recently.</text>
ここらじゃ毎日が同じ事ばぁろだ・・・葦に隠れる化け物、沼地で溺れ死ぬ人間、ヘリが空を飛びまわりStalkerを撃ち殺す。あぁ、それと青い迷彩の奴ら、Clear Sky の連中もいるな。最近その連中がどうやって活動してるか気になってるんだが、今まで奴らについて知ってた奴は誰一人いないな。
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<text>Before the Emission, stalkers thought twice about coming here. Too many anomalies and marshes, too much moisture and even more stench. Then you've got the monsters, and the mosquitoes that are even worse, and these damn reed beds everywhere you turn. Why the hell bother, right? It all changed after the Emission. Anomalies shifted around and all the factions went off on their vendettas, fighting for new territories. So now lots of folks manage to make a better living here, as funny as that sounds. Mostly ragtag, like me - and a few fools who think that someday they'll own the place.</text>
Emission が起こる前、Stalker の連中は何でこんなトコに来ちまったんだって二度は考えただろうよ。数え切れないほどのアノマリーや沼地、ひどい湿気と鼻の曲がるような臭い。化け物もいる、それとソイツラと同じくらい最悪なのが蚊だ、そいつらはお前が行く所々の葦に潜んでやがるのさ。クソ面倒な場所じゃないか、なあ? Emission の後、全てが変わっちまったよ。アノマリーはそこら中に場所を変え、全ての組織がここでの小競り合いを止め、新しい縄張りを巡って戦い始めた。それで今じゃ、多くの奴らがここでより良い生活をしようと励んでいる、冗談に聞こえるだろうがな。連中のほとんどが俺のような屑野郎と、いつか自分だけの居場所を作ろうって考える少数の馬鹿だ。
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<text>Oh man, am I tired of ranging these swamps! Sure, I'd go back, but I got some old sins that don't let me, let's leave it at that. I wouldn't mind joining a clan, but there ain't none around to speak of - just a bunch of bandits.</text>
なぁ聞いてくれよ! 俺はもうこの沼地を歩き回るのはうんざりだ! そうだ、俺は帰りたいんだよ、だけど俺は決して許されないような罪を過去にいくつも重ねてきた・・・あぁこの話はこれまでにしとこう。俺はある奴らと仲間になりたいんだが、探してもただ Bandit の集団に出くわすだけで全く見つからないんだ。
<string id="dm_about_12">
<text>These Swamps are no paradise, that's for sure - more like the armpit of the Earth, even by the Zone's standards. But that's actually why I came here. Some people thought I owed them something and just couldn't wait to collect. So here I am, with a much better chance of survival than anywhere else. No way they'll find me in these reeds in a hundred years!</text>
この湿地帯は楽園なんかじゃない、当然だ、Zone の中じゃあマシな所でも地球のクソ溜め以下なんだからな。だが実際、俺はここに来ちまった。俺に借りを返したくてしょうがない奴らがいるんでね。ここなら他所より安全だ。奴らがこの葦の中から俺を見つけるなんて、100年は無理だろうからな。
<string id="dm_about_13">
<text>A new local faction has sprung up recently, called Clear Sky. No idea what they're all about but I've seen enough people in my life to tell you - these guys are complete nerds! What do you mean what do I mean? They're scientists, or some sort of eggheads anyway. Then again that doesn't stop them from being able to handle weapons pretty good. And if a man's got a brain and a gun, I'd think twice before getting in his way.</text>
最近ここらで新しい組織が現れた、Clear Sky と呼ばれている組織だ。奴らについては全くわかっちゃいない。だが俺はああいった連中を今までの人生で大勢見てきたよ、あいつ等は完璧なオタク野郎さ! どういう意味だって? 奴らは科学者、もしくはある程度学のある連中だろう。それでいて銃を振り回すのを自重すらしない。そんな奴には関わりたくねえって話さ。
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<text>Yo, dawg, don't beaskin' too many questions around here, you'll live longer. That's just from personal experience. I used to do just that until I learned a little too much. Now I gotta hide in this dump. Actually, I was lucky to wind up here, thanks to the Emission. You can roam 'round these swamps for weeks and not see a soul, 'cept for boars and flesh.</text>
おぉ、親友じゃないか。ここらじゃあまり質問しすぎない方がいいぞ、少しでも長く生きたいならな。まぁ、ただ俺個人の経験からの話だがね。俺もその事が痛いほどわかるまで質問しまくったもんだ。いまじゃこんな糞みたいな場所に隠れなきゃいけなくなったがな。実際、ここに辿り着けて俺は運が良かったよ、まさに Emission 様様ってやつだ。お前が数週間ここらを歩き回っても俺のような心の友には会えないだろうよ、会えても Boar か魚ぐらいさ。
<string id="dm_action_info_1">
<text>Damn it all! So much for my luck... I always got the best of life, but now it's getting the best of me. You think it was my idea to end up in this dump? No sir, I was doing great in the Zone. I was riding the gravy train all right, making good money. But I had to split when my pals got the idea of sticking a knife in my back. What for? That's none of yourbusiness.</text>
世の中全部糞っタレだ! 俺の運もここまでかよ・・・最高の人生を常に送ってきたのに、今じゃそれもできちゃいない。俺の考えが結局この場所に落ち着くものだと思ってるだろ? 俺は Zone で凄い事をやっていたんだ。まさにあぶく銭を稼ぐように、うまく金を作ってたのさ。だが仲間が俺の背中にナイフを突き立ててきてから全部壊れちまった、何の為にって? そんな事お前には関係ないだろうが。
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<text>I got a bad beat in a card game with some local thieves. I went all-in - bet my own life. I didn't really feel like paying up, so I skedaddled down here. Got into a fight with the army boys along the way, too. Now I'm stuck here, rolling with all kinds of riff-raff.</text>
ここらの泥棒連中とのカードゲームでボロ負けしちまったよ。俺は全てを注ぎ込んだ、自分の命も賭けにしてな。まぁ払うつもりはこれっぽっちも無かったんで、この場所へ逃げてきたわけだがね。道中、Army のガキ共とも喧嘩しちまったよ。今はここで立ち往生さ、屑共と一緒にうろうろしながらな。
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<text>Before I came here, I was doing time 'cause this one son of a bitch set me up. Rotting in prison wasn't exactly my idea of living it up, so me and a couple of other cats decided to jump ship. We popped one of the guards, took his gun and ran straight to the Zone. Once we made it here, that's the last they saw of me. I want nothing to do with those boys - they're rotten as these swamps. So this is where I'm hiding out.</text>
ここへ来る前、一人のろくでなしに嵌められてムショに入ってたんだ。その中で腐っていくなんて俺には考えられないことだった、だから二人の連れと一緒に脱走することにした。警備員を一人殴り倒して銃を奪い、真っ直ぐ Zone へ駆け込んだよ。一度はここまで来て良かったと思ったんだ、二人が俺を見たのはそれで最後だったけどね。ここらの連中と一緒に行動は絶対したくない、沼地で腐ってゆく連中とはさ。だから一人、こんな場所に隠れてるんだ。
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<text>What's with all the questions, huh? How do I know you're not some snitch? Okay, okay, calm down. I know no one can find me here... All right, listen up. I was stupid enough to rob some thieves. When I realized they'd do anything, and I mean anything, to get back their dough, I bolted straight for the Zone. But the greedy bastards tracked me down and sent a couple of hitmen my way. I was lucky enough to take care of their guys, with God's help. Now I'm thinking of putting together my own gang. We'll make it big some day, I can feel it.</text>
何か質問はあるか、ん? どうやってお前が密告者じゃないか知ったのかって? おいおい、落ち着けよ。俺はここでは誰も俺を見つけることはできない事を知っている・・・まぁ、良く聞け。俺は何人かの盗賊から盗みを働くほど愚かな奴だった。奴らが何でもする事に気づいて、すぐに盗んだ金を元に戻し、真っ直ぐ Zone へ逃げてきた。だが、がめついろくでなし共が追いかけてきて、二人の殺し屋を送ってきた。そいつらにうまく対応できたのはまさに幸運だったとしか言えない、神の助けってやつだ。今は俺の仲間達をどう取りまとめていくのか考えているところさ。いつの日かデカイ事をやってやる、いや出来ると感じている。
<string id="dm_action_info_5">
<text>I couldn稚 get enough of action movies. That's why I came to the Zone, trying to act like a Hollywood hero. Of course, trouble shortly followed... and followed and followed - everywhere I turned there were enemies. Eventually I had to flee to this rathole. Sure, dying here is easy as pie, but you can also vanish into the reeds any time you like. This ain't the movies though - just a lot of blood and guts.</text>
俺はアクション映画のような事をしたかったんだ。そんな理由で Zone へ来てハリウッドヒーローのように行動しようとした。もちろんトラブル、トラブルまたトラブル・・・ってな感じでここらの連中を皆敵にまわしちまった。結局、こんな狭苦しい場所に逃げなきゃならなくなったよ。あぁ、ここで死ぬ事は簡単さ、だがお前さんは好きな時に葦の陰に隠れることが出来る。まさに大量の血と臓物がばら撒かれる、映画なんてもんじゃないのさ。
<string id="dm_action_info_6">
<text>It's a simple story - I crossed some big shot and he put a price on my head. That's when I learned how many bounty hunters the Zone has. To get away from curious eyes, I escaped here. As soon as things settle down, I'll find the bastard and have a chat with him, man to man.</text>
簡単な話だよ、俺は何人かの大物と関わり、首に賞金を賭けられたんだ。それから Zone にいる賞金稼ぎの野郎に幾らの値がついてるのか教えてもらった。好奇の目から逃れる為に、ここへ逃げてきた。すぐに気持ちが落ち着き、ろくでなし共を見つけて彼と一対一で話をしたんだ。
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<text>Nice to see you!</text>
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<string id="dm_intro_17">
<text>Are you looking for help?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_18">
<text>Can I help you?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_19">
<text>Welcome to the Swamps!</text>
Swamps へようこそ!
