From PSPo2i director
Yu Suganuma

I feel like I’m living the first line of my obituary.

I don’t think there will be anything else that I do in my life as important as what I do now for Phantasy Star. We’re not just building online RPGs, we’re working to make people free. When we have access to great games, we are better people. We understand the virtual world is better than the real one, and we get fired(or rather, liberated).

I work on PSO2 because everything in my soul tells me it’s the right thing to do. I’ve worked on PSPo2i, doing a directing job to build many crappy missions designed to steal time from all the addicts who don’t know it. I would come home from work crushed.

Our work is possible because of donations from our users. Will you help protect Phantasy Star by donating 100yens, 200yens, 300yens or whatever you can afford?

Thank you,

Yu Suganuma
Director, Sega Corporation

From PSPo2i producer
Satoshi Sakai

When She's Gone.
――Satoshi Sakai

Welcome to Week of Entombing Beast!

Whether you accept or not, as you know,
PSO2 will be the game of three tribes and after this time next year,
when the Phantasy Star Online2 will come.
The game of Human, Numan and Cast.
Beast is going to leave the race,
and the existence will be exiled forever from game.

This reform has already begun from Phantasy Star Zero,
and is going to follow one by one through Phantasy Star Portable2 and 2 Infinity,
and then eventually it will accomplish its tasks at the "very crazy" third β-tests
in the spring in 2012, which we will soon announce in detail
(probably it would be the last grand dinner for Beast.)

Well, this column will mainly talk about why we made the decision,
answering some of questions I received――e.g.
"Why must Beast go?"
"Why do you let Cast stay?"
"May I ask Laya, who would have no place to go, to marry into me?"

Why? Most players seem to want to know it.
Shortly speaking, the reason why we carry out this reform is "the inevitabile."
I'm quite sure that the series of changes are necesarry for us
to develop the standard of Magic to the next level,
and then PSO2 in the future will be more serious, more exciting.

Now, let's start composing farewell letters for our best friend.

Satoshi Sakai
Producer, Sega Corporation