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        <text>You managed to pass through the Red Forest. Seems to me you're one hell of a lucky guy. But the situation we got here is even more difficult, merc. The barrier has fallen. The military are no longer able to hold it.</text>
なんとかRed Forestを通り抜けられたようだな。まったくツいてる奴だ。だが、ここでの状況はより厳しくなりつつある、Merc。防衛線は既に陥落した。Militaryも、もう持ちこたえられないだろう。
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        <text>What happened to the military?</text>
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        <text>They're dead... almost all of 'em. Those who survived the numerous attacks by zombies and mutants are pinned, like rats in a hole, at their base near the helicopter pad. Plus we've lost a lot of people during the big emission.</text>
彼らは死んだ… ほぼ全員が、な。おびただしい数のゾンビとミュータントの攻撃からなんとか生き延びた奴らは、ヘリの着陸台の側の基地に釘付けにされてる。穴の中のネズミみたいにな。それに加えて、大きな放射の間に多くの者を失った。
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        <text>What do you mean by "lost?" What happened?</text>
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        <text>Nobody knows for sure, merc, but people are gone. Lone stalkers and even whole groups. Sometimes we catch bits and pieces of radio comms with requests for help. A mercenary squad has spent the entire last week looking for their own at the farmstead.</text>
確かなことは分からないんだ、Merc。だが人々は消え去ってしまった。Lone stalker達も、グループ丸ごとでさえもな。時々、助けを求める途切れ途切れの無線を拾うことがある。Mercenaryの一団は自分達のチームを探すのにここ一週間を費やした。
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        <text>Let me go there and see what's up.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_freedom_333">
        <text>Let me know if you learn something important.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_freedom_44">
        <text>Will do.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_freedom_55">
        <text>What now?</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_freedom_555">
        <text>Never mind, see you.</text>
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        <text>You managed to pass through the Red Forest. Seems to me you're one hell of a lucky guy. But the situation we got here is even more difficult, merc.</text>
なんとかRed Forestを通り抜けられたようだな。まったくツいてる奴だ。だが、ここでの状況はより厳しくなりつつある、Merc。
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        <text>What's going on? I need details.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_freedom_6666">
        <text>Go see the Forester first, he'll fill you in.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_freedom_77">
        <text>What now?</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_freedom_777">
        <text>Never mind, see you.</text>
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        <text>Merc, what are you scavenging here for?</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_111">
        <text>Looking for you. Freedom guys from the outpost told me that a group of your men has vanished in this vicinity. What happened?</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_1111">
        <text>A few weeks ago we got an important order for a unique artifact. The order came from the top - the client is a real big shot. Anyway, everything was going well: our squad found the artifact somewhere near the Barrier and was already on its way back when it got hit by the large Emission. We thought they all copped it, but they got lucky and survived. Trouble is, they went missing somewhere around here. We were ordered to find them, 'cause we have to deliver on our promise. If we screw this up, no client will ever trust the mercenaries with another order again. </text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_11111">
        <text>Could it be they're dead? It's not easy to survive an emission.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_111111">
        <text>We pick up fragments of our squad's transmissions, but we can't make out anything from them. The only thing that's clear is that they got lost in broad daylight and are now in some sort of trap. It could be an anomaly or some new evil that's appeared in the Zone. We don't know what to do. There's an old water tower by the farmstead - I think we'd be able to receive their transmissions better up there. We've tried climbing up there before, but some real badass monster jumped out of nowhere, grabbed one of our boys and dragged him away. The rest of us barely made it out!</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_1111111">
        <text>A fun job you got for me there. But hey, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I need to figure out how to rescue that group just as much as you do.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_11111112">
        <text>I took care of that beast. Now I need to transmit the coordinates from the water tower.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_11111113">
        <text>Nothing to worry about. I've already transmitted the coordinates from the water tower.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_22">
        <text>Glad to see you. Did you find out how to get our guys out?</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_222">
        <text>Not yet.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_44">
        <text>What's new, merc?</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_444">
        <text>Not a thing.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_55">
        <text>Been a while since we saw you last. Our guys have been stuck in that anomaly for too long. Did you find out how to get them out?</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_555">
        <text>Sure did. Forester gave me the coordinates of the exit that will allow the mercenaries to get out of the space bubble. Only thing I need is a powerful transmitter to get in touch with the group and send them the coordinates.</text>