<string id="dm_intro_20">
<text>Take my advice - watch out for marshes and monsters.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_21">
<text>A new face around here!</text>
<string id="dm_intro_22">
<text>Trust my advice, friend, and stick to the reeds.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_23">
<text>If you want to get out of these swamps, find a guide first.</text>
<string id="dm_about_14">
<text>For a long while, the Swamps were closed off to most stalkers. We made a peaceful living exploring the terrain and keeping mutants at bay. The Emission changed everything. Anomalies shifted around and new faces started pouring in. They mostly come from across the Cordon. I guess there must be something worth escaping to want to come to a place like this...</text>
長い間、この Swamps には Stalker のほとんどが立ち入ることが出来なかった。我々はこの地域を探索し、化け物から身を守るため、安全に暮らせる場所を作った。だが Emission が全てを変えてしまったよ。アノマリーはそこら中に場所を変え、他所から色んな奴らが流れ込んできた。ほとんど Cordon から来た奴らだ。きっとこんな場所に逃げてきたくなるぐらい外はひどいんだろう・・・
<string id="dm_about_15">
<text>The Swamps are a haven for renegades of every kind. All types of people drop in here - random loners, outcasts from various factions, and just plain criminals. We welcome them all, only some get the open-arms treatment, and some the feet-first kind.</text>
<string id="dm_about_16">
<text>We gotta do something, or it will be too late! The Zone seems to be waking up from a long dream. The last emission was so strong, it felt like the whole world was coming to end. We can't just dig in and sit here waiting for a real disaster. I don't feel like even imagining the aftermath. Suffice it to say, the original Chernobyl explosion would seem like a child's firecracker in comparison.</text>
私達は色々とやりたかったが、全ては遅すぎたのだ! Zone は長き夢から目覚めようとしているようだ。最近発生した Emission はまるで世界の終焉を迎えたかのような、とても強力なものだった。我々は対策を練ることも出来ず、ただ来るべき災害を待つことしかできない。私にはどれほどの悪影響が出るのか想像出来ないよ。あえて言うのなら、チェルノブイリ原発事故が子供の火遊びに感じられるような被害になるだろう。
<string id="dm_about_17">
<text>We research local anomalous activity. The Swamps are a perfect place to do that. We've already located a number of hot spots and are finding new ones every day. If only we had more funds...</text>
我々はこの地域のアノマリーの活動についてを調査した。この Swamps は調査するにはうってつけの場所だった。毎日、多くの活性化したアノマリーの場所を特定し、また新しいアノマリーを発見した。もっと多く資金があれば良かったのだが・・・。
<string id="dm_about_18">
<text>This place isn't anything like the Zone. It's got a lot of monsters, sure, but very few anomalies. Other than that, it's a perfectly normal swamp, just like any other.</text>
この場所は Zone とはとうてい呼べない場所だ。確かに多くの化け物はいるが、アノマリーは非常に少ない。それ以外はたたの湿地帯とまったく変わらない、Zone とは全く別の場所だ。
<string id="dm_about_19">
<text>The Swamps used to be a peaceful place. No one disturbed us, no one came looking for artifacts. At the same time, there were just as many opportunities to die as anywhere else in the Zone. This jungle of reeds and marshes never attracted anyone. But times change. I have no idea what's going on outside the Swamps, but all kinds of reckless folks are just pouring in from there.</text>
この沼地は良い所だ。誰も邪魔はしないし、誰もアーティファクトを探しに来ない。同時に Zone の中じゃどこの場所より死ぬ可能性ももない。葦と湿地のジャングルは誰も寄せ付けない。しかし時は変えた、私は沼の外へ脱出する術が思いつかない、だが多くの命知らずな奴らがここで
<string id="dm_about_20">
<text>There ain't much to tell - you got just marshes, reeds and monsters. That and giant mosquitoes, of course. The Cordon is northwest of here, and Agroprom is up north. To the south and west, beyond the Zone's borders, is clean land.</text>
話すことはあまりない。ただ沼地とアシと怪物がいるだけだ。それから大きな蚊もな。ここから北西に Cordon が、北に Agroprom がある。南と西には Zone の境界線を越えると汚染されていない土地がある。
<string id="dm_about_21">
<text>Until recently, this used to be a quiet place. It was just us, the swamps, boars and flesh. Now it's getting crowded, and it's the wrong kind of crowd if youaskme. Good people have nobusiness here. Now now, don't take offense - you're an exception.</text>
<string id="dm_about_22">
<text>We have only our leaders, Lebedev and Beanpolev, to thank for our predicament. Our camp is a former village, which got flooded back in Soviet times when the water reservoir was built. It's not registered on any maps, so trying to find us without a guide is a really foolish idea.</text>
<string id="dm_about_23">
<text>We came here to escape unwanted attention. Why? There were reasons. Lebedev or Beanpolev will tell you, if they feel like it. Here we are hidden even from visitors to the Swamps. If you want to get to the base, don稚 go alone - find a guide. Much safer that way.</text>
<string id="dm_about_24">
<text>This place is wet, cold, miserable and stinky as hell. What else do you want to know about? Wanna hear about getting pulled down to the bottom of the swamp by some beast? Or about sinking into quicksand in a minute flat?</text>
<string id="dm_about_25">
<text>This here's a good place to hide. From whom? From anyone: bandits, the military, or anyone else who's got their sights on you. Just jump into the reeds and you're as good as gone. Of course, if you want to lay low, don't do it literally. There's too many treacherous places waiting to trap you, and plenty of nasty creatures around. Take one wrong step and it's hasta la vista, baby!</text>
ここは隠れるにはいい場所だ。誰からって? Bandit や Military、そのほか銃を向けてくる連中からさ。葦の中に飛び込めば、消えたも同然だからな。言うまでもないが、文字通りにするなよ。危険な場所がたくさん待ち構えているし、最悪な怪物もあちこちにいる。一歩間違えれば「さようなら」だ!
<string id="dm_about_26">
<text>You could roam these marshes for days on end and never get anywhere. It all looks the same: water, reeds and the occasional vegetation. I guess that's why Lebedev and Beanpolev chose this place for a camp. Even the army with their choppers can't spot us down here. That's how we've managed to do ourbusiness freely, away from prying eyes.</text>
あんたが何日もぶっ続けでこの沼地を歩き回っても、どこにもたどり着けないだろう。水、葦、時折植物・・・すべて同じものに見える。Lebedev と Beanpolev がこの場所を野営地に選んだ理由はそれだと思う。Military のヘリでさえ、ここで俺たちを見つけることは不可能だ。それが、詮索されずに自由に自分たちの仕事をする方法だ。
<string id="dm_about_27">
<text>We've been hiding here so long that sometimes I feel like the whole world is one big swamp. I heard a story once that this used to be normal land, with villages and fields and everything. Then they started building a dam for the hydro power station, and ended up flooding the area. Either they miscalculated or just plain screwed up, but there was just too much water. Lots of folks weren't even evacuated in time. So now it's all a huge swamp.</text>
<string id="dm_about_28">
<text>Take a look around. Now you've seen everything there is to see at the Swamps. Same damn thing wherever you turn - reeds, half-sunk buildings and patches of dry land. And forget about finding our base, even if you know what you're looking for. And given the number of people who know about Clear Sky, we're not worried about being discovered.</text>
周りを見てみろ。それが Swamps で見えるもののすべてだ。どこで見回しても同じ。葦、沈みかけた建物、そして陸地の所々。もし探しているものが見つかっても、俺たちの基地のことは忘れろ。Clear Sky を知っている人間の数からして、発見される心配はしていない。
<string id="dm_about_29">
<text>We're based here for a reason. Before the Emission, this was the most desolate and inaccessible part of the Zone. Of course, you could always go deeper into the center, but no one would survive that trip. Consider this the outskirts. The Cordon is to the east of here, Agroprom is to the north, and the other directions...that's where the Zone ends.</text>
我々は理由があってここに基地を置いている。Emission の前、ここは最も荒れ果てていて、Zone の近づきにくい場所の一つだった。もちろん、あんたはいつでも中心へ向かって深く進むことができるかもしれないが、誰もその遠征を生き残れないだろう。ここは周辺と考えろ。ここから東には Cordon があり、北には Agroprom がある。他の方向には・・・Zone が終わる場所がある。
<string id="dm_about_30">
<text>Yep, you'reasking the right person. No one knows the Swamps like Clear Sky. We've been here since...heh, who knows? It's hard to keep track of time in a place like this. Down here the flow of time is about as dreary and gloomy as the scenery. Pretty soon you'll lose count of days. Anyway, if you wanna get out of here, you'll have to find a guide from among the Clear Sky people - giving you directions would be utterly useless.</text>
ああ、その質問には私が適任だ。Clear Sky ほど Swamps を知る者はいない。我々がここに来てかれこれ・・・誰か知ってるか?こんな場所で時間の経過を追うのは難しい。ここでは時間の流れが景色と同じぐらい単調で停滞気味だ。近いうちに、あんたも日数を忘れるだろう。いずれにしろ、ここを出たければ Clear Sky の人間の中からガイドを探す必要がある。あんたに道順を教えても役に立たないだろう。
<string id="dm_action_info_7">
<text>This is our job. The Emission sure kept us busy. Truth be told, we really aren't fighters, but in times like these, if you want to survive you better know how to handle a gun. I've a feeling that mine will soon see plenty of action.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_8">
<text>I'm on a mission from Lebedev. Sorry, but my lips are sealed - private clanbusiness.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_9">
<text>I'm getting ready for my next assignment. There're too many bad people at the Swamps nowadays. Everyone thinks might makes right. They forget that for every force there's an even stronger opposing force.</text>
次の任務を待っているところだ。近頃は Swamps に良くない連中が大勢いて、皆どうにかしようと考えていると思う。奴らは、すべての勢力にはより強い対抗勢力が存在するということを忘れているんだ。
<string id="dm_action_info_10">
<text>I'm just idling around, but not for long. Clear Sky always has plenty of work to do, now more so than ever.</text>
俺は、ただ無駄に時を過ごしてきたが、ずっとというわけではない。 Clear Sky は常に多くの仕事をしている、これからは今まで以上にな。
<string id="dm_action_info_11">
<text>I'm getting ready for an assignment in the deeper parts of the Swamps. The Zone is getting very restless, so we have to get our asses up and moving. Mark my words, stalker: great changes are coming.</text>
Swamps の奥深くで次の任務を待っているところだ。Zone がかなり不安定になってきている。ケツを上げて動き出さなきゃならない。覚えておけ、Stalker。大きな変化が起ころうとしている。
<string id="dm_action_info_12">
<text>Like the rest of us, I explore the Zone. It's the most amazing thing humankind has ever encountered. We shouldn't fight the Zone - we should research it, try to understand it and coexist peacefully. The Zone is here to stay, mark my words.</text>
他の人間のように Zone を探索している。人類がこれまでに遭遇したことのない驚きだ。我々は Zone と戦うべきではない。Zone を調査し、理解を試み、平和的に共存すべきだ。Zone は不滅だ、覚えておいてくれ。
<string id="dm_action_info_13">
<text>We are all doing the same thing - scientific research. The Zone must be studied. Every day it finds a new way to amaze me. There are just as many wonderful things as there are terrible ones. Artifacts don't even begin to describe it. Seasoned stalkers talk about a Monolith in the center of the Zone that can grant you any wish. I wish I could find it some day.</text>
我々は皆同じことをしている。科学調査だ。Zone は研究されなければならない。Zone は毎日私を驚かせる方法を見つけている。恐ろしいことと同じぐらい素晴らしいことがある。アーティファクトでさえそれを言い表すには弱い。ベテランのストーカーは Zone の中心にある Monolith について話している。それはどんな願いも叶えるという。私はいつかそれを探し出したい。
<string id="dm_action_info_14">
<text>My instruments registered a very high concentration of energy, which means a great chance of artifacts or anomalies springing up here. I took the measurements and sent them to Beanpolev. Now I'm waiting for further orders.</text>
俺の計器がかなり高いエネルギー濃度を記録したんだ。つまり、ここにアーティファクトやアノマリーが出現する可能性が高いというわけさ。俺は測定を行って、それを Beanpolev に送った。今は次の指示を待っているところだ。
<string id="dm_action_info_15">
<text>Right now, nothing at all, but I have lots of responsibilities. We are scientists, technicians and soldiers all in one. Today we fight, tomorrow we go on a science expedition - that's what it's like.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_16">
<text>I joined Clear Sky by accident. I was sinking in a marsh one day when these guys pulled me out and took me to their base. I had a chat with Lebedev, and the man made a lot of sense. He knows more about the Zone than others would care to hear about. The clan seems to have a worthy goal, so I joined up and started doing what I could to help.</text>
俺は偶然で Clear Sky に加わったんだ。ある日沼地にはまっていた俺を、彼らが引き上げて基地へ連れて行ってくれた。Lebedev と話して感銘を受けたよ。彼は Zone について誰よりも詳しく知っていた。この集団は立派な目的を持っているし、だから俺は参加して、手伝いを始めたんだ。
<string id="dm_action_info_17">
<text>I'm a long-standing member - one of the first in the clan. I've been studying the Zone at the Swamps from the very beginning. I take various measurements, plot graphs,maintainequipment and so on. I've shot a few monsters - for research purposes, of course. We're having to take up our guns more and more these days.</text>
私は長年のメンバーで、この集団の最初の一人だ。この Swamps で当初から Zone を研究してきた。様々な測定、グラフの作成、機器のメンテナンス、その他諸々を行ってきた。怪物も何匹か撃った、もちろん研究目的だ。最近はますます銃を手に取らなくてはならなくなってきている。
<string id="dm_action_info_18">