勿論。Foresterが俺にSpace bubbleからMercenariesを脱出させることが出来る出口の座標を寄越した。今必要なのはそいつらに接触して、座標を送るための強力な発信機だ。
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_5555">
        <text>The army base should have a transmitter. The soldiers were hit by the large Emission pretty hard and only a dozen survived in all. They're all sending SOS signals, thinking there'll be a rescue operation. Except I don't think anyone will come - they'll be left to die, same as always.</text>
軍の基地なら送信機があるに違いない。兵士どもはかなり強い放射を食らって、全部で数十人しか生き残らなかった。奴らはみんなSOS信号を寄越してきていて、救出作戦があると思ってる。俺以外は誰も来ないと思ってるがな - 奴らは死んじまうまでそのままだろう。いつも通りにな。
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_55555">
        <text>A dozen military guys are quite a force, even after an emission. Could you lend me some help? I mean, we're working towards a common goal, aren't we?</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_555555">
        <text>We positively cannot get into a conflict with the military. Sorry, merc, no can do this time. But I know that Freedom have set their sights on that base. They could use it to facilitate control over the barrier. They can help you, especially since their commander owes me. Let me get in touch with them.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_5555555">
        <text>Thanks for the tip.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_55555555">
        <text>Good luck, merc!</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_5555556">
        <text>I'll deal with it myself. I'm no friend of Freedom.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_66">
        <text>How's it shaping up?</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_666">
        <text>It's not, yet.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_667">
        <text>We got your fighters out of the bubble. They're moving toward Limansk, and if everything goes smoothly, they'll be here within a couple of hours.</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_6676">
        <text>Great news! Thanks a lot, man. I'll owe you for life!</text>
    <string id="hello_mil_killer_77">
        <text>We'll settle up some day in the Zone. Good-bye.</text>
    <string id="mil_killer_about_around_0">
        <text>Are you abreast of the local news?</text>
    <string id="mil_killer_about_around_1">
        <text>Well, we've been here a while, so we keep a pulse on things. Recently the Monolith faction turned up out of the blue. Some time ago I had a contract on a few Monolithians. Those guys are something else, I tell ya. Always going on about the Monolith, a genetic module, whatever it is. So, then they get up and leave on some kind of pilgrimage, beyond the Radar. We thought that was it - rest in peace, you silly bastards. But lo and behold - our pilgrims come right back, even crazier than before. Now I'm wondering as to what they got hold of, there in the center of the Zone. Could they have found the actual Monolith? Or did they find jack right alongside shit, and the frustration of it all made them go completely haywire? Hey, with those psychos - who knows.</text>
うむ、俺たちはここにしばらくいるからな。最近になって、Monolith 派が出没するようになったんだ。以前、俺は少数の Monolith 信者と契約を持っていた。奴らは何と言うか、とにかく変なんだよ。いつも Monolith、願望機の話ばかりしていた。その後しばらくして奴らは行動にでた。ある種の巡礼のために Radar の向こうに行っちまった。我々は“ああ、やっぱり頭おかしかったんだ”って思ったさ - その後は平和だった、それがずっと続くと思った馬鹿もいたよ。しかし驚くなかれ - 俺たちの巡礼者は再び現れたんだ、以前にも増して狂気に満ちてな。連中がそこ、つまり Zone の中心部で何を見たのか気になるな。奴らは本当に Monolith を見つけたのか?それとも、自分たちの信仰が間違いであると知ったために、その欲求不満のせいで完全に狂ったのかねぇ?なあ、あの基地外ども以外 - 誰にも真実は分からないのさ。
    <string id="mil_killer_about_last_time_0">
        <text>Any other interesting developments?</text>
    <string id="mil_killer_about_last_time_1">
        <text>There are always developments in the Zone, and they're always interesting. I already told you about Monolith - they're on everybody's tongue... Have you heard about a new major expedition into the Zone? Technically, they're environmental researchers from the UN, but that's just on paper. Sure, they got a couple four-eyed scientists, but just one look at all the others tells you they're seasoned fighters. No idea why they're here. Oh, and dig this: they're not using guides. Either they're being guided by satellite, or their mission is so secret that no one else could be let in on it. They seem to be approaching the Radar. I dunno how this will end, but I got a feeling it won't be pretty.</text>
    <string id="mil_killer_about_what_is_you_doing_0">
        <text>How do you make your living here?</text>
    <string id="mil_killer_about_what_is_you_doing_1">
        <text>Heck, we're still trying to find our guys. We're not big on stalker stuff - we try to focus on specific jobs. You could say we're independent contractors. I haven't been this deep in the Zone before. I considered myself an informed and capable fella, but I underestimated the Zone. We've had to endure so much already that our guys are on the verge of hauling ass back to the Cordon. On top of that, recently we heard a story about some real vicious mutants that can do more than control your mind - those are controllers, right? Well, these shits can even make you see things. Like, you're walking along with your friends and suddenly you see zombies all around ya. So, you start blasting left and right... Or, get this, you think you're walking along a straight road, when in fact you're just about to go off a cliff.</text>
チッ、我々はまだ仲間を探してる。俺達は Stalker にとって大きな存在ではない - 傭兵は、特定の仕事に集中するんだ。つまり、俺達は請負人であると言えるな。以前は Zone の奥深くに足を踏み入れるとは思っても見なかったさ。俺は自分を事情に通じている有能な男だと思っていた。しかし、俺は Zone を過小評価した。我々は非常に多くの困難に耐えなければならなかった。仲間は Cordon までロバを引っ張るように我慢をするはめになった。その上、人の精神をコントロールすることができる最悪のミュータントの話を最近聞いたぜ - コントローラーの話を知ってるか?さて、そのクソ野郎のおかげで、お前は幻を見ることができる。お前が友人と共に歩いていると、突然周囲にゾンビが現れる。したがって、お前らはお互いに撃ち合う・・・ もしくは、こうだ。お前は一本道に沿って歩いていると思っているが、実際は崖から飛び降りる寸前なのさ。