<text>Like everyone else here, we observe and collect data. I think Beanpolev and Lebedev have learned more about the Zone than the rest of us combined. They rarely tell us, common soldiers, about it though. We just worry about our immediate priorities, while they keep track of the bigger picture.</text>
ここの他の人間と同じように、我々は観察とデータ収集を行っている。Beanpolev と Lebedev は、残りの人間を合わせても足りないぐらいZoneについて知っていると思う。しかし、我々兵隊にはそれについてめったに話さないのだ。我々はただ最優先課題について気にしているが、彼らはもっと大きな問題の経過を追っている。
<string id="dm_action_info_19">
<text>Waiting for news from our guys. They're deep in the Swamps on a mission. In times like these, they might need our help.</text>
<string id="dm_cool_info_0">
<text>Lots is new. The Emission, for changed more than just the Zone. All of us have changed. There's more anger in us, or something. One moment you're friends with a man, and next thing you know he's pointing a gun at your head. Oh, I don't know what I'm talking about. You betteraskLebedev.</text>
たくさんあるさ。たとえば Emission だ。あれは Zone だけじゃなく、俺たちすべてを変えた。前よりも怒りっぽくなったりとかな。ちょっとの間あんたと仲間とある男が一緒にいたとしよう。気がついたら、その男があんたの頭に銃を突きつけているだろうよ。ああ、俺は何を言っているんだ。Lebedev に訊いた方がいい。
<string id="dm_cool_info_1">
<text>More and more emissions are happening - I've never seen anything like this. The Zone is shaking up, changing everything around us. Familiar pathways are being drowned in deathly anomalies, and new, formerly closed territories are opening up. The Swamps are also becoming more accessible. I bet all the factions will soon start a ruckus over these lands.</text>
ますます Emissions が起きている。こんなのは見たことがない。Zone がかき乱されて、周りのすべてが変化してきている。いつもの道が危険なアノマリーで塞がれていたり、以前は塞がれていた場所が新しく開けていたりな。Swamps も以前より近づきやすくなっている。そういった場所で、すべての勢力がきっとすぐに争いを始めるよ。
<string id="dm_cool_info_2">
<text>How would I know what's new? We live on these swamps like on a different planet. You betteraskthe non-locals.</text>
<string id="dm_cool_info_3">
<text>They say the Emission has made ways to many different places, not just the Swamps. The usual stalker habitats have turned into anomaly mazes, and the places no one could go to before are now open for exploration and looting.</text>
Emission で、Swamps だけでなく別の場所への道がたくさん作られた。stalkerの住みかはアノマリーの迷路に変わり、これまでに誰も行ったことのない場所が、今は探索可能になっている。
<string id="dm_cool_info_4">
<text>According to all our research, the ever more frequent emissions have got nothing good in store for us. The Zone has become unstable. These new changes will prompt more fights for new lands, which had previously been inaccessible due to anomalies. Something is bound to happen, and that something cannot be good.</text>
我々の研究によると、これまで以上に頻繁な Emissions が我々に降りかかろうとしている。Zone は不安定になった。以前はアノマリーにより近づけなかった新しい土地をめぐった争いを引き起こすだろう。何かが起こるに違いない。いいことのはずがない。
<string id="dm_cool_info_5">
<text>I've heard that stalkers at the Cordon gave the army boys a good thrashing. I don't see how they possibly could, but that's rumors for you, right? Let's see what else... They found a cache of old vehicles, equipment and other goodies at the Garbage - stuff that dates back all the way back to 1986, the time of the original accident. It was thought to be contaminated, but now it's become literally invaluable. A real gold rush's broken out, which obviously brought in a whole bunch of bandits. They've got the Garbage by the balls now, skinning our stalker brothers alive.</text>
Cordon のストーカーが Military の連中を痛い目に遭わせたって聞いたよ。どうやってそんなことができたのかは分からないが、あんた向けの噂だろ?続けよう・・・彼らは Garbage で多くの車両や装備、その他の物品を見つけた。最初の事件が起きた 1986 年にまで遡る品だ。汚染されていると思われていたが、今では非常に貴重な品となっている。ゴールドラッシュが起こり、Bandit の連中を呼び込んだ。今、Bandit は Garbage を掌握し、俺たちの仲間のストーカーの皮を生きたまま剥いでいるんだ。
<string id="dm_cool_info_6">
<text>The Emission has brought some disturbing news. It was followed by a few days of calm, but that was just the quiet before the storm, we can see that now. Many factions are about to start fighting, including ours. They'll be fighting for land though and our cause is very, very different...</text>
Emission は悪い知らせをもたらした。その後何日か小康状態が続いたが、それは嵐の前の静けさだったと今では分かるよ。多くの勢力が争いを始めようとしている、俺たちも含めてな。あいつらは縄張りのために戦おうとしているが、俺たちの目的はまったく、ぜんぜん違う・・・
<string id="dm_intro_24">
<text>Hey brother!</text>
<string id="dm_intro_25">
<text>Got a question? I'm here to help.</text>
質問はあるか? 助けるために、俺ははここにいる。
<string id="dm_intro_26">
<text>Askaway - while I'm in the mood to answer questions.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_27">
<text>Hi stalker! Welcome to the Cordon!</text>
ようストーカー! Cordon にようこそ!
<string id="dm_intro_28">
<text>It's been a while since I saw a seasoned merc at the Cordon. You're one of them, ain't you?</text>
ベテランの Merc を見たのは Cordon 以来だ。あんたはあいつらの一人なんだろ?
<string id="dm_intro_29">
<text>Hello brother! Welcome to our neck of the woods!</text>
よう兄弟! ようこそ俺達のなわばりへ!
<string id="dm_intro_30">
<text>Nice to meet a brother in arms!</text>
<string id="dm_intro_31">
<text>Hi! Stay close to us stalkers, 'cause the bandits and the army are too uptight these days.</text>
よう! 最近 Bandit と Army が神経質になってるから、俺達ストーカーの近くにいな。
<string id="dm_about_31">
<text>The Cordon is what it is - the backwoods of the Zone, and even that's stretching it. We have few anomalies, almost no artifacts to speak of, and the monsters are basically harmless. There are roads to the Garbage and the Dark Valley. You could also make your way to the Swamps, but why the hell would you want to?</text>
Cordonはゾーンの僻地であり、拡大を続けている。ここにはいくつかのアノーマリーがあるが、特に話題にするようなアーティファクトはない。ここのモンスターは基本的におとなしい。Garbageへの道と、Dark Valleyへの道がある。Swampsへ行くことだってできるけど、地獄を見たくはないだろう?
<string id="dm_about_32">
<text>This place used to be pretty tame. There was an established routine: newbies kept to what they knew, stalkers gathered artifacts to sell to Sidorovich, and the military provided "protection" from the bandits. The army boys were mostly decent people. But then everything changed. A bunch of goons came our way from the Garbage and started doingbusiness with the commander. Now there's no longer any order, and the military cannot be trusted. Yet, bad luck often brings good luck. Stalkers have now joined forces, so the army can no longer push us around.</text>
この辺はずっと長い間、変わった事も無くつまらん場所さ。新入りどもは分かりきってる事をやり、ストーカー達はアーティファクトを取りに行っては Sidrovich に売り、 Military の連中は bandits どもから"身を守ってる"、その繰り返しさ。軍の奴等は昔は話の分かるいい奴だったんだが、大きな変化がおきてから、 Garbage のチンピラどもがやってきて、司令官と取引しやがった。それ以来は口も利かず、信用のできない奴等になっちまった。まあ、物事七転び八起き、今じゃストーカー達が集まって組織を結成したおかげで、軍の奴等も俺たちを簡単には排除できなくなったんだ。
<string id="dm_about_33">
<text>You kidding me? No way an old dog like you has never heard of the Cordon. This is the starting point for most greenies. It leads to more dangerous spots, like the Garbage, the Dark Valley and the Swamps. The only dangers we got here are bandits and the army, who are getting too big for their boots. But we'll deal with them soon enough - stalkers have recently joined forces to do just that.</text>
あんたマジか? アンタみたいないかにもな古参が Cordon を聞いた事も無いとは。ここは新入りの殆どが集まるスタート地点だ。 もっと危険な地帯だと、ここからでは Garbage 、 Dark Valley 、 Swamps へ行く道があるな。ここら辺で脅威といえば bandit や軍ぐらいのもんだが、奴等も力をつけ新入りには荷が重いぐらいになりつつある。だが俺たちがやってやるさ。そのためにこの前、連中に対抗するための組織を結成したんだぜ。</string>
<string id="dm_about_34">
<text>Okay, here's how it is. There, beyond the outpost, is the edge of the Zone - the past we all came from. No anomalies or monsters there, but you already knew that. To the west are the Swamps. That over there is the way to the rookie village and the old transport depot where the military are based. A stalker camp is just past that bridge, and beyond that is bandit and Freedom territory - the Garbage and the Dark Valley. That's about it.</text>
OK、見てみな。ここだ、この前哨を超えた先、ここがZoneの端、この Zone にいるものがかつて通った道だ。アノーマリーもなければモンスターも居ない。懐かしい場所さ。西に行けば Swamps がある。でこれが、新入りの村と、 Military が基地を構えてる古い車両基地に通じる道だ。ストーカー達のキャンプはこの高架橋を越えた先だ。でその先が Bandit と Freedom の縄張り。それぞれ Garbage と Dark Valley って呼ばれてる場所だ。まあ大体こんな感じだな。
<string id="dm_about_35">
<text>The army's nothing but a bunch of dirty rotten crooks. Their job is to seal the Zone tight and shut off all access. But have you ever wondered how we manage to get all kinds of goods from the outside, and the outside world gets artifacts and other illegal items from the Zone? Of course, it all goes through the army boys, and you can be sure they're lining their pockets well with each transaction. It used to be that you would wet their beak and they would keep their word, but no longer. Pay or no pay, you just can't be safe with them. What happened was that stalkers, who could have just stuck their heads in the sand like they always did, actually began to stand up to the military. It's even rumored that they've taken the outpost commander hostage.</text>
軍はなんてことはない、数だけの腐った汚いペテン師だ。 奴らの仕事は、Zoneをきつく封鎖し、すべてのアクセスを止めることだ。 お前は、俺たちがどうやって外部から多くの種類の商品を手に入れているのか、外の世界がZoneからアーティファクトや他の不法な商品を手に入れているのかを、今までに考えた事があるか? もちろん、全ての商品は軍隊のガキ共を通る、そして、奴らが各取引で私服を肥やしているのは確実だ。 かつてはそうすることで、奴らはつげ口をしないし、約束を守っていた。 払うか、払わないか、お前達にとってまったく安全になりえない。ストーカーに何が起こったか。彼らは今現実を直視することが出来ていない。軍に実際に抵抗し始めたのだ。彼らが軍の前哨指揮者を人質にとったという噂が広がっている。
<string id="dm_about_36">
<text>It's about the same as every other place. Some stalkers looking for loot, others looking for stalkers to loot. We risk our lives exploring anomalies and battling monsters for a piece of bread, and what for? Only to have them take it right from our hands. You don't know who I'm talking about? Why, the military, of course. Nowadays they're sitting tight though, 'cause we took their commander hostage. They can't report it to the general staff - that would lead to an inspection, and the last thing they want is their dirty tricks brought to light. That's how we put them on a humble pie diet.</text>
他の場所もほぼ同じだ。戦利品を探しているストーカーもいれば、略奪するためにストーカーを探している者もいる。俺達は一切れのパンのために、命を懸けてモンスターと戦ったり、アノーマリーを探索している、何のためか?俺達の手から正義を取り戻したいだけだ。 誰のことかわかるか?そう、もちろん軍だ。俺達が軍の指揮官を人質にとったから、この頃は、奴等はおとなしい。奴等はこのことについて上層部に報告出来ない。一斉捜査を引き起こしてしまうからだ。奴等が一番恐れていることは、奴等自身の不正が明るみに出される事だからな。そういう訳で俺達は屈辱的な食事を出している。
<string id="dm_about_37">
<text>Stalkers are uniting. When the going gets tough, it's no use trying to go it alone. We got the army baring its teeth on one side and bandits choking us on the other. So, caught between a rock and a hard place, we finally made our stand. Let them come if they like - we'll have an answer.</text>
ストーカー達は団結している。情勢は厳しく、一人ではやるだけ無駄だ。一方では歯を剥き出しにしている軍、もう一方では俺たちの首を絞めているbandits 。板ばさみ状態だ、だから俺たちはついに本拠地を作った。奴等を気に入っているなら連れて来い・・・俺たちはその答えを持っている。
<string id="dm_about_38">
<text>I'll drop the traditional stalker bullshit about anomalies, radiation and monsters; here's the real news. Stalkers and the army got into a conflict after someone got done out of a huge share of loot. So the stalkers took the army commander hostage. The soldierslostall of their morale pretty quick. Of course, their chief had been smart enough to hide the goods from his squad. Now they're stuck: can't call for support from the outside and can't attack the stalkers without losing their commander and the money with him. Other than that, we are seeing more and more thugs from the Garbage. That about sums it up, I think. Take care of yourself.</text>
<string id="dm_about_39">
<text>So much has been going on lately. Believe it or not, stalkers got the Cordon under their control for the first time ever. They even turned the old farm into a base. Who ever thought this would come to pass? If it lasts, the whole Zone will be ruled by stalkers. As it should.</text>
<string id="dm_about_40">
<text>Life at the Cordon is pretty rough now. We're up against the military and the bandits and getting really fed up with both of them. The army boys are bugging the living shit out of us and the greedy goons have got their sights set on our lands. Still, it's safer here than in many other places.</text>
現在、Cordon で生きていくのは非常に過酷だ。軍とbandits 両方と対峙していて、もううんざりだ。軍のガキどもは我々にしつこくつきまとってくるし、貪欲なチンピラどもは我々の縄張りをターゲットにしている。まぁ、まだここは他に比べれば安全だがな。
<string id="dm_about_41">
<text>The Zone's factions are at war with each other, fighting for new territories and artifact fields. The Cordon is no exception. The army, the bandits and the stalkers - that's us - are pitting their strength against each other. So far we're coming out on top.</text>
ゾーンの各派閥は、新しい縄張りとアーティファクト地帯を手中に収めるために、お互いに交戦状態にある。Cordon も例外ではない。軍隊、bandits、そして我々ストーカーで交戦中だ。現在のところは我々が支配権を得ている。
<string id="dm_about_42">
<text>The Zone begins at the Cordon. Any newbie starts off here and spends a month or two learning the ropes. Unless he's a complete moron, of course. But this is no news to you, is it, pal? You don't look like a rookie to me.</text>
ゾーンはCordon から始まる。どんな新入りでもここから始めて、ゾーンで生きていくコツを学ぶことに1、2ヵ月を費やしている。 もちろん、よっぽどのバカでない限りな。まぁ、お前はそんなことは知ってるだろ? ルーキーには見えないしな。
<string id="dm_about_43">
<text>We and the military used to cooperate. We collected and smuggled artifacts and they turned a blind eye to ourbusiness - for a fee. Then they started getting too big for their britches. They'd pocket our loot and even put bandits on our trail. We had what you might call a "falling out." Now we got a war on both fronts - the army and the bandits.</text>
かつて、軍と我々は協力関係にあったんだ。我々はアーティファクトを密輸していたが、軍はそれを見て見ぬふりをしていた・・・、金のためにな。だが、奴等はどんどん欲深くなっていった。我々の戦利品を奪った上に、bandits を使って我々を襲撃するようになった。お前は「仲間割れかよ」と言うかもれないが、現在、我々は軍隊とbandits の両方を相手にしているんだ。
<string id="dm_about_44">
<text>A little while ago, our guys dug up a real valuable artifact. It took five of them dead to bring it here, and the ones that made it didn't look much better. The customer must've been a real big shot, 'cause Sidorovich kept real quiet about it. The boys were this close to delivering it, but the outpost commander suddenly decided that he wanted more than his fair share. The son of a bitch tipped off some bandits, who set up an ambush. Now our boys are gone and so is the loot. At first we wanted to waste the commander, but then decided to take him hostage instead. We just want what's ours, and sooner or later we'll beat it out of him.</text>
ちょっと前に俺たちはとても貴重なアーティファクトを発掘したんだ。だが、それを持って帰ってくるまでに5人も死んだよ。割があわないぜ。。。しかし、あの客は相当の大物だったんだな、アレを聞いたとき Sidorovich がマジ顔だったからな。ブツの配達が終わりかけた時に、前哨基地の司令官が、もっと多くの分け前を得るために、ある計画を立てていた。このくそったれは bandits を待ち伏せさせていたんだ。その時の仲間は逝ってしまったよ。ブツも盗まれた。俺たちは初め、そのクソッタレ指揮官を殺したかったが、人質として連れてくる事に決めた。俺たちはここを独占したいんだ。まっ、遅かれ早かれ奴等は出て行くだろうがな。
<string id="dm_action_info_20">
<text>I'm just like everybody else - trying to make ends meet and maybe an extra buck or two in the process. I can't wait until we start running the show here at the Cordon! I always knew that eventually the army and the thugs would get what's coming to them! And besides, dealing in artifacts will get much easier.</text>
俺も他の連中と一緒さ・・・この世界で収入を見つけて、必死に生き抜こうとしている。ああ!Cordon でショーが始まるのが待ちきれねぇ!軍とbandits には必ず天罰が下ると思ってたぜ!その上、これからはアーティファクトの取引がやりたい放題だぜ。
<string id="dm_action_info_21">
<text>For now I'm just gaining experience and saving up some coin. As soon as I have enough, I'll buy me a good shooter and armor, and head straight for the center of the Zone. Rumor has it some guys already made it there and found the Wish Granter. That's where I'm gonna go. And when I find it, I won't go wrong with my wish, you can bet on that!</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_22">
<text>I listened to a bunch of fairytales about the Zone and was foolish enough to believe them. But, as I quickly learned, it's a lot different when you're on the inside. I turned out to be a softer cookie than I thought. Dying is easy here, and collecting artifacts is not. But what's really killing me is that there's not a peaceful spot in the whole damn Zone. Even when I fall asleep, half of me stays awake.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_23">
<text>The Zone enchanted me. I was just passing by, kind of like a tourist, and got hooked. The thing is, the people here are real, be they friend or foe. The danger, the feeling that death lurks behind every corner - that's what makes us city slickers feel alive! And I enjoy every minute of it.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_24">
<text>I'm here to meet a buddy of mine. He's bringing some loot we found, only we took different paths and I got here a little earlier. Nah, he couldn't have gottenlost- he's a real trooper. I guess he took a roundabout way or something. Or maybe he ran into an old friend. Anyway, I'm not worried, he'll be here any minute now...</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_25">
<text>Some douche bag sold me a map of some cache, and I'm starting to think it's a fake. I've crisscrossed the whole area and there's not a single goddamn artifact around. I'll kill the scumbag when I find him!</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_26">
<text>I'm taking it easy after the last looting trip. We went almost all the way to the Barrier and set up some defenses against the beasts that are flowing in from the center. We had a great team - Shaggy Alex, Lesha Homeboy, Moldey - all bang-up fellas. I picked up some nice loot, sold it for a good chunk of green and decided to take a break. This is as nice a place to relax as any.</text>
最後の探索が終わった今、俺は気楽に過ごしているよ。俺たちは障壁のギリギリまで行って、中心部から流入してくる野獣共からの防衛線を築いている。俺たちは素晴らしいチームを組んでいた・・・文句のつけようがないAlex、同郷の友達 Lesha、Moldey ・・・みんな素晴らしい奴らだったよ。俺はいくつかの素晴らしい戦利品を大金を得るために売っぱらった。そして休息を取る事に決めたんだ。ここはリラックスするには良い場所だ。
<string id="dm_cool_info_7">
<text>I heard that a group of stalkers fought their way to the center of the Zone. That was right before the Emission hit. I wonder if they managed to reach the Wish Granter in time...</text>
俺はある一つのストーカーのグループがゾーンの中心部へと旅立ったと聞いた。Emission が起こる前の話だ。奴らは願望機に辿り着くことが出来たのだろうか・・・
<string id="dm_cool_info_8">
<text>Getting loot never used to be this difficult. Even if you escape the monsters' claws and make it through the anomaly fields, you've still got the bandits guarding the way, and then the military. Nowadays it ain't rare to come home with less than you started with. Someone needs to do something about these leeches! Maybe stalkers will finally teach them a lesson...</text>
戦利品を手に入れる事は、昔はそんなに難しくなかった。だが今では、例えお前がモンスターの爪から逃れ、アノーマリー地帯を通り抜けることが出来たとしても、まだ bandit共が道をガードしており、その後には軍隊も控えている。今では全員無事で帰ってくる事なんて、ほとんどない。誰かがこのヒル共をなんとかする必要がある!ストーカーは最後には奴らに教訓を与えるだろう・・・
<string id="dm_cool_info_9">
<text>Have you heard what's going at the Garbage? As soon as stalkers discovered some valuable equipment and started digging it out of those heaps of trash, bandits came flocking like flies to shit. They even set up a base in the area - all to make skinning our stalker brothers easier. It's real bad down there these days. Diggers are robbed and murdered left and right, and anyone who objects is thrown into a concentration camp. And that may be a fate far worse than even death - the prisoners are forced to dig in the Garbage's most contaminated areas. The poor bastards die by the dozens from radiation and anomalies, and the bandits get rich off their deaths. The bottom line, friend - be careful at the Garbage.</text>
Garbageで何が起こっているか聞いたか?ストーカーがゴミの中から価値ある機材を発見し、それを掘り出そうとするとすぐに、クソに群がるハエのようにbandits が集まってきやがる。奴らはGarbage に本拠地まで構えやがった・・・俺たちストーカーから、より簡単にむしり取ることが出来るようにな。ここ最近でより悪くなった。炭鉱夫たちは手当り次第に略奪され、殺されている。反抗でもしようものなら、みんな強制収容所送りだ。それは「死」よりもさらに過酷な運命かもしれない・・・囚人たちはGarbage の最悪に汚染されたエリアでの発掘を強制されるんだ。体の弱いやつは大量の放射線とアノマリーによって死ぬ。banditsは彼らの死によって裕福になっている。結論としては・・・友よ、Garbage では気を付けるんだ。
<string id="dm_cool_info_10">
<text>There's some sort of a Scorcher just past the Barrier. Anyone who goes near it gets his brains fried, and - ta-da! - we have a new zombie. It seems no one has ever made it through alive. There're also stories about a Wish Granter, but I don't believe a word of it.</text>
フェンスを越えたところに、Scorcher がある。それに近づく者は誰でも、脳味噌をこんがりと揚げてもらえる・・・そして・・・ジャジャーン!新しいゾンビの誕生だ。今までそこを生きて通り抜けた奴はいない。願望機があるって話を聞くが、俺は全然信じちゃいない。
<string id="dm_intro_32">
<text>Stick your good manners where the sun don't shine and cut to the chase! Whaddaya want?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_33">
<text>Buggeroff, punk!</text>
<string id="dm_intro_34">
<text>Suppose I said "hi" back. Now what?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_35">
<text>What up my man?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_36">
<text>Yo, got a smoke?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_37">
<text>How goes it?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_38">
<text>Take it easy on the handshakes. Whatcha looking for?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_39">
<text>Holy cow! Where did you come from? C'mon, spill the beans.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_40">
<text>Lookie here, a new mugshot just walked in! How's it going?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_41">
<text>Wassup, brother! You here to make a killing? Come right in, we got plenty to go around.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_42">
<text>Hello to you too. Got a question?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_43">
<text>Sup. Let's just keep it cool - no funny business, aight?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_44">
<text>I'm hiding from my parole officer, and you?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_45">
<text>Howdy-do? I'm taking a vacation from the joint, and you?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_46">
<text>Hey-hey, nice to see you're alone with no tail.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_47">
<text>Sup, man! You must be in some serious trouble to be comin' here.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_48">
<text>Look who we got here! The Garbage welcomes all except, well, garbage.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_49">
<text>Well, I'll be horn-swoggled! Where're you from, buddy? Sit-sit, let's have a chat.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_50">
<text>Holy ball sack! You got any smokes to share?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_51">
<text>Yowza! Thank God I saw you're a man, else I was gonna slug you dead. Alright, calm down and talk to me.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_52">
<text>Shiver my timbers! Ain't you afraid of walking alone?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_53">
<text>Timmy, long time no see! I was just thinking of you.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_54">
<text>Blimey, look who's here! Alright, start talking.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_55">
<text>Hey yourself. Now come on over here and tell me something new.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_56">
<text>Holy crap on a stick! A fresh face in the Zone! Mi casa su casa, amigo!</text>
<string id="dm_intro_57">
<text>Yo, keep it down, will ya? We're gonna have a quick 'n' dirty chat and split when I say, got it?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_58">
<text>What's up, bud? Whatcha doing in these here parts? C'mon, speak up now.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_59">
<text>Hey there, sucker! Cut to the chase or get on outta here.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_60">
<text>Hey, you looking too uptight, you a cop or something?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_61">
<text>Whatcha wanna talk about, little loser?</text>
<string id="dm_about_45">
<text>These stalkers are realpussies. Game doesn't get any easier than this - they stroll around and we just shake 'em down.</text>
<string id="dm_about_46">
<text>What am I, an information desk? This ain't no library, punk.</text>
<string id="dm_about_47">
<text>You better keep walking, sucker. I don't talk with peeps like you, but my gun here just might...</text>
<string id="dm_about_48">
<text>If you want stories, goaska flesh or a blind dog. I don't talk to strangers, especially punks like you.</text>
話がしたいんなら、Flesh か Blind Dog とでもしてな。俺は知らねえ奴とは話さねえ。特にお前みたいなチンピラとはな。
<string id="dm_about_49">
<text>Ah, what the hell - I'll tell you all about it. The local boss' name is Yoga, and he's the authority around here. Got his own den at the base all full of expensive stuff. Then there's Borov - he's the barkeep and a real aristocrat-wannabe. Further up is Agroprom, that's where the stalker rabble and the Duty boys defend us from monsters, hehe. If you go the other way, that's where folks peddle their stuff on the black market. The market offers more variety come nighttime, but more dangers as well, the biggest being the Asubers brothers. Farther that way you'll find Freedom in the Dark Valley.</text>
ったく、しょうがねえな。話してやるよ。ここらのボスは Yoga だ。奴がここらを仕切ってる。奴の寝床には高価な物でいっぱいさ。んで、 Borov ってのがバーキープ。貴族気取りの野郎だ。奥へ進めば Agroprom だ。 Stalker と Duty の奴らが俺たちをお守りするために一生懸命だぜ、へへ。別の道を行けば途中に蚤の市がある。夜になると品揃えが豊富になるがその分危険だぜ。Asubers 兄弟がいるからな。さらに奥へ進むと Dark Valley で Freedom 連中とご対面だ。
<string id="dm_about_50">
<text>Dude, the Garbage is where the reds once dumped all kinds of contaminated crap. Transistors, shmansitors, rotors, shmotors... you get the idea. Of course, they'd be no use to anybody if it weren't for our beloved Zone. You've probably noticed there're no hardware stores and no mechanics' stations, but we still gotta fix up our gear somehow. That makes this crap a gold mine! As for radiation, no one gives a damn about it anymore, so everyone and their dog is flocking here for some easy pickings. Some dig the stuff, some trade it, and some collect their dues - that's us.</text>
ここ Garbage は旧ソ連の廃棄した、放射能汚染されたガラクタでいっぱいだ。 Zone 内じゃなけりゃ何の価値も無いようなものばかりさ。ご存知のとおり、ここにはホームセンターも修理工場もない。だから俺みたいな奴が何とか修理してる。このガラクタの山が宝の山と呼ばれる所以だ。放射能なんか誰も構いやしねえ。色んな奴が手下を引き連れここに小金を稼ぎにやってくる。あるものはガラクタを掘り出し、あるものはそれを取引し、あるものがその手数料を取ってる、それが俺たちってわけさ。
<string id="dm_about_51">
<text>I don't care one bit for schooling greenies like you. The short story is like this: this depot is our base; Agroprom west of here is home to Duty and the stalker rabble; and to the east you've got Freedom - those guys are OK but we got our own beef with them. You don't want to head north - ever since the Emission the place is riddled with anomalies. And down south is the Cordon, that's where the army and small-time stalkers are duking it out amongst themselves.</text>
お前みたいなくだらない質問ばかりする奴にも俺は面倒くさがらずに教えてやる人間だ。簡単な話だ。この車庫は俺たちの基地。ここから西の Agroprom には Duty とS talker 達がいる。東には Freedom が - お前は奴らとは問題が無いだろうが俺達は色々不満があってな。北へは行きたいと思わないだろうよ - 例のエミッション以後、アノーマリーだらけになっちまったからな。そして南が Cordon。 Army と弱っちい Stalker達がやり合ってるな。
<string id="dm_about_52">
<text>The Garbage is the coolest place in the Zone, I swear. S'long as you're strong and cunning you're sure to do well here. As soon as they found caches of goods in these dumps, stalkers came flying as if pulled by a magnet. That's when the good times started, at least for us. Stalkers come here, dig the stuff up from the most horrendous pits, and pretty much hand us their loot - we ain't gotta lift a finger. We tax the manageable ones, but those who make a fuss or get out of line we enslave and throw into a concentration camp.</text>
Garbage は間違いなく Zone の中でも最高の場所だ。あんたが人と戦うことと人を騙すことに長けているならって話だがな。このゴミ山の中のお宝の場所を見つけるやいなや、ストーカー達は磁石に引き寄せられたかのようにフラフラやってくる。その時が最高の場面だ - もっとも、俺達にとってはだがな。ストーカー達はここに来て命の危険を冒して宝を掘り出し、そのほとんどを俺達が頂く。俺達が穴掘りに骨を折る必要は無い。やつらは大抵大人しく渡すが、俺達に逆らったり逃げようとする奴はとっ捕まえて基地へ連行さ。
<string id="dm_about_53">
<text>This party is for top dogs! No suckers, just us - made men andcareercriminals. Sure, we got some stooges of our own - after all, a real thief needs underlings to do the dirty work. Only thing we ain't got is broads.</text>
<string id="dm_about_54">
<text>We make the laws at the Garbage, and others live by them. The basic law is - you gotta share your loot. If you don't wanna, we'll make you. And trust me, anyone who tries to take a stand ends up regretting it real soon.</text>
おれたちは Garbage で規律を作っている、そいつのおかげで他の奴らは生きてられるのさ。一番重要な規律はこいつだ、「戦利品は共有しなければならない」。もしもこの規律を破ったら・・・どうなるか分かってるよな?まあおれを信じてくれ、これに反対したやつはすぐに後悔するはめになるからな。
<string id="dm_about_55">
<text>This here's where we herd our stalker diggers. Some folks try to be too smart for their own good. Wanna go looking for loot - fine, but don't forget the Garbage is ours! We onlyaskthat our hospitality be rewarded. So don't hold it against us that you got frisked at the entrance. That's just how it works here.</text>
ここは俺たちが Stalker 共を集めている所だ。ある奴らは自分自身の為に抜け目なくやろとしている。お宝を探しに行きたいか?いいぜ、だけどな、ここGarbageは俺たちのものだという事を忘れるな。俺たちの親切なもてなしに対して対価を払うのを頼んでいるだけだ。ああ、入口でのボディチェックは俺たちのせいにするなよ。ここではどのようになるかって事を教えているのさ。
<string id="dm_about_56">
<text>Hey, ass-hat, getlost! Go chat with the digging kind, they'll tell you what's what.</text>
<string id="dm_about_57">
<text>Our job is to pinch the suckers around here. Theysqueezeour land for profit, and wesqueezethem back. We keep the Garbage civil and everything stays calm, is that clear?</text>
俺たちの仕事はここいらにいるアホどもから金品をせしめる事だ。奴らは俺たちの土地から金目の物を奪い取り、俺たちはそれを返してもらうって事だ。俺たちは Garbage の平和を維持してるって事だ、わかったか?
<string id="dm_about_58">
<text>This is where real men make serious cash. And it's made off suckers like you, how you like that? A loser like you comes here, got no money, got nowhere to go, so we make him bust his ass to earn for us. These punks sift the trash for loot and then our traders sell it. That's how we do it around here.</text>
<string id="dm_about_59">
<text>What are you, some kind of journalist? Gonna write about me in tomorrow's newspaper? Ha-ha-ha! All right, listen here, boyo. We're the knights of the road and we rule the Garbage. You cut us some juice and we mind our ownbusiness. You don't pay up - you're in deep shit. This is a gold rush of sorts. That's 'cause these Soviet trinkets buried in this dump are now worth their weight in gold. So if you get into debt with us or try to be a hero, we'll send your ass straight to the camp. Working down there is about as much fun as mining uranium, what with all the anomalies and radiation. But hey, the good news is that at least your troubles would soon be over... along with your life.</text>
お前はジャーナリストか何かか?明日の新聞に俺の事でも書くのか?ハッハッハッ!わかったよ、よく聞け。俺たちは、道路の騎士団みたいなもんで、Garbageを統治している。お前は俺たちに搾取されるんだ、とやかくいうんじゃねえ。お前は有り金をよこさないとしよう - お前は深い糞に落ちるってわけだ。これがゴールドラッシュなんだよ。このゴミの山に埋もれているソビエト時代のブツは、現在だととても貴重で価値があるからだ。で、俺たちから金を借りるか、ヒーローになろうとするなら、俺たちはお前のケツをキャンプに送り込んでやるぜ。そこで仕事をするのはウランを採掘するのと同じくらい楽しいぜ、アノーマリや放射能も一緒にいるがな。けどな、よう、少なくともお前が抱えている問題がすぐ解決するっていういいニュースもあるんだぜ…お前の人生と一緒にな。
<string id="dm_about_60">
<text>We are the ones who look after law and order in this here place. You see, too many people wanna grab a piece of the Garbage's riches. We just take our toll, fair and square. We provide safe working conditions and guarantee security, but that has its costs, as you understand. What about the concentration camp, youask? Well, it's a place where losers end up, practically of their own volition. Their kind is useless and washed-up - we merely enforce natural selection!</text>
ここの規律と秩序を管理しているのは俺達だ。Gargabe のお宝を手に入れようとやって来る奴が多すぎる。俺達が公平な通行料をきちんと取っている。安全な労働環境を提供し、警備を行うにはコストがかかるんだ。収容所について聞きたいって?収容所は負け犬が行き着く場所だ。入れられる原因のほとんどは自ら犯した違反による。奴らの本質は能無しで腐ってる。俺達はただ自然淘汰されるのを強制しているだけだ。
<string id="dm_about_61">
<text>It's us who calls the shots around here, you feel me? We did time in this joint before the first stalker ever set foot in it. Hahaha, "time" in the "joint" - ain't that funny! Now that's what you call a play on words.</text>
ここを支配しているのは俺達だ。わかってんな?一番最初にあるストーカーがこのムショに入れられるより前に俺達はムショで過ごしたことがあるんだぜ。ハハハ、"ムショ"で"過ごし"たんだ - 笑ってくれよ。
<string id="dm_action_info_27">
<text>What are you, my lawyer? Youaska question like that on the street and it just might be your last...</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_28">
<text>The less you know, the better you'll sleep at night.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_29">
<text>What do you care, anyways? Mybusiness is my own and no one else's.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_30">
<text>You want your brains blown out now or should I explain what was wrong with your question first?</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_31">
<text>I'm getting big things done in this joint. I see apussy, I pinch him, split the cash with my boys, cut a few points to Yoga - out of sheer respect - and that's that. Sometimes we pull more serious capers, but don't expect me to yap about it to you.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_32">
<text>You mean what do I do in the Zone? I'm hiding from some nosy former pals of mine. Back on the outside they would go on and on with their questions and lectures on life... So we had an... altercation. I hope you're not here to start all that morality shit again, are you? No? Good, then just keep walking.</text>
Zone で俺が何をしてるかって事か?俺はかつてのおせっかいな仲間から隠れている。やつ等は絶え間なく人生についての質問や説教をしてきた。で、俺たちは…言い争った。俺はまたここでクソな道徳を振りかざしてお前とそんな事をしたいとも思わないし、な?そうだろ?なら、もういいだろ。
<string id="dm_action_info_33">
<text>What's hard to understand about this? It's paradise for fellas who know what they're doing. Guards and suckers are easy to handle - riding the gravy train doesn't get any easier than this. You do your job right and you'll make a killing.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_34">
<text>I used to toil as a stalker. Me and my friend roamed the Zone, looking for loot and barely surviving. One day we ran into a controller, and only I was lucky enough to escape. I made sure my bud wouldn't stay a zombie, but promised myself to never go back there. Now I'm here with these reservoir dogs. You can make it alright here, as long as you're careful - they're not the kind to "forgive and forget," if you know what I mean.</text>
俺はかつてはstalkerとして働いていた。俺とその仲間は辛うじて生き延びお宝をさがしに Zone をうろついていた。ある日、俺たちは Controller に出くわした。幸運にも俺だけが逃げる事ができた。俺の仲間は Zombie にはまだなっていないと思うが、そこには戻らないと心に誓った。んで、俺はここで掃き溜めの犬たちと一緒にいる。お前が注意深くしている間は、そんな事にはならないだろうが。…「もう過去のその事はいいだろ」とはいわないが、わかってくれるだろ。
<string id="dm_action_info_35">
<text>What's it to you, huh? One look at you tells me you've got your own problems. Around these parts knowing too much can help you kick the bucket long before you're due. By the way, your bucket looks mighty nice - wanna trade before you walk upon an anomaly? Ah c'mon, get your panties out of the bunch - I'm just putting you on.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_36">
<text>Everyone at the Garbage, including myself, is busy doing the same thing - making a bit of coin to retire on. The diggers toil away, stalkers comb the lands for loot, and we juice 'em for keeping order in this place. It's a cake job, but it's got its nuances.</text>
Garbadeは皆のものだ、俺も含めてな。隠居する為に小銭を稼ぐ…皆同じことをして忙しいわけだ。坑夫は汗水たらして堀り、Stalker はそこからお宝を探す、んで、俺たちはここの秩序を維持して奴らから上前をはねる。楽な仕事かな、んん、まぁそんな感じだ。
<string id="dm_action_info_37">
<text>You must think you're some big shot to beasking questions like that? What I do and what I talk about are two different things.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_38">
<text>I fleece local stalkers and diggers. They hoe our dump looking for loot and I grab my slice of it.</text>
俺は地元の Stalker や坑夫から金品を巻き上げている。奴らは俺たちのゴミ置き場からくわで掘る。んで、俺がその一部を頂くってことさ。
<string id="dm_action_info_39">
<text>My pals and I want to head for the Dark Valley and take a bite out of those Freedom cats. Only we can't do that without Yoga's permission - he's the boss around here. I don't feel too comfortable stepping up to him, so we're still mulling it over for now.</text>
俺とその仲間は Dark Valley に向かっている。Freedom の奴らにちょっかいを出そうかなって。ただし、Yoga の許可がないと出来ないんだけどね。Yoga - 彼はこの一帯のまとめているボスだよ。俺はそれが納得いくようには思ってないから、さしあたって、今のところは検討中さ。
<string id="dm_action_info_40">
<text>I joined the bandits by accident. I was supposed to become a stalker but it just didn't work out. That's alright though. I'm gonna save up some cash, make some connections and get my share of loot at the Garbage.</text>
俺はふとした事でbanditに加入した。Stalker になるのかと考えていたけど、うまくいかなかった。まぁ、それはいいんだけど。俺は金を貯めたり、コネをつくったりして、Garbage で戦利品の分け前を受け取るようにしたいよ。
<string id="dm_action_info_41">
<text>You talkin' to me? Have youlostyour damn mindasking me that? Lemme call some of my boys over - we'll show you what we do with toothless cubs who think they got bite.</text>
俺に話してんのかい?それを俺に聞くなんて気でも狂ったんじゃねぇのか?俺の仲間を呼びあつめてやろうか - 俺達に噛み付いたつもりのひ弱な青二才がどうなるか見せてやるよ。
<string id="dm_cool_info_11">
<text>I've seen all kinds of slammers before, but this one trumps them all. The heart of the Zone is right here at the Garbage. Here we make our own laws. You wanna live - you pay, and if you don't, you get a bunk in the camp or a chunk of lead in the chest. Do I make myself clear?</text>
今までにあらゆる類のムショを見てきたが、ここはどれにも勝るところだな。Zone の中心はまさにここ Garbage だ。ここには俺達独自の決まりってもんがある。生きていたいなら払うモンを払う、でなきゃキャンプに逃げ帰ることになるか胸に弾丸をしこたま食らうことになるぜ。分かったか?
<string id="dm_cool_info_12">
<text>Which Zone are youasking about? This one? This is just a children's playground compared to some other joints I've been in. A real paradise for a thief. Barbed wire and armed soldiers? Well, that's nothing. We got our own army. Move around all you want, get unlimited packages from the outside, and get hammered all you like - it's nothing but a joyride! Only problem is - no women. They don't like it here. Sometimes I get a craving so bad that even mutants start looking hot to me...</text>
アンタが聞いてるのはどの Zone の事だい?ここか?俺がいたことのある所に比べても、ここはただのガキの遊び場だよ。コソ泥にとっちゃ正にパラダイスだな。有刺鉄線と兵士?ああ、そんなのはいないよ。俺達自身の軍隊がいるんだ。好きなところに行って、娑婆で好きなだけブツを頂いて、好きなだけ酔っ払えばいいさ - ただのスリル目当ての遊びさ!ただ唯一の問題は - 女がいないことだな。ここじゃ好まれないんだ。時たま欲求が酷くなると、Mutant でさえ魅力的に見えるほどなんだぜ・・・。
<string id="dm_cool_info_13">
<text>You've got guts toaska question like that. Nowbuggeroff.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_62">
<text>You chose a bad time to show up at the Garbage, brother.</text>
悪い時に Garbage へ来ちまったな。兄弟
<string id="dm_intro_63">
<text>Hey, buddy! If only you knew how tired I am of these bandit mugs...</text>
<string id="dm_intro_64">
<text>Good to see you, brother!</text>
<string id="dm_intro_65">
<text>Good going, brother!</text>
<string id="dm_intro_66">
<text>Break a leg, buddy! Stay away from bullets and anomalies!</text>
<string id="dm_intro_67">
<text>Nice to see a brother in arms!</text>
<string id="dm_about_62">
<text>I heard that there was a massive pit here before the first accident. After the explosion at the power plant, they started bringing contaminated vehicles, equipment and other junk here, and dumping it in the pit. There was so much of it that they filled the pit completely and then some. So here we are, digging through all this goodness.</text>
<string id="dm_about_63">
<text>There's a camp not far from here, where the bandits hold stalkers like us. I'd rather die than end up there - they make you dig 16 hours a day and send you to the most dangerous and radioactive parts of the Zone without anyprotection or equipment. They feed you scraps, beat you... You get the picture - to them you're nothing but goddamn cattle.</text>
ここから遠くない所にBanditが俺たちのようなStalkerを拘束しているキャンプがある。そこで人生を終えるなら死んだ方がましだ。 - 奴らは1日16時間の採掘作業をさせて、防護装備なしでZoneの放射能が酷いところや最も危険な場所にいかせるんだよ。ゴミ屑を食わせて、殴りつける…。大体分かっただろ。奴らの為のくそったれな蓄牛に過ぎないって事だ。
<string id="dm_about_64">
<text>It ain't easy here for newbies. The beasts in this place would have you for breakfast, and the traders would love nothing more than to rip off the new guy. On top of that, the bandits give everyone a hard time, and even fellow stalkers ain't too keen on sharing their secrets with you. </text>
<string id="dm_about_65">
<text>Either stalkers like us stick together at the Garbage or the bandits will take us for all we've got and more. Once you owe 'em, it's a one-way ticket to their camp. As their slave. Nobody lasts long down there - a day's digging in a radiation pocket and you're as good as dead. </text>
俺たちのようにstalker同士Garbadeで団結するか、Banditどもが俺たちからゲットしたブツかそれ以上のものを巻き上げるかだろう。ひとたびでも奴らから借金すれば、それは奴らのキャンプへの片道切符となるぜ。奴らの奴隷としてな。誰もそこでは長くもちやしない - 放射能の中で一日中採掘してればアンタは死人同然だよ。
<string id="dm_about_66">
<text>Nowadays the bandits rule the Garbage. They got us by the balls so tight we can't take a leak without their say-so. Wanna enter? That'll cost you. Wanna come out again? That'll cost you more. Even if you find something valuable that don't mean you'll be able to get it out of the Garbage. Bump into a group of bandits and you got two options: either they take everything or you take a bullet. Or worse, they'll send you to dig through trash until you meet your end in an anomaly or die from the radiation. </text>
<string id="dm_about_67">
<text>This place used to be a dump for radioactive trash. They'd bring everything that glowed in the dark here, and nobody gave two shits about it until the Zone appeared. And now, cans of meat, lamps with transistors and spare parts are all worth their weight in gold, which is why stalkers come here to dig. But the bandits caught on fast enough, and now they rule this little roost. In the end, they get all the cash - we just do the legwork and don't get nothing back. </text>
この場所は以前放射能を帯びたゴミが投棄されていた。それらは暗闇で光を放っていた。Zoneが出現するまで誰もそれに興味を持たなかった。そして今は、肉の缶詰、トランジスタのランプ、予備の部品が非常に貴重なものとなっている。このことが、stalkerたちが掘りに来る理由だ。しかし、Banditどもが目ざとくここを見つけ、この場所を統治している。結局、奴らが独り占めしてるな - 俺たちは奴らの下働きみたいなもんで、得るものは何もないぜ。
<string id="dm_about_68">
<text>The bandits control everything here. They set the rules, they collect taxes from the diggers and profit from the labors of others. Stalkers go through radioactive trash and dig up legacies of the Soviet era, but the bandits get all the rewards. You should know...You had to pay to get in, right? Well, on your way out they'll want even more, you'll see.</text>
<string id="dm_about_69">
<text>The only good thing you can do at the Garbage is get the hell out. There ain't nothing here for an honest stalker: even if you get lucky and find something, either the bandits will take it off you or you'll get a healthy dose of radiation digging through all that crap. Much better to go east to Freedom in the Dark Valley or west to Duty and normal stalkers at Agroprom. That's our Zone, the stalker's Zone. This is criminal territory, and there ain't nothing for you here, trust me.</text>
アンタがGarbageでできる唯一のいい事、それは立ち去ることだ。真っ当なStalkerの居場所はここにはないよ。仮にアンタが運良く何かを見つけたとしても、Banditどもがそれを奪い取るか、大量の放射能を浴びることになるだろう、ホント馬鹿らしいぜ。FreedomがいるDark Valleyを目指して西にいくか、Dutyと普通のStalkerがいるAgropromを目指して東にいくといい。そこは俺たちのZone、StalkerのZoneだからな。ここはゴロツキの縄張りだ。ここはアンタがいるような場所じゃない、本当だぜ。
<string id="dm_about_70">
<text>You can get rich here, that's for sure. Why not? Just the other day I heard about a stalker who found a whole load of valuable stuff at the Garbage. I don't know exactly what it was he found - way too many different versions to know which is right - but he got rich, no doubt about it. I'm going to find something too, and then I'll buy decent equipment and move beyond the wild territory - that's where the best artifacts are. </text>
アンタはここで金持ちになれるぜ。それは確かだ。なぜだって?ちょうど先日、俺はGarbageでたくさんの価値のあるブツを見つけたStalkerの話を聞いたんだ。何を見つけたのかはちゃんと知らないけどね。あまりにもいろいろな噂があるからどれが正しいのか分からないんだ。でも彼が金持ちになったってのは、間違いないよ。俺も何かいいブツを見つけるつもりだ。んで、ちゃんとした装備を買ってWild Territotyに行くつもりだ。あそこは最上のArtifactがあるからな。
<string id="dm_about_71">
<text>This Garbage and its stupid gold rush! The worst thing that ever happened was some lucky bastard finding something valuable in these piles of trash! The gangs moved in right away and brought every stalker in this place to heel. It's shameful that our brotherhood has allowed this scum to dominate the Zone and dominate us. They even have a concentration camp, where the biggest offenders are sent. There you must dig through radioactive waste in exchange for food. We need to get outta here, believe you me. </text>
<string id="dm_about_72">
<text>Listen pal, the sooner you get clear of this place the better. There ain't nothing here for you except taxes and humiliation from the bandits, a knife in the back or a nice little spot in a concentration camp. I'd get out of here if I were you, and I'd do it fast.</text>
<string id="dm_about_73">
<text>This place is our version of Klondike. Understand this, friend - everything in the Zone is under lock and key, the military got it sealed pretty tight. Sometimes you struggle to get your hands on a can of meat, let alone spares or equipment. And even if the traders have something, it don't come cheap. This place is different. Inside these piles of trash you can find valuable things for free. They dumped everything here after the accident at the Chernobyl NPP. Sure, there's a bit of radiation here, and you'll have to pay the bandits their cut on anything you find...but you can still find a lot and all at once! So, friend, grab yourself a shovel, get digging and keep digging 'till you find your own "gold" vein.</text>
<string id="dm_about_74">
<text>If you still don't know what the Garbage is, I can tell you. Stalkers dig stuff up and bandits take it off them. They even built themselves a base in the old depot. They're living a whole different life now that they control the whole Garbage - they don't do shit, just rip off the diggers and get rich. Bastards! The other thing you can find here is a sort of flea market. The traders buy from the diggers and sell useful, sometimes even unique, items. Most of the trading goes on at night, so keep your eyes peeled - some of the dealers would love nothing more than to slip you a piece of junk in the dark. They're quite proficient in such "trades."</text>
<string id="dm_about_75">
<text>This is a place where the greedy and strong live off the greedy and foolish. It so happens that these piles of contaminated trash contain, amidst a whole lot of useless crap, certain items that are very valuable in the Zone. Naturally, this draws fools with big dreams of striking it rich. The trouble is that only the strong get rich here. I was foolish and I paid for my foolishness in full.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_42">
<text>I mostly dig, but you have to be really careful these days, because everyone seems to want a piece of that which ain't theirs. The bandits used to be the only problem, but now a fellow stalker can be just as dangerous. It's not like in the good old days when you could give away your last can of meat to the stalker next to you and know that, if the need arises, he will do the same for you. But now... Ugh!</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_43">
<text>Nothing much. Just like the other diggers I'm doing my best to stay alive and get enough cash for some bread, a can of meat and a few rounds of ammo. If I'm lucky I'll get rich and get the hell out of this place, but first I want to visit the Wish Granter - there's something I've been wanting for a long time.</text>
なにもしてないよ。他の坑夫達と同じように、生きるために最善を尽くしている。数切れのパン・缶詰肉・わずかなの弾薬の為に金を稼いでいるんだ。もし俺の運がよければ、金持ちになってこんな場所から出て行くよ。まずWish Granterに会いに行きたいな。長いことそうしたいと思っているんだ。
<string id="dm_action_info_44">
<text>I'm new here...still trying to decide on what I want to do. I have to be real careful, new guys aren't considered human in this place. People talk about mountains of gold, but I don't see much cash around here. Maybe I should just forget all this and join Duty instead...</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_45">
<text>I'm like everyone here: hoping for a miracle. Maybe I can dig up something so valuable that I can buy my freedom from the bandits and have enough left to be rich. What, you think I'm dreamin'? Well, it's happened before, it can happen again. I heard about a digger who came across a bunch of military radios. They say he's a respected stalker now, with cash to splash and good equipment. I've never met him tho', it all happened before I got here.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_46">
<text>I'm looking for something valuable among all this trash. There's a whole lot of stuff here from Soviet times, everything from canned meat to diesel engines. Things like that fetch a pretty penny here in the Zone, all you need is patience and plenty of antirad meds.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_47">
<text>I've got a debt to pay. If I don't find a load of loot for the bandits, they'll make me their slave and force me to dig in the most dangerous places, and that ain't fun.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_48">
<text>I was on my way to the Dark Valley when these scumbags took my cash at the entry. I'll need to pay to get out as well. I don't want to look like a penniless loser in the eyes of fellow stalkers, so I'm trying to make a little cash here before moving on. Trouble is, the more I work the bigger my debts seem to get. But it's OK, I'll get outta here soon.</text>
入り口でいやったらしい奴が俺の金を奪ったとき、Dark Valleyにいく途中だったんだ。ここを出るのにまた金を支払う必要があるだろう。仲間のStalkerから一文無しの負け犬とは見られたくないから、俺はここを出る前にいくばくかの金を作ろうとしているところだ。問題は、俺が働くけば働くほど借金が増えているって事だ。まあ、大丈夫だ。すぐにでもここから抜け出してやるぜ。
<string id="dm_action_info_49">
<text>I wanted tolinkup with Duty at Agroprom. This guy said he'd help me get there, but when we reached the Garbage he made off with my cash. Now I'm hanging around here, trying to scrape up for decent equipment and weapons. It ain't easy, let me tell you. The bandits know that letting diggers get their hands on weapons ain't too clever, so they're clamping down on it real bad. Getting a shooter and ammo around here is hard as nails.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_50">
<text>Me and a buddy of mine were headed for the Barrier to meet up with some stalkers we know, but we got stopped at the Garbage. My friend was stupid enough to refuse to pay, started arguing with the bandits. They didn't argue back, just took him for their slave, and that's that. So here I am working my ass off to get his out and move on. I've even got the road worked out, and I have some experience now, but getting enough cash together ain't easy - the taxes here are tough, and on top of that getting weapons and ammo is next to impossible, seeing as the bandits confiscate them at the entry points.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_51">
<text>My brother went missing in the Zone. I went looking for him, but the bandits stopped me. I had a chat with a few local stalkers and they say my bro hung around here for a while. Now I'm trying to find out as much as I can...hopefully I can find him. Who knows, he might even be alive...</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_52">
<text>I've been here for ages trying to find something more valuable than an old can of meat. No luck so far, but Mitya Big Ears over there found a conveyor motor and some oiled bearings right next to where I was working. That's a good find alright, would be even better if he could find someone to sell them to! Ha-ha! Ah well, I'll dig up something handy soon enough.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_53">
<text>I was actually on my way to Agroprom, but got caught up in the gold rush here. I found a couple of decent items that sold pretty well - and doing that is a hell of a lot easier and safer than trying to fish artifacts out of anomalies. The main thing is remembering to keep an eye on the rad counter or you'll shine in the dark like aChristmastree for the remainder of your short-ass life...</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_54">
<text>I'm looking for loot. We came here as a group from the rookie village after we heard the rumor that they found old valuables at the Garbage. We figured that by the time we learned to find artifacts, we'd miss out on all the fun. Looking back, we really should've just stayed in the village; two guys died straight away and another is working in the camp... who knows, he could be dead from the radiation by now. Man, if I could get my hands on a piece I'd show these bandits... they seem stupid, but they got this place worked out alright. They keep us all divided, and finding any weapons around here is next to impossible. Dig all you like, but don't get into groups of more than 3. I'm telling you man, we stalkers need to get our act together and chase these bastards outta here.</text>
<string id="dm_cool_info_14">
<text>I heard from some stalkers I know, who spent some time around Agroprom, that Duty is having a rough time with monsters. Somecatacombs caved in or something and all sorts of nasty shit is crawling out.</text>
<string id="dm_cool_info_15">
<text>I went to the military warehouses with a buddy of mine - it's gotten real bad after the Emission. The military took a big hit; Freedom is trying to take over their base, while Monolith fighters and monsters are coming out from the center of the Zone, killing everything in their path. You can hear fragments of conversations on the radio, but the people themselves are nowhere to be found. The moral of the story is: the further into the Zone you get, the bigger the problems you gotta deal with.</text>
<string id="dm_cool_info_16">
<text>They say that after the Emission, the places you couldn't get to before because of anomalies, like the Red Forest and the Swamps, are now accessible. At the same time, some of the areas you could reach before are now unreachable. There's no way to get to Rostok now... and there were a lot of stalkers there before the Emission... nobody knows what happened to them.</text>
Emissionの後、以前アノーマリがあったせいで行く事ができなかった場所は、Red ForestやSwampsのように現在はアクセス可能になった、また、前に行けたエリアがアクセス不可能にもなった。今の所、Rostokに行く手段はない…。Emissionが発生する前にはそこに多くのStalker達がいたんだ。誰も彼らに何が起きたのかは知る由も無い。
<string id="dm_intro_68">
<string id="dm_intro_69">
<text>Hey, merc. If you are here to fight the Zone's spawns, then Duty is your ally.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_70">
<text>Hey! Join Duty - the faction for real men.</text>
やあ! 本物の男のための派閥、Duty に加入しろよ。
<string id="dm_intro_71">
<text>Be careful around here and stick to the main roads. One wrong move and some beast will have you for breakfast.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_72">
<string id="dm_intro_73">
<text>Hello, friend. I suggest you stay on your toes around here. Being attacked three-four times a night ain't as much fun as it sounds.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_74">
<text>This ain't a great time to be here, stalker. We've got a real war on our hands.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_75">
<text>Hey! Keep your eyes peeled, 'cause the beasts around here are real smart, drop your guard and you won't know what hit ya!</text>
<string id="dm_intro_76">
<text>Hello, friend. Always good to see a fellow stalker.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_77">
<text>Wassup? Here's a big Ukrainian welcome for ya.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_78">
<text>Hey bro! If you want to ask something,ask away.</text>
<string id="dm_about_76">
<text>What's there to say? Look around and you'll see everything there is to know.</text>
<string id="dm_about_77">
<text>These damn monsters are coming at us from all sides - it seems like the more we kill the more appear! Ah well, victory will still be ours. We just need some decent weapons and a few good fighters. If we had that we'd sort this place out in no time, and avenge our fallen brothers. </text>
<string id="dm_about_78">
<text>This place is cursed, I'm telling you. Not just Agroprom, but the Zone itself. We keep fighting, but who are we fighting against? Normal monsters can't reproduce this fast! We slaughter them today, but there are more of them tomorrow.</text>
<string id="dm_about_79">
<text>Look, you ain't gonna catch anything here 'cept a bullet. At night the mutants come out at us in huge numbers, and we hold them back. Our base in the former Research Institute building is another story. There you'll find a bar, a trader, a repair shop and other stuff - you'll see for yourself. You can also get some rest and fix up your guns at the neutral territory, s'long as you're cool with the locals. Orest is their boss, if I'm not mistaken. And if you wanna get outta this place, then head east for the Garbage, south for the Swamps, or north for Lake Yantar and the scientists' base.</text>
おい、ここじゃ弾は飛んでこないぜ。夜になるとMutantどもがたくさん来るけどよ、俺たちは奴らを食い止めてるぜ。かつてのResearch Institute の建物がおれたちの基地なんだけど、そこは違うぜ。バー、トレーダー、修理屋、あとはいろいろなもんがあるぜ。ま、自分でみてみな。お前がおとなしくしてる限りは、中立地域で休んだり武器の改造をする事ができる。Orestは、ボスだ、俺が間違えていなけりゃな。こっからよそへ行くんなら、東にいくとGarbage、南にいくとSwamps、北なら科学者たちの基地があるLake Yantarにいけるぜ。
<string id="dm_about_80">
<text>There used to be a research institute here called...well, Agroprom Research Institute. Whatever it was used for before, now it serves as our base. Our commander is General Krylov, but we just call him Commodore. Not to his face, naturally. There's also a neutral base around here, at the deserted factory. If you head south you'll come to the Swamps. The bandits have taken over the Garbage to the east - the bastards are taking advantage of the fact that we're busy and can't deal with them right now. To the north is Lake Yantar. They say that there are some sort of emissions up there turning people into zombies. The fact that they attack us from there in large numbers would seem to support that theory. </text>
ここにはかつてAgroprom Research Instituteという研究機関があった。昔は使われたけど、今は俺たちの基地として使われている。俺たちの指揮官は、General Krylovだが、単にCommodoreと俺たちはいってるな。当然、本人の目の前ではいわないけど。ここらやさびれた工場あたりは中立地帯だ。南にいくとSwampsだ。Banditどもは、東のGarbageの方にいやがる。あのクソッタレどもは、俺たちが忙しいって事につけこんでんだよ、すぐには対処できねえ。北にはLake Yantarだ。あそこは、ある種nEmissionが発生して、人間をゾンビに変えちまったって聞いたな。大挙して奴らがそっから俺たちに攻撃をしてくるって事が、さっきのいった事からわかるだろう。
<string id="dm_about_81">
<text>You wanna hear tales of stalker adventures? Well, you've come to the wrong place, kiddo. Right here is as real as it gets. Come nighttime there are so many monsters we can't wash our pants fast enough. You see those holes? Right there, those gaps in the ground? Well, 'soon as it gets dark, that's where they climb out of, and let me tell you, son, it ain't pretty. They don't come out alone or even by the dozens... when they come out to party they don't hold back, that's for damn sure. We kill as many as we can, but it don't seem to do much good - there must be a friggin' incubator underground somewhere... nuking this whole place to hell wouldn't be too bad an idea!</text>
stalker の冒険譚が聞きたいのか?なるほど、よくない場所に来たなボウズ。ここには現実しかないんだぜ。夜にはパンツを洗うヒマがないほどモンスターがうじゃうじゃいるしな。おまえ、見たか?ここらに開いてる地面の裂け目をよ。そこを降りるとすぐ暗くなるんだ。そしてなボウズよく聞けよ。そいつはまんざら悪いことでもないんだぜ。ヤツらは一匹や数十の数で現れることは無い。必ず群れを成していて決して容赦しないんだ。確かだぜ。俺達には出来るだけ多くの数を殺すことしか出来ないが、それが事態を好転させるとは思えない―あいつらはクソ野郎だからな、地下のどこかに人口孵化器があるんだろう・・・そこを核で攻撃するのはそこまで悪い考えとは思わないね!
<string id="dm_about_82">
<text>It gets pretty hot here, son, I shit you not! Last week we went back to our base and left some of our guys here. At night they were attacked, which is normal for this place, but when we got back in the morning there was nothing here. No sign of our guys, no bodies, no dead monsters... only blood, empties, torn up body armor and marks in the ground. </text>
<string id="dm_about_83">
<text>I'm tired of this place. We've been here for God knows how many weeks now and it only gets worse with each monster attack. It feels like I ain't got enough anger left in me to fight them, let alone ammo. Sometimes I just wanna drop my shooter and crush the bastards with my bare hands. Maybe that's just the monsters messing with our heads? Ah well, we'll kill 'em all sooner or later.</text>
<string id="dm_about_84">
<text>This one time after a raid we received a message from our boys here at Agroprom - "SOS! Help, we're being overrun!" and we hear gunfire, screams and bellowing over the radio. Within minutes we had twenty fellas on their way there to help, but by the time we got there it was all dead quiet, and not a soul in sight. Just a flashlight on the ground, flickering. When the sun came up we tried to follow the tracks, but they lead into the institute underground. And after a recent raid when the tunnel collapsed, we were too afraid to go inside. Needless to say, that's the last we've seen of our boys. </text>
以前に強襲を受けた時に俺達の仲間からのメッセージを受けたんだ Agroprom からな。―無線からの叫び声やうなり声、銃声と一緒に"SOS!助けてくれ!攻撃を受けている!"とね。そのすぐ後に助けにいったよ20人程でね。しかし俺達が到着した頃には全滅していて静になっていた。人っ子一人いなかったよ。フラッシュライトは地面を照らすだけだった。夜が明けた後に足跡を追跡しようと思ったんだが、足跡は研究所の地下に続いていた。そのあとトンネルを壊したんだ。俺達は中に入るのが怖かったのさ。言うまでも無く、それからその助けを求めた仲間を見てないね。
<string id="dm_about_85">
<text>Take your questions and shove 'em, buddy. I feel bad enough as it is. We're losing friends every night - some go down in battle, others go missing. Sometimes you come to relieve an outpost in the morning and there ain't nobody there, just a smoldering campfire and dead silence. That's a real scary sight, let me tell you. So go annoy someone else with your questions - us Duty fighters don't need your help to go crazy.</text>
質問だと?そんなことに答えてる場合じゃないんだ。俺達は仲間を毎晩失ってるんだよ。―戦いで死んだり、行方不明になったりしてな。朝になってから助けに行ってもそこにあるのはくすぶった焚き火と完全な静寂だけだ。あれは本当に恐ろしい光景だぜ。そんなワケで、くだらねぇ質問で誰か困らせたいなら他をあたってくれ。―俺達 Duty はオマエみたいなヤツの助けなんか要らないんだ。

<string id="dm_about_86">
<text>We got our outposts all over this place. Every night these beasts crawl out of the woodwork, and there are so many you don't need to aim - just spray and pray! They climb out of those holes in the ground, and we try to hold them back. Where do they come from? Ah, who the hell knows...</text>
<string id="dm_about_87">
<text>Mutants are crawling out from underneath Agroprom. I figure that when our boys tried to blow up the underground passages, the tunnels collapsed into their lair. We've lost count of how many we've slaughtered. Say, you ain't from Freedom by any chance, are you? Your mug sure as hell reminds me of a fella I used to know... Alright, watch yourself now. </text>
<string id="dm_about_88">
<text>Your first time at Agroprom, heh? Well, listen up then. We're based in the former research institute. The old factory is held by neutral stalkers. Sometimes the zombies from Lake Yantar attack us from the north and the monsters come out from underground. Further to the east you'll find the Garbage and if you head south you'll come to the Swamps.</text>
<string id="dm_about_89">
<text>We got a decent base here, no doubt about it. A shooting gallery, a zoo, the Peaceful Atom - that's the local bar - everything a man could ask for. But we don't mess around either, the discipline here is top notch!</text>
俺たちには、きちんとしたまともな基地がある、それは間違いない。射撃場やら動物園やらPeaceful Atom - こいつは地元のバーだな、 - 野郎共が望むものなんでもあるぜ。かといって、俺たちはハチャメチャしてるわけじゃねぇ、俺たちんの規律はピカ一だぜ。
<string id="dm_about_90">
<text>Agroprom is a former research institute. Obviously, after the Zone appeared there ain't much research going on here no more. Ha-ha. Instead, we're using the building as our base to fight off the Zone's spawns. We're holding the line against the monsters that come out from underground. We fight to save the lives of other stalkers, sometimes at the cost of our own. </text>
Agroprom は以前は研究施設だったんだ。明らかなのは Zone が現れた後、研究を続けられなかったってことだな。ハーハッ。その代わり、ここを Zone の発生と戦うための基地として使わせてもらってるがね。俺達は現状を維持するために地下から出てくるモンスターに抵抗している。他の Stalker を守るためにタダで戦うこともあるぜ。ときどきはな。
<string id="dm_about_91">
<text>It used to be easier here, you know? Sure, there were monsters back then, but we handled them no problem. Nowadays tho' it's gotten real bad. Every night we kill dozens of these beasts, and the more we kill the more come the very next night. We're dropping like flies.</text>
<string id="dm_about_92">
<text>We - meaning Duty - are fighting the monsters that are trying to make their way to the surface, so we ain't got much time to chat, I'm sure you understand. You can go on to the neutral base at the deserted factory if you want an easy ride or you can stay and help us - experienced fighters are always welcome here. Our commander will pay you well for any assistance you give to Duty. </text>
俺達は―つまりは Duty のことだが―地表への道を作ろうとしているモンスターと戦っている、おしゃべりしているヒマはないんだ。わかるよな?あんたがきままに生きる人生を望んでいたり俺達の手伝いができるのならば廃工場にある中立地帯へ行ってくれ―経験豊富な戦士ならいつでも歓迎するぞ。俺達の指揮官はお前の働きに対して報酬をたんまり払ってくれるだろうよ。
<string id="dm_action_info_55">
<text>You're a nosy type, eh? You want to know why we're against the Zone? Because! It's a holy war, nothing more, nothing less! We either win or we lose, there ain't no "in between," you can't negotiate with the Zone. The bottom line is you're either with us or against us.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_56">
<text>What does it look like? I've got nothing better to do, so I've taken up painting as a hobby, just wait until it gets dark and the paint will arrive. Son, there's a war going on against the mutants, a real war... blood and guts and all. We need to make one last push and finish off this filthy mutant scum. I mean, there must be an end to their numbers, right?</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_57">
<text>I'm fighting the Zone. You wanna know why? Well, imagine some freak comes into your home, shacks up in the corner, and starts to gradually force you and your family out. What would you do in that situation? You'd grab the sorry son of a bitch and throw him the hell out, no? That's pretty much what Duty is doing here. Our mission is to chase the Zone back to wherever it came from, and the best way to do that is open war. What, like you got a better idea?</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_58">
<text>I'm fighting the things that prevent all of us from sleeping at night. I think that it is every stalker's job to destroy the Zone's manifestations. I cannot understand why anyone wouldn't want to. Leave an ulcer untreated and your whole body will get sick, right? And then this vermin will spread all over the planet. Imagine what the future will be like for our children: look left - a monster, look right - an anomaly, now choose your poison. </text>
<string id="dm_action_info_59">
<text>The Zone is evil, son. An evil that hangs over our planet like an executioner's axe over a condemned man's neck. Trouble is, not everyone understands that. The few who do have come together and formed Duty, a group that aims to prevent this evil from spreading further. You've seen how many mutants we purge every day, imagine what would happen if we let them walk out of the Zone. In short, we're humanity's last line of defense on this planet, son, and I honestly don't understand why there are those who oppose us and fail to understand such basic facts.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_60">
<text>I'm fulfilling my duty to humanity, and that ain't just pretty words either, it's the truth. What am I saving it from? From the Zone and its wretched spawns. We have to destroy this source of evil and disease before it destroys us.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_61">
<text>I'm fighting beside my comrades against the mutants. There's enough of them to go around these days. On top of that, packs of zombies sometimes come down from Lake Yantar, and we have to deal with them as well. So if you want to join the best fighting clan out there, then Duty is for you.</text>
俺は仲間の横でMutantどもと戦っている。最近じゃああたり一帯にいるから、うんざりしてるよ。その上、Lake Yantarからゾンビが時々きやがるから、そいつらに対処しないといけない。だから、もしお前が世の中で一番最高な集団に入隊したいっていうなら、Dutyしかないぜ。
<string id="dm_action_info_62">
<text>Trying to decide which beast to bring the Inquisitor. He runs a zoo at our base where he holds specimens of the local fauna. I'd love to stick a controller in there, but he'd probably make us all into zombies even if we could get our hands on one. </text>
<string id="dm_action_info_63">
<text>I joined Duty only recently, and it's the best decision I've ever made in my life. The guys here are all pros, the clan is disciplined and well-organized. </text>
<string id="dm_action_info_64">
<text>I'm new here, still trying to work things out. I used to wander the Zone on my own, and now I'm learning to cover the backs of those who are sharing these tough times with me. </text>
<string id="dm_action_info_65">
<text>I do what I'm ordered to do. It's like in the army - we have a commander, officers and GIs. Everything is crystal clear. Follow orders and you might actually stay alive. </text>
<string id="dm_action_info_66">
<text>I'm fighting these damn monsters. What can I say? I'm tired of being attacked at night, but that's alright, we'll tough it out. Eventually we are going to find the heart of the Zone and put an end to this abomination once and for all.</text>
<string id="dm_action_info_67">
<text>Many of my buddies were in Duty, so I joined up as well. It took me a few months to make the decision, I wasn't sure it was the right thing to do, but now I look back at my doubts and laugh! Being in Duty is great and a lot safer than wandering the Zone on your own.</text>
<string id="dm_cool_info_17">
<text>Nothing good. It gets worse every day, especially after the large emission. The Zone got stirred up and became even harsher to humans. The monsters are faster, angrier and even more merciless. Add to that the fact that the clans began warring with one another, and it don't look too good. A few of our groups have made a move into the Zone...they say paths to new territories have opened up there.</text>
<string id="dm_cool_info_18">
<text>The Zone is always different. There's always something new, but it's also chaotic. It's about time Duty enforced some order in the Zone. As soon as the Zone was changed by the Emission, the fighting started - to determine who controls what. If we took over the new territories, we'd establish equal access for all groups. Well, maybe except for Freedom. Anyway, almost half our boys have left to go deeper into the Zone.</text>
Zoneは常に変わってゆく。いつも何が新しく、しかしまた混沌としている。そろそろZONEにDutyが何らかの秩序をもたらす時だろう。同時にZONEは Emissionで変わってゆく、戦いははじまった、だれが全てを決する為に。もし私達が新しい領域を引き継ぐなら、全ての集団にアクセスを敷くだろう、Freedomを除いてな。
<string id="dm_cool_info_19">
<text>I heard there's a new mutant that lives around swamps. They say it looks like a bloodsucker, but it's even more dangerous. It moves silently in the bushes, looking for prey, then "bam!" - and it's got a limp body in its claws. The worst bit is that they used to live exclusively around swamps, but a couple have been spotted around here too. </text>
<string id="dm_cool_info_20">
<text>I heard that many anomalies and artifacts are no longer visible. I figure the emissions pump the Zone full of anomalous energy, which gives anomalies and artifacts new properties. I'd be careful if I were you, you can't just run around the Zone no more. Nowadays a detector can mean the difference between life and death, but if you want the juicy tidbits, you'd better grab yourself a really good one. Keep that in mind and take care.</text>
<string id="dm_intro_79">
<text>Hey, man!</text>
<string id="dm_intro_80">
<text>Wassup, bro'?</text>
<string id="dm_intro_81">
<text>Guten tag! Nicht schiessen...we're all friends here.</text>